Also Check Out: "Spilled Milk" ft. G-Code 4:20

And: "Fear Killers"

Name: Serge & Genetics, best known as Fortunate Ones

Age: 1986 & 1987

Reppin': We're not really reppin' a location or place, we come from very diverse backgrounds so it would be unfair to single out a specific City, State or Country. What we really try and represent are those individuals whom don't get their word in... But we're based in New Jersey.

My style and/or skills have been compared to: In all of actuality our style and our skills have yet to be compared to anyone. This is the exact way that we intend on going from here on out. Our whole purpose of making music is to create our own lane, from production to concepts/videos/flows/lyrics/shows/pronunciations and even interviews. What we do is beloved and it has always been a conscientious decision to stand out by being ourselves. Some people will appreciate it and love it & others will critique it and hate it. We are content with the outcome, as long as we are remembered for being us.

I started rapping: Genetics started rapping in High School, about 10 years ago. Always writing since a young age, recording with his older cousins in Portugal and freestyling at house party ciphers. Serge started rapping 2 years ago, always having an admiration for expression and words. However, he's been involved with spoken word & writing poetry since Elementary School.

My standout moments/records have been: One of our standout moments thus far has been the first song we’ve ever recorded as a duo, which was “Pipe Dreams" with Grammy Nominated artist Angela McCluskey. Just recently, we crashed the MTV UK link for our "Fear Killers" Video Premiere on its initial launch day. We also have a song titled "Somnambulists", which seems to stand out amongst our listeners. Hopefully there are more moments along our journey to reflect on in the future.

I’m gonna change the game by: Artists are always asked this question, but in reality, opinions vary. Some people are happy with where the game is while others are either disinterested or fed up. Anyone can have a talent that adds on to the norm. Anyone can bring out the old formula of rap, and chances are some people will love it. However, the brave ones are those that accept the initial ridicule and try to push forward a genre by diversifying it with taste. Change is determined by the future, focusing on the present is where our focus is.

I’d like to work with: There are a number of talents that we would love to work with. As long as that artist, filmmaker, musician, painter, publicist, actor/actress, manager, enthusiast can step into our zone and respectfully we would return the favor by channeling theirs.  It would be disrespectful for us to forget and leave some of our favorites out, so with that being said, maybe one day after we create a respectable platform for ourselves, we’ll come across some of our inspirations and help build towards a common goal. So far the 2 artists we’ve wanted to work with for our LIFELINES album have been solidified, thank you to World War & G-Code 4:20.

My goal in hip-hop is: Our goal is to help people understand our purpose regarding being a fortunate one. Being fortunate doesn't just entitle wealth; it simply just strays away from mediocrity. So anyone, whom is tired of the norm and has a mindset of pushing forward in their respected fields, is one of the Fortunate Ones.

I’m going to be the next: That remains to be seen. As long as our listeners and viewers can understand our motives and the amount of love we put in towards our craft, we are satisfied with whatever the PEOPLE deem us to be. LIFELINES will definitely be the determining factor of where we are headed to next.

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