The Break Presents: Openmic

Breakout: “Going Live”

Also Check: “Beautiful Rebellion”

And: “First Day of Summer”

Name: Openmic

Age: 21

Reppin’: The six fifteen, nashville10, lol…Nashville, TN

My style and/or skills have been compared to: Jay Electronica, Kanye West, Jazz, and Poetry

I started rapping: When I was 13 on the back of a bus. I hopped in a cypher and started out freestyling the older kids. Started recording at 17.

My standout moments/records have been: Opening up for the legend Talib Kweli and surprising every crowd I get in front of. People never see my skillset or stage presence coming so when they see me perform there’s always that shock value. My standout records are “Nonfiction,” “Can You Blame Him,” and “Rock and Roll” from my latest mixtape For The Rebels.

I’m gonna change the game by: Being consistent and naturally evolving as an artist. Nobody is truly different on purpose so the only way to be different is to be yourself. That’s what I plan to do.

I’d like to work with: Mos Def, Alvin Band, and Moruf

My goal in hip-hop is: To buy a jeep, tear the doors off, stick my foot out, and ride that junt like a skateboard lol

I’m going to be the next: Southern lyricist to be impactful to the culture. It’s rare to find emcees like myself who really study and try to be perfectionists lyrically. So I’m the next one to fill that space.

To check out more of my music you can go to: and Twitter (I’m always tweeting leaks and stuff so catch me there)

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  • Gracie

    Great to see a post about Open Mic on XXL! I am definitely pulling for this guy. For The Rebels was a great mixtape

  • Jordan Johnson

    L.O.D. 4 LIFE

  • T-Boye Doe

    This is showing that the South, definitely have lyricists !!!!

  • DJ TaCo

    BIG HOMIE!!! Do the damn thing then! -Boule

  • Desmon Preston

    L.O.D….. We show you betta than we can tell you!!!!

  • Kay Mac

    Love it!!! Go Openmic! For The Rebels, stays in rotation!!!
    Hold it down!!!

  • Troy Lambert

    Openmic repping for the rebels… keep doing yo thing man

  • Sham_Rock

    Yay!!! I’m soo proud!!!! Go You!!!!

  • Tahirah B. Stephens

    Ayyyyy!! Congrats my brother.. F.T.R all dayy baby lol…I’m sooo Proud of you…Continue to keep it G!!

  • Tim Geezy

    OpenMic is the truth! Spell and Mic putting their heads together to take over the game.

  • Cosmolovinit

    GOOOOOOOOO MIKE!!!! YOUR THE BOMB.COM.ORG.EDU S/O to Antione for shooting the video!!

  • Tman

    Shoutout to OpenMic… This dude is working… #Salute from the good folks over at @flymajor x @soloaltitude

  • Gab

    Man this is fuckin awesom bro! Keep grindin! We gon tear the doors off this bitch soon… Oh yeah.. I’m in Cancun lol

  • Openmic

    Much Love to everybody! …and Gab just stunted. lol

  • JohnnyK DaVigilante


  • Warren D. V

    Congrats OpenMic!! continue to be consistently your best self. One love bro!

  • OlFunkster

    Somebody always shows up with the answer. Tubman, King, Dubois, Malcom, Jesse, Obama

    It’s how we survived. They can’t stop it.

    Openmic gots answers. let it flow!!!!!!!!!!!!


    this kid is the truth. I have watched him grow from lil dude in the mix to solid stage ripper! Look out for big things coming from OPENMIC

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