The Break Presents: Layne Harper

Breakout: “Cafe Con Leche”

Also Check: “Don’t Hate Me”

And: “Hate Is The New Love” Trailer

Name: Layne Harper


Reppin’: Memphis, TN

My style and/or skills have been compared to: Layne Harper (‘paved my own lane to drive solo in’)

I started rapping: When I was five years young I began rapping but it wasn’t until my teenage years when I got more serious about my music. As I got older and my sons Xavier and Jaydon was born I became more serious about my music.

My standout records and/or moments have been: To be honest with you every record I’ve released has received a vast amount of support. I’ve received some critique from some but that just makes me work harder at pleasing them as well. A lot of people are so used to hearing typical artist so when they hear someone who actually has their own style or has something new to offer, they criticize instead of becoming familiarized with their new sound of music.

I’m gonna change the game by: Being myself as an artist and making relevant music. Not everyone out there can relate to going on shopping sprees and blowing money at the club the night before. A lot of us out there are really struggling and run to music for therapy. I release a lot of personal yet relatable records so the listener and I can be on the same page. I am not a gang member, drug dealer or thug, I am actually a proud father who works overtime to provide for my family and just want the listeners to respect my music for what it is. Don’t put me in a box because I’m not making music that you’re used to hearing, just appreciate that there are artist out there who is actually attempting on impacting the hip-hop world with positive music. I go by my government name Layne Harper for a reason, that’s so everything I write about displays who I am as a person. I will not settle for being the ordinary artist, I have a message that I’m trying to get across to the world.

My goal in hip-hop is: To become the voice for the people, all nationalities. I want to be that artist who dares to be different and is not afraid to take a stand for what I believe in. I want to become a household name artist, with doing so; I believe hip-hop will become better-rounded.

I’d like to work with: All artists out there from national to local artist. As long as they are passionate about their music then we have something we can build on.

I’m gonna be the next: Diversified artist to change the hip-hop game. I am a father first, artist second so with that being said I want to be a role model to my sons and then I want to be a role model to my fans out there.

To check out more of my music you can go to: My official site or Twitter

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  • Ch*l*z


  • geezxxl

    This shit is stupid as fuck. Your ‘Breaks’ have been whack…this is interchangeable with the other 730,000 rappers that have this sound. Errbody wants to be like Mr. West.

    Props for making music though. I mean…I can’t lol.

  • http://@J_Lizethdesigns Bronx

    OK This is a New style.. I’m sorry but if you think he’s lame you don’t know HOW TO ACKNOWLEDGE music !!! All you d**k riding niggas that be on T.I , 50, SOULJA BOY,Kanye and etc need to jump out the box and see that there’s more to music then money, cars and hoes !! He talks about more then that because there’s MORE TO LIFE ! (not saying there bad artist, but its always nice to listen to more then the typical). I Honestly Think Layne Harper has a different style of creativity and something the rap world would learn to like and appreciate. I’m really looking forward to hearing more.
    I wish you madd success homie !

  • Anthony

    Layne Harper is the definition of an artist. Someone that you and I can relate to, someone that we can actually look up to on a real life scale. While other rappers are so busy rapping about popping bottles in the club, driving million dollar cars, and killing each other off, here is an individual who spits the truth. I don’t know about any of you guys but i can afford to pop a bottle or two in a club but i know a lot of people in this world where one bottle pop is a week’s worth of work. And quite honestly that’s the type of stuff we don’t want to hear. We need a sound that refreshing and smooth. We should be able to relate to the artists pain, happiness, sadness. Layne Harper brings that to the mic, along with true hip-hop passion, something modern day rappers lack. We’ve been hypnotized to listen to the music on the radio, but its good to hear a new sound and break out of the box, and hear the true essence of hip-hop. He has a lot of support from people in the industry that have a real listening ear, open up your mind and listen to what they hear. Guaranteed you’ll hear that sound you’ve been searching for, the one that can tell a story about his life but it feels like yours. That in my opinion is what Layne Harper represents and brings for fans.

  • Gemini Twinz

    Layne Harper is the truth and the Future of hip-hop Music shout out to my boy, keep doing yo thing bro -Gemini Twinz-

    • did you mean GAYAMI TWATZ


      • SHANA

        How old are the people that comment on here? 12? I have been a XXL Reader since I was younger. Always would look to the magazines for the hot new artist (because there was no internet lol) and I still do the same. When I came on this page, I came with an open mind to give the artist a chance, even youtube-ed other videos of his and I have to say, this is something that is different and refreshing!

        One comment said he is on Kanye d**k…he already stated that he is like himself. I think its a compliment that you compared the guy to Kanye! I like that he isnt trying to be somehting that he is not. If he woulda came out talking about all of the nonsensical shit that is rapped about 97% of the time, yall would like him!

        What happened to REAL music that was TRUE and had MEANING?? I think this is the rebirth of it, honestly….

        XXL Reader

  • U like this shit. joking. Wow.

    I guess GAY is the new BLACK.
    Thit shits sucks harder than your retarded sister.
    People will listen to anything if you convince them that’s it’s cool. All you stupid muthas can keep this shit. Keep listening to Lame Herpes or whatever his name is.

  • Dee Lane

    To all people that say he is whack think about this. Have you heard all of his records? This not a one way one sound artist he got street hardcore records, something for the ladies, something for the older crowd, the younger crowd etc. he not making music for just the D Boys or ladies its for EVERYBODY! Do you know how hard it is to do that? and so far for him to be in this magazine and this article he doing a great job and getting noticed. So judge after you have heard ALL of the records and not just these few because its a record he got thats for you on deck.

  • Alize

    yo…i love the vibe he gives off…his music is appealing..its not your every day club banger but its not that whimsical sissy shit either…he talks about shit we go thru in life on a daily basis…love, life and the pursuit of happiness…and thats the trip he is on right now…tryna find his happiness…this is a family man just tryna make it so that his family can thrive…shame on yall for sittin behind ur computer criticizing someone when you cant even make music…fuck that lol

  • greenlite616

    I don’t like music thats all about money and hoes and clothes.But that don’t mean have like this, I’m really not feeling him and it’s not because of his subject matter because that was real but the production was not good and my man’s flow and delivery was not doing anything for me. Sorry tried to like but in the word of Common “If I don’t like I don’t like it, it don’t mean that I’m hating.

  • Johnson2547

    the people that seem to not have anything positive or constructive and non disrespectful feedback must get paid to hate cuz it seems like they doing it well and often. If it ain’t your taste, don’t put it in your mouth and keep it moving. This is a fresh sound like it or not.

    -Haters usually can’t do better themselves

  • Layne I Harper

    For all the haters, be careful on the words that comes out of your mouth abouth a blessed child of God. I am proud of his accomplishments in life. I have seen him grow up to be an independant ARTIST with a don’t quit attitude. I am proud that he is also a man of God who have much love for his two sons and fiancee. Keep up the good work son and remember, those that say good (bless) things about you WILL BE BLESSED, but those that say (curse) things about you will be cursed. Rev. Layne Harper

  • RJG7997

    i think his music is fresh, its different, something we can actually RELATE to, cause idk about everyone else, rapping about all the millions you have is cool and catchy but can these rappers rap about anything else? Big ups to you Layne, i can see you doing big things

  • asnaps

    Layne is one of the coolest people I have ever met. “Cafe Con Leche” is one of my favorites!



  • Keith

    I wanna congratulate my brother I’m proud of this dude. Spread loves is the Brooklyn Way stop hating and congratulate. Hate is the new Love let’s go get the paper Layne I’m wit you my dude

  • HIPhopHEAD

    Layne Harper’s the #TRUTH!