Breakout: "First Lap"

Also Check: "XO"

And: "Here to Stay"

Name: J.A.E

Age: 24

Reppin’: Charlotte (Idlewild), NC by way of Brooklyn (Flatbush), NY

My style and/or skills have been compared to: Any other foul mouth, light-skinned, Jordan wearing, gold teeth, UTZ eating, Arizona sipping, iPhone thumbing n*gga from Brooklyn.

My standout records and/or moments have been: At this moment, I want to say "First Lap" from the Running Laps series we got going on right now, but last year "XO" had to be the most standout, just one of those records that people still tweet me about & want to see performed at every show.

I’m gonna change the game by: Not biting my tongue for no mother f*cker, doing what I want when I want & mixing that southern sh*t with that northern sh*t in my music. Plus, I want to be the first rapper to date another rapper's mother, real disrespectful like on some Delonte West/LeBron James sh*t. Yeah, that’ll change up the game quick.

I’d Like to Work With: On some real serious sh*t, I’ve always wanted to work with Jill Scott, and I’ve wanted to do that since her first LP. But, Lupe did it and now Jeezy, so I don’t think it’ll have that much of an impact anymore. My mom would still like it though. Yeah, I will have to go with Jilly from Philly.

My goal in hip-hop is: Gain the respect of people that I respect and look up to. In this game, it’s just like Scarface; all you got in it is your word & your balls. In other words, the tracks that you put out & the respect that you get from it. Take, for instance, Nas, you never see homie, but you will always respect him, and that’s power in my eyes. I won't break that for anybody.

I’m gonna be the next: Ultimate Warrior, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, all them wrestling mother f*ckers. A name that never dies.

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