The Break Presents: Denzil Porter

Breakout: “Kanye West”

Also Check: “Haymaker”

And: “Intuition”

Name: Denzil Porter

Age: 23

Reppin’: Uptown Bronx, NY

My style and/or skills have been compared to: I have been compared to a lot of people, so it is kind of hard for me to pinpoint some names. I have been compared to Lil’ Wayne all the way up to a one man Tribe Called Quest. I’m constantly being compared to other storytellers like Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West and Common. Due to the energy I put in, my performances have been compared to Busta Rhymes, Wu Tang, Big Daddy Kane… I have heard it all.

My standout records and/or moments have been: Back in 2006 when I was in high school, I dropped a record called “Boogie Down” which was and still is the anthem for Uptown Bronx, NY. Myspace was the trend at the time so the song was on a mass amount of pages and had over 35,000 plays. In 2010 I released “Intuition,” a song/video that opened eyes and sent a lot of attention my way due to its AIDS awareness. “Intuition” gained a lot of support from philanthropist and was posted on hip-hop sites and AIDS awareness sites helping the video gain over 50,000 views. Just recently in September, I released a song titled “Kanye West”, which gained a lot of attention not only because of the controversial title, but the punch lines and storytelling were something people have never heard before. This was the playful, comedic feel of music that some have not felt since the 90’s. My first mixtape under my changed name, Denzil Porter, was released November 22, titled Home Made Music, just in time for Thanksgiving. This is my most recent stand out moment as it is getting me a lot of recognition and gaining me a lot of credibility as an artist.

I’m gonna change the game by: I’m hoping that I can bring back a lot. If I can change the game by just being myself then that’s a huge accomplishment, but over the years I have been noticing a fluctuation in hip-hop fans that are satisfied with what they hear. I’m hoping that I can be a full package that can be a feast to the ears. I’m hoping I can appeal to the “masses” rather than the “some” that will like it. Being that full package: lyrics, songs, story telling, being politically aware, being able to step into all genres and stay true to the culture, painting pictures with words; hopefully I can make the unsatisfied people satisfied again. So I guess I’m going against the current and hopefully there will be more artists that will follow my lead and shine like they are supposed to.

I’d Like to Work With: If I start listing the people I would like to work with I may write a whole book. I can name a few producers like Alchemest, Rockwilder, Just blaze, Daz, Dre, Manny Fresh, Kanye West, Q-Tip. My dream collaborations are with Mary J., Common, Beanie Sigel, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Outkast, and I can go on. I told you, I can write a book with reasons for all of them too.

My goal in hip-hop is: My goal in hip-hop is simple; to get my music out there while introducing everyone to the culture I was exposed to growing up. My goal is to be one of the biggest entertainment icons that the world has ever seen through hip-hop. It is a huge goal, but you have to think big to win big even if it just sounds like a dream.

I’m gonna be the next: I’m going to be the next breadwinner from New York City. Once my music expands and gets heard by the masses I know they will love it. Young and old, I am very confident in my music and am seeing it now with my recent project. As soon as everyone joins the movement, we will be moving like monster trucks, get in our way and we will drive over that and keep it moving. What is next from that only time can tell.

To check out more of my music: To check out more of my music, go to and while you are there, sign up for my mailing list to stay up to date with my progression to success.

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  • Mcfly

    Boogie-Down, Buu-Buu-Boogie Down BRONX !!!

  • Carlos_cg92

    This guy is the future of hip hop, check out “home made music” that shit is dope

  • alex

    denzil is the truth. i can c him on the freshaman cover next year.

  • rifa

    Damn i love that video/song inutution soooo deep. this guy deserves everything good that comes his way!

  • Akeel “Hustle city inc” Nelson

    step 1: stop what you are listening to right now
    step 2: replace it with denzil porter
    step 3: enjoy your music

  • Justin

    incredibly talented, check his old freestyle vid

  • Drew

    kanye west is one of the most original songs ive ever heard! and i fuck with lxg, the production team that produced it. hot track

  • B Poppins

    Fans have been asking for real music.
    Industry has been looking for it.
    You found it right here.
    He’s an amazing person with a hard working team and his punchlines are sick.
    #WreckhouseMusic :)

  • meeka boom

    Dude really gonna put BX back on the map

  • cbradio

    you gotta put dr jekyll mr hyde up here too, shits so dope and so lyrical, dudes got bars. just go download home made music



  • anastasia

    mr. porter repping the bx to the fullest. i always knew u were destined for greatness. i love your music. keep it up and keep paving the way for young up coming artist from the bx!! #respect!

  • Capital

    This guy is on his way. Since I met Jenny, he’s all she talks about..Good Shit

  • R.O.MenaceMafia

    Big Menace Mafia Shout out to Denzil Porter. Innovation and Raw Talent is the killer combo. Check him out. BXXX



  • Mike

    this dude is really going to be the next best thing, freshman XXL cover i hear?

