Breakout: "Jersey"

Also Check: "Move On" featuring Tiki

And: "My Life" featuring Nino Breeze


Age: 31

Reppin': Trenton, N.J.

My style and skills and/or skills have been compared to: People who hear my music always say I could be like the fourth member of the Lox, I also get compared to Jay-Z due to my independence and business savvy, but I see myself more like Tupac, because I write straight from the heart. Pac gave you party records, diss records, relationship records, anthems etc and it was all a reflection of who he was. Rappers these days only glorify being from the hood, I went to college, grew up in the hood, worked a nine to five, sold drugs, had small stints in jail and became a father. I bring all of that across in my music the best thing one can do is be themselves.

My standout records and/or moments have been: My best accomplishments to date were when BET's 106th & Park aired my videos "Jersey" and "Move On" as "New Joint of the Day" prime time. As a independent artist with no co-sign or major deal that was a huge milestone in my career. What was crazy about it all was MTV Jams was playing both of the videos at the same time as BET. So here I am a rapper who spent his entire income tax check to shoot a couple videos, gets to watch them on national television right after a Soulja Boy or Jay-Z video goes off, I felt on top off the world. I thought at that point the labels would come calling but nothing happened, so I continued to grind because I wanted that feeling back. In addition to that, being from Trenton, N.J. we have not had someone on television at the level since Poor Righteous Teachers, I was putting on, and it felt good because a lot of haters in my area said I could not do it.

I'm gonna change the game by: Showing the world that hard work and dedication pays off at the end of the day, I have been blocked, ridiculed, ignored, and told "Jersey" does not have any good mc's. I also have been told that I need to make up a dance in order to survive these times in hip-hop. Everyone says there gonna bring that missing piece to hip hop, but I just say I'm going to show the world the underdog can compete against the household names and WIN.

I'd like to work with: Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne,Wale, Jay-Z, Kanye, Jada, Fabolous, Jeezy. But my dream is to join Maybach Music that would be dope.

My goal in hip-hop is: To bring New Jersey back where it was when Naughty by Nature, Lords of the Underground, Queen Latifah, and Poor Righteous Teachers, were out. People felt proud to say they were from Jersey. Now people from Jersey go out of town and claim, Philly, New York, Down South, etc. all those places are dope, but I want to restore the Jersey pride, so a person from Alaska would want to visit lol...

I'm gonna be the next: Jay-Z! I respect Jay hustle how he came from nothing and pimped the rap game.He monopolized off of his craft with a clothing company, basketball team, record label, night-clubs etc...Jay has to be one of  the smartest rappers doing this. Being that I'm already in my thirties, I'm not trying to give the people 20 albums, I'll be happy with one or two platinum or gold albums, where I can then open up other opportunities for the people around me to prosper and live out their own dreams.

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