The Break Presents: Lagato Shine

Breakout: “L.A.G.A.T.O.” ft. ACE

Also Check: “I Don’t Need A Doctor”

And: “Your Wrong”

Name: Lagato Shine

Age: 29

Reppin’: Roosevelt, Long Island

My style and/or skills have been compared to: East Coast Greats, Rakim, Lox, Da mobb, Method Man, etc…Ain’t no comparisions though, Im Me! But if you gotta compare these are some names I’ve heard!

I started rapping: At age 8, professionally at 17 (had a deal with Loud Records when they were poppin. Was in a group called I.G.T.)

My standout records and/or moments have been: My latest stand out record would be “Hold Dat” feat. Bill Danze of M.O.P. My stand out moments as of late would be my videos being played on MTV: MTVU, JAMS and being number 2 on MTV.COM behind J Cole. He got a major deal, and im making my rounds, go figure! And being featured on the New Spotlight on Video Music Box with Uncle Ralph Mcdaniels. I love kicking it with the Legends!

I’m gonna change the game by: I don’t plan on changing the game, I plan on carving out my space in the history of hip hop! I respect it to much to try and change it! But I’m definitely gonna do it my way!

I’d Like to Work With: A dope producer on an entire project! Dr. Dre, Just Blaze, etc… As far as rappers, I worked with several thus far, so any artist that wanna work and is HOT, lets do it!

My goal in hip-hop is: To build my company (Last Run Ent.) up into a solid brand, to continue to put out solid material at all times, give my fans real music and to gain new fans and listeners globally!

I’m gonna be the next: Artist to watch from here on out!! I’m NICE n its time to be recognized for it!!

To check out more of my music you can go to:,, or Google me

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  • UnDeniable

    Love ya Music and ya Style is Crazi!
    This is the way Real Hip Hop should sound like!!!!!!
    Betta Watch Him…!

  • Sabrina

    I came across Lagato Shine one evening while roaming you tube…I have to be honest I only clicked on the video because I thought he was so attractive but as I listened to “I don’t need a doctor” I fell in love with his voice, his words flowed so smoothly…Lagato was telling a story and I was certainly listening, he definitely has a gift and a uniqueness about him that I have yet to come across and I’ve been a fan ever since… Keep doing ya thang Lagato!

  • AO

    Yessir. This is AO, 1 of Lagato’s producers. Much thanks to XXL for the look. As we continue on…

  • last run

    my boy is a beast! yall aint seen notin yet! we jus getting started! i promise u this kid gonna deliver! watch!

  • Sol Ace

    The movement is moving…get to know us!

  • BXGurl

    love this dude! real music! seen him perform too n he killed it @ sob’s. keep doin u!

  • Thorobred

    Yo the homie got a song wit M.O.P. called hold dat and that joint is crazy. And I rock wit M.O.P. all day. First I really heard of lagato but now I see he get busy. I wanna hear more from him I rock with the homie. Word. Lagato

  • Aksel

    I’m riding with you homie!

  • Phil Capone

    L.A.G.A.T.O is doing VERY BIG THINGS!
    I’ve seen his show in New York, and brother got skillz!
    HIP HOP is definitely in for a treat for 2012!!