The Break Presents: Spa77ow

Breakout: “Svedka & Sprite”

Also Check: “Turn My Crank”

And: More Than A Game tour

Name: Spa77ow (pronouced Sparrow) / Jack Cadogan (real name)

Age: 23

Reppin: Brooklyn, New York City

My style and/or skills have been compared to: Star of Star and Bucwild has dubbed my image as Fabolous meets Busta Rhymes

My standout records and/or moments have been: Traveling to tour with LeBron James for the More Than A Game movie tour while opening for Keri Hilson and Jabawockeez

I’m gonna change the game by: Emphasizing the element of showmanship and promotion of a hip-hop artist, it’s already in a good place thanks to a lot of artists, but I’m going to push the envelope and turn it upside down, inside out.

I’d Like to Work With: I would love to collab with Lil Wayne. I’m really feeling Frank Ocean and I dream about a No. 1 single with Marilyn Manson.

My goal in hip-hop is: At the end of the day, be a one man stimulus brand. Everything extended from the Spa77ow brand will be successful: t-shirts, toys, book bags, socks, condoms, detergent; you name it.

I’m gonna be the next: P.Diddy

To check out more of my music go to: Official Music Channel for all debut releases of material

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  • Billboard Benny

    After working with Spa77ow for the first time when I directed SVEDKA SPRITE for him I respected his business mentality before I even cared about his music. Great guy down to earth and humble and very appreciative of people who are just as cordial as he is. Seeing the numbers the video did after we released it just proved his grind shouldn’t go unnoticed so this XXL interview is just the start for much more we hope and know we’re going to see from the homie! Great look for a Great individual!

  • k1ng_aw3som3

    Spa77ow is the man. If he’s not the next big name out of Brooklyn I will be surprised. His music isnt what you expect from rap. I feel that its for everyone. Very solid and easy to get into. #inmusicwetrust #spa770wtheman #BestInTheWorldAtWhatHeDoes

  • Saa Pickett

    Spa77ow been doing this since 2008 and he has always made a statement whether its been thru fashion, showmanship or pure music .. he deserves this spotlight thank you for realizing this talent !!!

    • Uncle Paulie

      Spa77ow been doing it WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY before 08. And no one ever mentions he was on Z100 with his song Mac and Cheese. You should google it this guy is dope!!!!

  • Harley Quinn

    By far, I believe Spa77ow definitely is a new breed of creativity that is needed nowadays. From his sound to his videos to his attire, he’s just spectacular. When he says he’s the whole damn show, it’s true. On top of everything, his work ethic is impeccable. He’s always promoting himself and just making sure you know who he is. I’m so proud of him and happy for him. Nowhere to go but up. :)

  •!/profile.php?id=100002834458855 Shakiea C.

    I got U mr.Spa77ow u R aN awESOME aRTIST AND i LOVE YOUR WORK , some people watch things happend , some people wish things happend some people make things happend but you truly are the happenings ..congrats !!!!

  •!/profile.php?id=100002834458855 Tony D.

    this is a dope article shouts to you Spa77ow keep moving !@king_ how do u add a picture ?

  • Jamel Williams

    Spa77ow is the next big thing ready to take this industry by storm. He is very humble hard working talented and creative. The four keys to succeeding in a very tough industry Nobody out there has his talent or swagger. I am proud of him. Keep up the great work god bless.

  • Adriana D

    Congrats Spa77ow!!
    You’re gonna make it biiiiiiiiig, absolutley love all of your work! keep it up :) no one deserves this more than you!!

  • Carrie Norman

    I Ran across Spa77ows music on a friends facebook page a year ago. I have been a fan since. I’ve never caught a live show but from his youtube videos it looks as if he’s a great performer. His music videos are always good, in my opinion industry ready. I’m glad he’s finally getting his shine.


    SVEDKA SPRITE is hot!!!! I love Spa77ow’s lyrical style. Ive been listening to him for a while and one of my fav joints is TURN MY CRANK the beat and the lyrics is sick on that one:) Definitely need to check him out!

  •!/maxronald_77 max ronald

    my bro living his dreams mr.spa77ow , mr.spa77ow #inmusicwetrust

  • The Hitcher

    SOOOO Great to see you getting this love , you deserve it BET is next my man !!!

  • SaturnRatedR

    The only thing I can say about Jack is, I’m very proud. I’ve been watching and supporting him from the beginning and he’s become like an older brother to me. I told him a few years ago that he will go far in this because his drive is so strong & now, he’s on XXL Mag. Jack, like I told you, the sky is the limit and you have so much more coming to you. I’m so proud.

  •​1mikerob Mike Rob

    cool article, a Spa770w and Marilyn Manson collab would be tuff

  • RIZZ

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!You deserve it

  • Pepuhz

    Fabolous meets Busta… Na I think andre 3000 meets Jay-z I love the Spa77ow BRAND this guy is amazing. He puts on movies when he performs. He is one of the few 90′s rapp fans that don’t try to “Bring NY BAck” nor does he rap like he’s in some project stairwell he raps like success is the ONLY option. I honestly am a HUGE FAN of Spa77ow and the Spa77ow brand. If you’ve ever seen this guy perform you would know that this is OVERDUE! But we take it and make sure you save your comment because when my boy is on a cover alone then you will be able to see a portion of the progression that I’ve witnessed. Spa77ow ForEVER #InMusicWeTrust

  • Miss Peyne

    I love this article, I’m so excited to watch him rise. Spa77ow is an artist who deserves this and opened doors. I look forward to watching the star continue.
    # And I love this#: “but I’m going to push the envelope and turn it upside down, inside out”..-Spa77ow

  • Buck Roger$

    Shoutout to my nigga Spa77ow one of the hardest artist out here working. You deserve everything you get plus some.

  • Don Owens

    Spa77ow is one of the freshest Artist out today! He brings a breathe of fresh air in a very dry hip hop market. The man is very versatile and I continue to look forward to what he does in the future. #InMusicWeTrust

  •!/reidthewriter3 reid warner

    thats wassup my son grinding out’chea #inmusicwetrust

  • Ivy Dawn

    Good Read, this guy is definitely a character. Looking foward to seeing him on the cover one day and the videos OMG!

  • Tystarr

    Keep doing ya thing Spa77ow!!!!

  • pavan poojari

    HE IS MY BEST FRIEND all the best spa77ow…..looking forward for next big thing! keep it up :)

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  • Brittany Slam

    My Boo Spa77 is hot ,nice fashion and hot songs s/o to him for making the break ;)

  • charisma b

    shouts to Spa77ow congrats

  • bkbeast

    svedka sprite is good !

  • alicia tate

    my boy is up here grinding it was a long time but shout out to xxl for reconizing spa77ow next is the world !!!

  • Kay Swagg

    It is about time that Spa77ow gets some mainstream recognition, he been doing his thing in the game for a min.

  • Unknown

    As a dancer I love his style especially that hes different then most of the bubble gum rappers that are out nowadays. He keeps up to date with the trends yet still keeps his originality the “spa77ow image” as I call it. Whenever he comes out with a new track I’m freestyling new dance moves and routines. Keep it up and don’t stop my duu. -Unknown