The Break Presents: Knight

Standout: “Ms. Industry”

Also Check Out: “Smoovin” featuring J. Bonkaz

And: “Won’t Stop”


Age: 22

Where I’m From: Brooklyn, NY

My style and/or skills have been compared to: My style has been compared to the likes of LL Cool J, as I am a ladies’ man but my lyrical skills have been compared to T.I. Right now I’m just trying to create a lane of my own.

My standout records and/or moments have been: One of my standout moments was when I heard my record “Won’t Stop” on the radio being played by DJ Will of Power 105.1fm that was an unbelievable moment for me. My standout record was a song called “Ms Industry” because I was able to compare the music industry to a female speaking in the third person, showing my love for both women and the music industry.

I’m gonna change the game by: I’m going to change the game by continuing to give the ladies hip hop music that they can listen to. Right now there’s no one catering to just the ladies and that’s where I come in at. “Ladies Love KNIGHT”. I will continue to be original and just be myself, the ladies love it and I’m all for the ladies.

I’d Like to Work With: I would really like to work with LL Cool J, Prince, Chris Brown, T.I.P and Polow Da Don, there are many others but those are my top 5.

My goal in hip-hop is: My goal in hip hop is to make classic hits, I want to make music that young kids can listen to and make older ladies say “that guy KNIGHT is soo good I love his music”. I want to go global making the ladies around the world say “I LOVE KNIGHT”. My goal is to be an artist that sets my own tone, someone that all people respect and love.

I’m gonna be the next: I don’t really want to be the next other person, I just want to be that KNIGHT that the girls are looking to get with “SMOOVIN”.

To check out more of my music go to:

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  • http://XXL Marcus Hustle

    How the ladies gonna luv this ugly ass nigga lol not hatin but damn this man looks Fugly..

    • sarah saldana

      Actually the ladies do love and support him only egotistical jerks wager their feelings on looks this man has style class and attitude he preservers through all the garbage and comes out on top nicely. Have you seen his previous work with ICE-T oh wait you probably haven’t and you are one to talk you don’t even have a photo to show your mug so how you gonna sit there dawg on someone who’s talented and living their dream you definitely have TOO MUCH time on your hands to spread your hate, jealousy and negativity I’m done with it! Peace Out! ^5 to ya Knight keep up the great work LOVE YA!!!

  • Stan

    I’m not throwing shade, But i’m tired of these rappers wanting to use the platform to chase hoes. It don’t really work in hip hop, maybe R&B it does.

    But name 1 hip hop artist where their main audience is women? Pretty Ricky, Kirko Bangz? unless you have a majority male audience you won’t sale, you just a 1 hit wonder..

    I dunno… Rap music is for the fellas… Let the hoes have the R&B, and POp artist..

  • Ladyfire

    So proud of this man. He came a long way and still grinding. I think a lot of ppl is missunderstood and that is the audience thats out today that listens to music. Women love respect. I will choose a man that supports and love his women over someone that calls them bitches and hoes and ect. He stands for us women along with men out there that respect women, have a wife, kids, ect. Keep grinding Knight! U stand for more then just an artist, but a whole movement of respect. you show that a man can still give and show respect to women in the industry and in music without calling us out our name or being disrespectful. A fan for life!! GO GETTEMMM

  • Lyric


  • eynak

    last time i checked, ladies don’t love broke wack ass ugly ass niggas.

  • James

    This Dude Came a long way 4 real


    his music is smoov i honestly believe when knight step foot in the door hes gonna f**K the game up #TEAMKNIGHTPKF

  • Ashley

    Eynak is a fucking hater cuz u obviously broke n look like shit but N e ways back to somebody doing something with their lives. You keep doing ya thing & speaking about something other than hoes.

  • S.P.

    keep doing ya thing Knight f**k all these haters

  • Lo

    if people knew how the music industry worked instead of speakin non sense u would understand that every music artist has a certain audience who they do their music for and making music requires money…but as always haters gone hate instead of giving props when its due or just staying quiet! Keep on doing ur thing Knight. i know there greatness coming soon!

  • bills hnf

    dis my nigga frm the start i seen him come a long way from his very 1st mixtape respect the grind fucc the haters but if u aint got haters u aint doin ya job rite??? so wit dat being said knight keep doin ya thing bro u already kno high-n-fly support always

  • Ladyfire

    #TeamPKF #TeamPKF