The Break Presents: Trouble

Breakout: “Bussin’”

Also Check: “Questions”

And: “Geeked Outta My Mind” featuring Future

Name: Trouble

Age: 23

Reppin’: Duct Tape Da Mobb…Edgewood, Zone 6

My style and/or skills have been compared to: Jay-Z, Drake, the old B.G., Tip, Kanye, Soulja Slim, Boosie Bad Azz

I started rapping: When I was 14

My standout records and/or moments have been: Every record I drop and every moment I’m out is a standout moment…

I’m gonna change the game by: Gettin’ these pussy niggas out the way and bringing reality back to the music…

I’d Like to Work With: Boosie, DMX, Eminem, Jadakiss, Drake, Scarface, 2Pac, Trey Songz, Chris Brown

My goal in hip-hop is: To be me, and rape the game in the process.

I’m gonna be the next: No one. I’m the first and only Trouble.

To check out more of my music you can go to: YouTube, Twitter, or Download my mixtape December 17th

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  • meathook

    i fuck wit cat. since i heard bussin, i been riding wit him. dte da mobb

  • QUEZ

    no lie niggaz is sleeping on him, im way in seattle in heard is mixtappe, dat shit slapps hard.

  • userious?

    Wackest shit I’ve heard in a minute. Dude barely raps to the beat.

    He sounds like a wacker version of Silk Da Shocker circa 1996.

    At some point being gangsta as hell has to stop being equated with good music.

    Its not interchangeable.

    I can see white kids that don’t know better liking this though. they love hood music; unless its playing next door… cause that means niggaz have moved to the neighborhood.

    • that nigga

      @userious. I totally agree with you. Being “Gangster”, and or “Real Street” doesn’t make you a dope rapper or your music hot. Sorry!!!! This nigga sucks.

      @Rick, hahahhaha. Thats fucked up tho!! I hope he lives, just quit rappin!!

      • userious?

        Just to follow up, dude does have a joint called ‘World Goes Round’ that’s actually a solid track.

        It shows a bit of introspection and thought; like if he stuck to that, he’d be good, but XXL introduced him to the world with three subpar tracks.

        If I was him, I’d have beef with them over the fact they ain’t really put him on in a way that makes him stand out more.

  • Rick

    No way this dude gonna stay alive.

  • X

    Unbelievable. Terrible. Just fucking terrible.

  • greenlite616

    Same old song man he claims he’s bring the reality back to hip hop music but it’s out of touch with reality not everybody lives like that most people struggle to pay the bills and take of fam this shit is fake

  • TheRealMob

    this nigga is fucking garbage. you see how he answered the questions like he is a fucking g? get outta here. alley boy is holding yall niggas up and even he aint THAT nice. stop tryna be gangsta all the time and open up you clown. Dont know how XXL cosigned this dude

  • LB

    This Dude is wack. He flows like Young Dro Tryna Sound like Boosie and songs as wack a waka. Whos told him he sound like kanye? or Jayz? and he trying the 50 cen “start beef with everyone route” for publicity. XXL shoulda just kep the boy illinio

  • Dub

    “World Goes Round” is the only song from him I like tbh, I guess that’s the reality that he’s talking about. I agree though half the time he’s offbeat and the other half he ain’t really sayin shit different.

  • SoflyyAsh

    Well this many comments means you either love him or hate him but at least he garnered some comments. But I will tell you that he is making noise in the streets….Trouble Trouble!

  • onDtake

    dis shit lame af! He cant rap at all…just ATL slo rite now. ATL in trouble and nobody give a shit about Trouble gay ass…fake gangsta bitch boy

  • VeezyFromda3

    I could careless bout how late I am but yall fucks cant be talking bout the same Trouble Trouble I listening too. Real niggas support real niggas. “Its Time, Never Understand, Mob Shit, Bussin, all are classics. DTE is the mobb YYYYYUUUUUUURRRRDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!