Breakout: "Sacrifices"

Also Check: "Lose Control"

And: "Situations"

Name: Qualmes

Age: 24

Reppin’: Pasadena, CA

I started rapping: I started writing and messing around with rap in 11th grade (2004) I started taking being a writer serious around 2007 around my first tape with Dj Haze.

My style and/or skills have been compared to: A street savvy Drake

My standout records and/or moments have been: "Heartbeat" on my (Mood Swings EP) the record is incredible and what the mainstream radio waves need.A record with quality substance with no gimmick or for the moment sound in it. "Sacrifices" also on (Mood Swings) is a real personal record of mine. The song and visuals for the record release the pain your average inner city youth deals with growing up while trying to provide a better surrounding for there future family all while trying to make ends meet for the moment.

I'm gonna change the game by: Providing a constant quality body of work. Whether the project is funded directly out of my pockets or a labels there is not an ounce of room for error. Every track has to be written like its the last outlet anyone will hear directly from you

I'd Like to Work With: Sade is at the top of my list but being she doesn't collaborate with other artist I would defiantly like to work with The Clutch to take my writing to the next level or Nas because he's taught everyone how to be a fly slick mouthed lyricist.

My goal in hip-hop is: To show artist how to have a balance in their music. Don't focus on only one aspect of a song. A hook needs powerful lyrics with a message behind them just like deep rooted verses need a hook to tie everything together. You have to tackle every area of song writing to bring forth a complete product.

I'm gonna be the next: I'm actually gonna be the first Euro/American rap rtist that people see rise to the status as a musical icon.

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