The Break Presents: T. Mills

Breakout: “She Got A…”

Also Check: “Scandalous”

And: “Vans”

Name: Travis Tatum Mills bka T. Mills

Age: 22

Reppin’: Riverside, muthafucka

My style and/or skills have been compared to: MTV called me the “White Wiz,” but I think I’m more like Robin Thicke and a hint of Kanye with great hair.

My standout records and/or moments have been: My song “Vans On.” Throwing up in front of Boi-1da in Toronto. Taking “strip club breaks” while working with Kane Beatz in Atlanta and playing The Roots Picnic in Philly.

I’m gonna change the game by: Having the most females at a hip-hop show

I’d Like to Work With: Andre 3000, Kanye and I’d love to do a hook for Kendrick Lamar

My goal in hip-hop is: To ride my own wave

I’m gonna be the next: Sex symbol that you can bring home to your parents

To check out more of my music go to: @ilovetmills

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    So is this what’s considered hip hop in 2012?

  • keator

    white dudes killed the game man. For every one Em, that is thousands of these dudes, shit at least RIFF RAFF is funny with his coonery

  • nate

    this kid is beyond wack, what the fuck was that first track!?

  • Alexandra B

    LOVE IT!! one of my favorite upcoming artists. sick lyrics and catchy rythms that make me wants to move my body. AND he’s sexy as FUCK !

  • Tic706

    “Pretty soon hip hop won’t be so nice, no Ice Cube just Vanilla Ice”- Ice Cube

    Cube predicted this ish in the early 90′s. SMFH!

  • RapMusic25

    Fuckin horrible,nothing more to say.


    Eminem has sat the standard high when it comes to being a great white MC.These new white cats in the game today are so fucking wack,dull and softies.I really want a new Eminem album soon just so he can kill off all these wack white mcs.As one guy here said,for every EM,theres is thousands of these dudes

    • Spreezy

      Yelawolf is fairly trill

  • Walt Deez

    This fool is complete garbage, a mix between kanye and robin thicke? Even if kanye and robin thicke took a shit in the same toilet it’d still have more talent than this buster

    • alex

      Yo walt deez… I read your post, and no joke, I almost died laughing.. i recognize and respect new talent in the game, but seriously, now a days, you can throw on some baggy clothes, get a few tats, and all of a sudden you’re a rapper. I agree, this cat is not only garbage, but gar-bage (pronnounced in french), its a white boy who had a hard time being accepted and resorted to hip hop. Cant be mad tho, he makin money thats about the only thing impressive, is how someone like that can be on TV and I can;t… aint that abitch.

  • _______.

    i see a lot of haters on this post. prob. a bunch of hiphop blog heads who think they know about music from what they see online but couldn’t survive a day in this industry. this kid is the future. & not the future of hip hop, but the future of music. blend between harmonies & catchy tongue n cheek lyrics. plus he has the look. theres reason why none of you are in the music bizz. bc clearly u couldn’t recognize talent if it was right infront of your face.

  • L

    Its not hatin’ this is just awful, i hear no hip hop in this ever he’s not meant to be at the roots picnic or anywhere. . .XXL this is not a artist worth mention find some actual rappers?

  • keator

    Why not be the next you, instead of a machine mad pop talent, that rhymes words together so he can get played on urban radio.



  • charlesgrantxSMWT

    You all are ignorant, but yes.
    this kid sucks dick
    just like 1000′s of black rappers.
    who gives a fuck if hes white,
    because if he was black, hed still suck.
    and on that note,
    waka, gucci, and all of them other fags are horrible and untalented.

  • jay

    WOW,,,its like as if somebody somehow turned Wheezy into a white person. the talent he exudes is JUST LIKE THE REAL CARTER!!! ,,but,,if he rides that “punkish rockish” style chorus a while,,hell probably make a few joke.

  • Charlotte

    dude is blowing up!! I’m listening to his newest EP Leaving Home on Spotify right now, so awesome.

  • karen lacey

    i listen to all kinds of pop/hip-hop/r&b and this kid leans pop but he’s great. i did see him at the roots picnic and the crowd dug him. wtf difference does it make what color he is. ive read interviews w him and he’s smart, young and clearly has an audience.

  • bmocon13

    I think his music is a lot of fun. His EP Leaving Home is on Spotify if you haven’t checked it out for yourself yet.

  • Emma

    Been listening to his Leaving Home EP on Spotify! I love it :)

  • Sara

    Not gonna lie – I can’t NOT dance when I hear T. Mills. Love it. Gonna go back to streaming “Leaving Home” on Spotify now…

  • adamcmr

    T. Mills is a seriously talented young rapper. His EP “Leaving Home” is awesome. If your open minded towards rap, you’ll appreciate T. Mills.

  • kevincorcoranjr

    well, i like what i hear. no it’s not hip hop… or even rap for that matter. But why classify it as anything other than T. Mills? Sounds to me like he’s got some things he wants to say and just puts them into melodies… after all he’s the one who’s making things happen while the rest of us just comment. Anyway, keep it up mills.

  • http://@SFLANate SFLANate

    This kid is going to take over soon.
    Just listen to his Leaving Home EP, TALENT

  • A

    This is the future of hip-hop? Damn maybe Nas was right after all..maybe hip-hop IS dead!!!!

  • d203music

    The “Vans On” video is pretty sick. I’ve been listening to his EP “Leaving Home” on Spotify and it definitely has some good stuff up there.

  • L.Q.

    That first song was a total fail…he sounds like a pop version of Roscoe Dash…not good

  • jhwg624

    why does he have a NuvaRing in his Ear?

  • Rachel

    Cant believe I get to see T. Mills on the 8th at this year’s Warped Tour. Hoping he plays all his new songs, including this one! Anyone else going to be at the Canterbury Park stop in MN?