  • DrDuWhit

    The last time I saw Denzil I asked “What’s your purpose? Why are you [still] doing this?”. He responded “The people… And I want to be one of the greatest artists the world’s seen…”. That was about two months ago. The progress he’s made since then speaks to his unwavering discipline and tireless work ethic. Don’t be surprised when his goal becomes reality.

  • Izzy Loe

    This is real inspirational. Homie makes great music with his own trendy and music that co relates to alot. His style caters to different fan base and genres. The best part about it is hes from the Bronx. Seen homie on his grind since Truman High. Another asset to the Bronx movement. The song Kanye West is an eye catcher and I hope this opens the door wide open for him and others behind him. Im just proud to Denzil Porter will be NEXT!

  • Miss B

    Denzil Porter is amazing. He has this spirit about him that’s very unique. He works hard, and is very creative with his talent. For someone so talented, he’s also very humble and wise. Not too long before he’s hyping up crowds @ MSG. DPM!

  • James Fitz Babsky

    Denzil Porter Is def a force to be reckoned with. Hope I can work amongst his talent one day

  • jay

    homey dope

  • The Kidd

    This dude has talent and he is WELL on his way to getting the recognition he deserves. I’ve been following him for some time now and I see big things for him. Keep it up!

  • Bean


  • Fury

    You won’t understand unless you hear it for yourself. Home Made Music is a must download. So go get it… yea right now!

  • Brad Green

    This guy is #dope im from uptown as well and this is what we have been missing looking forward to working with him in the future. SEE YOU AT THE TOP

  • Deuce

    Denzil Porter is The Truth ! .. Word

  • Nyema Spruill

    since high school I always knew he’d come up! Denzil def is the truth, he bringing the bronx back. praying for his success in this industry. the future is right here!

  • Titus

    It’s Mr. Porter to you, bro!

  • Names

    this niggasss dopeeeeee
    all 3 songs were sick, bout to check his vids

  • mike

    This guy is fire! I heard his “Kanye West” track on Shade 45 (Satellite Radio) I found this guy’s album… FIRE! I love it

  • B-FLIX

    That’s my man Denzil! Wreckhouse represent!!!

  • kc

    denzil porter!!! wat more can i say, dont miss out on the movement. wreckhouse….

  • thisishiph0p

    Wooow! The mixtape home made music is dope!! My favorite song is number 14 “jubilant”. That shit goes hard!! This dude gonna make it big!

  • Nicolas Dentay

    Very talented kid, love his new mixtape. Keep throwing out amazing tracks

  • bonez

    Dudes got mad talent, maybe even enough to make the next XXL Freshman class.

  • Robin

    this guy got talent and his improve since Truman hall ways. Home made music is a straight thru listen

  • vaughn holloway

    one of the dopest Mc’s I’ve heard in quite sometime, and he hasn’t even scratched the surface,

  • ELliot

    finally someone we can believe in and trust in foreal to lead rap back

  • vise

    if i dont see homie on the freshman cover i know this game is really messed up but since xxl got it right with this one i expect them to get it right with the cover, just from what im hearing today i;ll put dude against anyone on any cover ever

  • disndatdev

    intuition is one of the realest songs i have ever heard..

  • Southern Beauty

    Young, black, talented, determined, destined for Greatness..peace to you KING… long time coming.

  • Jassoul

    Finally a hip hop album that I can listen to all the way emo sanging..just straight bars. I love this dude..FRESHMAN COVER PLEASE!!!

  • joshua

    love xxl but if this man is not on the freshman cover ya’ll missing it.

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  • Sabra Wilson

    this dude is freshman of the yr hands down 2012 look out!

  • black

    I heard this guy on hot 97 in new york o can only say…”classic in the making!”

  • KevinB

    **HOME MADE MUSIC** Awesome mixtape
    Download it at:

  • chaz

    how often do you see greatness in the making…#DenzilPorter is gonna put NY back on the map!

  • timmybx

    yo that kanye west joint is funny AF

  • Andre

    Denzil Porter and Wreckhouse is the new Rocafella, i hope to see big things from them

  • DJ411

    played that kanye west and heymaker joint in the club…they went crazy over it!!!

  • #1KWFAN

    Kanye West Power – “I’m an asshole? You nixxas got jokes!” lmao!! that’s a forward to Denzil Porter

  • WillyBX

    Denzil Porter = XXL freshmen of the year!

  • worldpeace

    just started looking up this guys and came across this article, he is making major moves…


    he has two other mix-tapes out!!! where can i find them????

  • Camk

    yo dude is nice!

  • Cuz

    never really been a fan of this kid until i seen his hard work and dedication to the game…dude gets mad love in the south

  • kim

    how often in our generation do you see greatness in the making…

  • ramdon

    RPS is my fav track

  • 2clean

    i heard that new Porter’s Pot is going be the best one yet

  • onetime

    watching greatness from it beginning