The Break Presents: Irv Da Phenom

Breakout: “Speeding Ticket”

Also Check: “Lessons in Fly”

And: “Moment Freestyle” featuring Mac Lethal

Name: Irv Da Phenom

Age: 22

Reppin’: DefMetalGospel / Kansas City

My style and/or skills have been compared to: Marvin Gaye, Tech N9ne, Cee-lo, Busta rhymes

My standout records and/or moments have been: Releasing my first album (Free) independently on Aug 25, 2010; Touring with Strange Music since 2008; Touring with Mistah F.A.B., Jay Rock, Glasses Malone, and more this year; Being featured on the XXL Presents Tech N9ne: Bad Season (hosted by DJ Whookid & DJ Scream) as well as penning hits for many other previous SM/Tech N9ne albums; Selling over 10,000 hard copies of my latest mixtape, Allnighter, nationwide out of my trunk.

I’m gonna change the game by: Making it cool to get your hands dirty.

I’d Like to Work With: OutKast, Scarface, Jill Scott, Sam Cooke

My goal in hip-hop is: To inspire people to carve their own lane in whatever it is they do. Help make a mark for Kansas City.

I’m gonna be the next: FIRST Irv Da Phenom…(We’ve got enough “Next,” that’s the problem.)

To check out more of my music go to: / / / youtube channel : “defmetalgospel” / ITUNES

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  • @iknowchrisb

    Hardest working artist, period.

  • ksity


  • Brooklyn Martino

    Much deserved. Very hard working.


    For more about Irv Da Phenom or to get his projects hit up his site above!

  • chuckn

    new fan for sure

  • cordell

    dopest artist i ever heard

  • KiNG666

    TECH SIGN THIS MOTHER FUCKER!!! Irv is gonna be the part of the future of hip hop THANK YOU XXL for puttin this dood out there

  • Ashley Danielle

    Irv is the hardest working man I know! Keep up the good work

  • kay soundz

    816 STAND UP

  • babyhawk08

    FINALLY!! Irv is gettin the recognition is so deserves!!! hes one of the realist rappers in the Game and has been one of the hardest working dudes I know, never giving up his dreams….Glad to see the homie gettin some well deserved recognition…he’s not the next big thing…yall just been sleep on him. time to get up on game…proud of you

    who the fuck is irv da phenom!!

  • SmartAlec

    It’s been a true honor producing for Irv. He’s inspired me to make some crazy but yet soulful music. Much Love.


  • Tish

    First of all I want to say I’m a Fan! I love your music and I think you are going to go a long way!!!

  • Brooklynmama

    Irv is a awesome rapper than can singgggg… He deserves recognition for as hard as he works. The boy supports KC so we need to support him!

  • Will

    My dude has been doing it since “You Ain’t Heard”!…..

  • kendricklamar

    oh shit this cat is better than me

  • Drea

    This is just a preview of what is to come. Tech opened the door, Irv is opening the flood gates. Much deserved recognition homie.

  • Hannah

    Way to be, Irv. Two thumbs up my dude.

  • T-RO

    Dude can sing and rap. Slow songs, fast raps. Man is very talented. He should be signed to Strange. PHENOM!

  • Demolishbeatz

    hay this dude Irv the phenom is dope very talented artist always on point with his music and staying true to himself and his fans music is living because of this man real talk

  • hbizzle

    I cant wait for the album! WHO THE FUCK IS IRV DA PHENOM?

  • ash


  • rippimpc

    my boi is too trill outchea.

  • crew

    Congrats irv good to see you finally getting your shine DMG TIL THE DEATH OF ME!

  • valpal

    Irv is such a hard worker, MUCH LOVE FROM SALTLAKE UT!

  • t.

    Hell yeah, Irv is going to do big things, his music is sick! i cant wait to hear the new album!

  • cesyes

    irv da phenom is the truth i want to hear you do more music with strange

  • lee

    Speeding ticket is cold as fuck

  • cam

    ROAD RAGE is your irv’s sickest song.

  • im a rebel hoe

    Dmg til the death of me

  • cheezeil

    hot shit. this is the future

  • #1phenomfan

    have my baby!

  • steph

    much love from across the water! keep on the grind

  • Cj

    Irv should have been on the freshman cover last year, hope we see him on it soon.

  • shawn

    mac lethal, tech n9ne, irv da phenom. Kansas city has some of the best artist who are underground. congrats to irv

  • mobee

    Saw this dude on tour with tech n9ne for a few years, hella cool and humble keeps it real cool with the fans.

  • sammie

    have you heard this boy sing before?

  • joey

    the future of hip hop is the UNDERGROUND! and irv will be on the forefront of it

  • Lbuggie

    @sammie yes he is soo good! i love when he does his r&b thing

  • jack

    Met him in ohio, good dood. great music.

  • free baynes


  • curt

    All i bump is underground! fuck the mainstream!

  • gofiga

    how Is this dude not more known??

  • nene

    much respect to you and your grind! im proud of ya boi!

  • marcus f

    the links aint workin

  • repdilly

    Wishing you the most success homie. Dream big and hustle hard forever.

  • swag

    do ya than g homie

  • D.a.

    good job brotha

  • shorty

    Very inspiring music! looking forward to hearing more.

  • Cj

    When is the album dropping? did it get pushed back?

  • mindomind

    @cj i saw him say something on twitter about early summer.

  • RECK

    Irv The Phenom is VERY TALENTED! It is nice to see him get some recognition.

  • Dancefestopia Music Festival


    KC can’t wait for you to tear it up at Dancefestopia Music Festival! Summer of Kansas City!!!!

  • http://xxl mike

    this guy is corny rapping fast dosent mean your good

  • Derek

    This dude’s a big ol shitty booty hole. Are we lizznin to tha same person?

  • two tone

    Irv doing his thing! theres a lot of underground rappers that are in KC that are going to blow up that A LOT HAVENT HEARD OF. Chase Compton, Willy Royal Ect.. but those two for sure!!!!! 816 BABY

  • tts

    @mike & @derek <- ahahaha, look everybody its two 35 year old failed rappers who never got their shot! Quit throwing salt you old bitches. DMG over your life. Do your thing Irv! tell them haters come on!

  • Logan M. LaVelle aka !nDago L@kU$t

    Alwayz gotta luv Phenomenal work.


    @TWOTONE Willy Royal Is that n*gga. No one wants to give him a shot tho in the city! Chase Compton cool and is better than Irv (same with Willy) The world better look out! DO YA THING THO IRV
    @mike & @derek KILL YA SELF

  • landon816

    bout time they give the kc prince some love! PHENOM!!


    Pure Dopeness I see you bro!!

  • cold187

    This dude has next!
    Tech N9NE should be pushing him !

    • rlw3333

      tech does bro hes on so many strange tracks already its crazy plus hes in with funk volume too and they will be even more huge after the 28th tech talks about irv a lot too

      • Michiel Prak

        Exactly, if Irv wanted to be signed Tech would agree immediately. Irv features on multiple Strange releases every year.