The Break Presents: Locksmith

Breakout: “My Character” featuring GLC

Also Check Out: “Illuminati”

Also: “Lock”

Name: Locksmith

Age: 30

Reppin’: Richmond, CA

My style and/or skills have been compared to: Eminem and Nas

My standout records and/or moments have been: Meeting legends like Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg

I’m gonna change the game by: Fearlessly expressing myself without filters.

I’d Like to Work With: Any and everyone who believes in the boundlessness of art…. and DJ Premier

My goal in hip-hop is: Break down all racial, political and social barriers globally

I’m gonna be the next: Bob Dylan/Muhammed Ali

To check out more of my music go to:

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  • Trip aka Ace

    My Character is one of the best songs i’ve recently listened to. The switch of styles on not just that song but on nearly every song he spits on makes it worth listening to. Lock is definitely holding it down right now during this dry spell of lyricism.

  • kgrizzy

    Locksmith is one of the best up n comin MCs in the game not just the bay area Labyrinth is dope and the stuff he did with Ski Beatz is super ill on the real you gotta check him out we bump him up here in Maine you should too

  • Donte

    I rememeber this guy from this one show were you rap battled for a record deal on mtv he made it to the final round and to me he got ROBBED! but that was like years ago glad to see he is still rhyming

  • Mac

    Locksmith Is A Beast. Me Personally, I Dont Care How People(The Industry) View Locksmith because Shine Or No Shine, Im Still Going To Continue To Slap And Support Locksmith’s Music

  • Ace The Phantom

    We’ve known Locksmith for years already up here in Nor Cal, glad he’s been makin more music lately, homie definitely deserves the props

  • The Ear

    I have been slapping Locksmith every since I copped that first Frontline album. All I can say is I have grown with him through his growth in music. I have always appreciated music with a message. I have seen and heard enough “rappers” incorporate the hood, money and the dope game into there songs but it gets old. A breath of fresh air is what the game needs. Free you mind people and listen…..dont just hear it; theres a difference.

  • Dav

    thats it?

  • Bruno

    Locksmith is one of the best MC’s out there! He has been killing it for years, so it is about damn time that he is getting some notice!

  • Eynak

    Nigga’s already 30 and STILL up-and-coming??!??! just give the fuck up already


    Imma GRINDTIME SMACK URL okay pretty much battle rap FANATIC why because thats the only place i can go to if i ever wanna hear real lyricists. I also live in a time where the corniest rappers are getting recognition in the time where Rick Ross is 2012′s idea of a gangsta rapper. LOCKSMITH deserves his shine unless any of u faggots can make a beast of a Rapper like Dizaster Choke inna battle then shut the fuck up. I dont care if he 30 if hes nice hes nice besides wasnt it Rakim that said “Age dont count in the booth/ when they dope they submerged in the fountain of Youth” i rest my case