The Break Presents: Hollywood FLOSS

Break: “Take Notice”

Also Check: “My Thoughts”

And: “Dream Killer 2.0″ featuring Laws

Name: Hollywood FLOSS

Age: 27

Reppin’: Houston, Texas

My style and/or skills have been compared to: My style is very diverse, down south mixed with east coast influence. I have been called a southern Lupe Fiasco. Fun music with a message!

I started rapping: I’ve always rapped for fun, but 2008 is what I consider me taking it serious and releasing projects that I am proud of (House of Dreams and Art of Fiscal Intelligence). I produce, as well.

My standout records and/or moments have been: My personal favorite records that I have received recognition for are “She A Dime,” “When The Worlds Against You,” and “She Said.” And it might not mean much to some, but being in XXL and The Source has been a dream since reading both magazines as a kid.

I’m gonna change the game by: I don’t think you can necessarily change the game, but you can help improve it. I want to bring back hard work, creativity, and being yourself! I think what made the golden era a great time in music was the fact that you could differentiate the talent. DJ Quik didn’t sound like Public Enemy, Nas, or A Tribe Called Quest; there was individuality! So many of the new artists are blending together and it’s the same sounding music coming out, so fans don’t invest in them.

My goal in hip-hop is: My goal is not just hip-hop but to make music in general! I don’t want to ever put myself in a box or be afraid to grow with my music. I definitely want to make a career in music and tour for the rest of my life.

I’d like to work with: The Neptunes, Sean Price, Cee Lo, Lupe Fiasco, The Cataracs, Murs, Gwen Stefani, Mos Def … I’m willing to work with whoever wants to make great music.

I’m gonna be the next: Hollywood FLOSS. The one and only. But to be fair, I’d love to use music to move into acting and fashion eventually like Andre 3000.

To check out more of my music you can go to: Twitter, my site, or bandcamp.

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  • gilbert

    HOLLYWOOD! Showin’ love from H-Town mane.

  • Ryan Rayford

    thats the homie right there! i’m proud of this dude’s work ethic man, he stays on his grind. GREAT LOOK for Houston.

    #elite and out!

  • Devi

    Floss is one of my favorite up and comers, always on the grind and makes quality music. great representation for Houston!

  • Nick Cicero

    Hollywood Floss is the next to blow. I was privilaged to give him one of his first blog interviews many years ago, and I can’t believe he’s here on Props HW!

  • Sama’an

    One of the most talented, humble, dedicated, hard-working MCs coming out of Houston. Great to see him getting good press!

  • Justin R.

    This dude is getting a lot of much deserved recognition lately from the blogs and now XXL. Just dopeness. Not the typical Texas rapper. Has his own swag and the lyricism is wild. Respect.

  • d

    What I like about Floss is how he doesn’t sound like the typical southern rapper.. very original style. Humble dude too, and it’s sick to see him on XXL!

  • CIPH$


  • Walt November

    Every time I see this guy he inspires me to do better, and to keep doing me when all others say you should sound like him, or you should sound like him. Way to be true to self Floss! Proud to be called #ELITE keep pressing forward the sky is the limit off the ground we suspended!


  • Chuck

    Hell Yeah! Hollywood FLOSS. Intelligent, innovative, talented and humble. Without a doubt one of the best new artists out of the H.

  • T. Piper

    Floss is a talented emcee with drive to rep the H proper

  • Drew

    As usual Houstons Best kept secret is revealed. SHout out to the homey Floss.

  • Drew

    H Town STAND UP. Houston’s bes kept secret.

  • Jerry

    This is Too Dope! the big homie hollywood is doin his thing and its about time artist like this get recognition. Good Questions with better answers.. real hip hop. always reppin houston to the fullest. only hope it progresses.

  • David Wright

    one his first fans and certainly not going to be the last. Keep working floss

  • That Purple Bastard

    Very talented dude, a unique voice in Houston’s scene. A hard worker who always shows love.

  • D-Risha

    Im telling you what Hollywood Floss is hands down the hardest working underground artist in Houston and i’ve learned alot from from him and whole heartedly support anything he does because he is the most humble as well don’t sleep yall!!!

  • Alibi Rank

    FLOSS is our spokesman for the underground. Keep it up for the real artists FLOSS

  • Cyclops

    This is a great look. Congrats!

  • SPAZ

    good shit homie! congrats on the hard work

  • EDF

    I could hear this guy on some Neptunes production. Great artist, thanks for putting on for Houston.

  • David Stunts

    dope…#keep grinding

  • Judah

    Don’t miss this music, such a great talent with actual quality music. Ah so freakin good I just love me some Hollywood FLOSS. His album, House of Dreams, is on iTunes, and it’s definitely worth the money.

  • Duppy Dude

    okay…I get it. XXL has become tired & lazy & are now throwing out random shine.

  • B

    FLOSS is doin it for the H, Hes definatly goin somewhere!!!

  • Hugo

    Not just real Houston street talent but real Hip-Hop talent! Keep up the good work FLOSS!

  • rod vonn

    tight! that’s my nig-a-ro