7 Female MCs You Need to Know

Nina B

Brooklyn stand up for a BK native. Lenny S had her on his screen in his office so I took a look and she got some flavor.We need some more NY M.C’s to come hard to the plate. Let’s be on the look out for her.

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  • Don mcCaine

    Did I see Rapsody on this? that’s what’s up Sha…

    @ JeanGrae

    put that bottle down ma…this was a blatant omission on your part…

  • EmCDL

    Good to see some female cipher competition…and these ladies are calming to the eye as well. Homegirl Nitty got a sick flow with hers.

  • Worley


    • XYZya

      Remy is dope when she comin home? She still married to Papoose?

  • http://www.hiphopislife.blogspot.com The Analyzt

    Yo, Nitty kinda nice and I don’t know if Jackie O can flow, but damn she got a fat azz. I will definitely be keeping an I out for these ladies

  • capicuuu

    jean grae would eat them all up….xxl losing it yet again.

  • Impulse

    At first i thought the point of this was to showcase new up and coming female rappers not too many people knew of, but then i remember seeing Jacky-O. Y’all fuckin up for not putting Remy Ma or atleast Jean Grae in there.

  • WTF

    Dallas,Tx femcee LADY THUG is missing from the list she has this mixtape titled Hood Glamorous the girl is on FIRE! She hood wit it southern hip hop swag BEAUTIFUL gurl and she will give nicki a run for her money this gurl has REAL talent.

  • that nigga

    Lady Luck. Cant wait for Remy Ma to come home either.

  • beaver

    where da fuck is Jean Grae though??

    xxl fails.

  • m

    No jean grae ? Invincible ? Boog brown ? good try though

  • clafrica

    no jean grae….and NICKI MINAJ is on the list??!!!
    fuckouttahere man

  • http://djundergroundatl.com DJ UnderGround

    NO JEAN GRAE OR BOOG BROWN?! GTFOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Teddy

    Jean Grae is an established artist. Putting her on would be like putting MC Light or Queen Latifa on. I mean they been around. Now why Jackie O of all people is on there I have no idea. She been out. She had her chance. But this list is whack anyway. Besides Nitty Scott, Mae Day, and Rapsody this list was an utter failure.

    Everybody else was either a Model turned rapper or a rapper that depends on their looks to sell records.

    Where is Marz LoveJoy? Where is Nikki Lynette? Come on now XXL quite slippin.

    Dont tell us to look out for whack emcees if they are already gonna come out and produce shitty songs we wont listen to.

  • Savage

    wat bout shory that fucks wit black wallstreet, kanary diamonds

  • Don mcCaine

    mc LYTE fam…

    “…and wanna take time to mention the ones that have reached my radar and possible Def Jam material…”

    ^ I’m not blaming Sha for leaving Jean off, but her people could’ve seen if they could get a p&d out of him…

  • http://www.ahmedhoke.com/ Hunnit Thousand Seminar


    That Jackie O pic gotta be photoshopped. Smack that.

  • Huh?????

    No Amil? Khia? Lady May? Heidi Montag? Fuck yall.

  • Mark

    good shit.

  • Mark

    Jean Grae should of been on the list.

  • purple kush

    If this list was made for true undaground female artists why i only see a couple? Check out LADY THUG she a undaground Texas spittah she got BARS and she THICK and FINE as HELL!!!!

  • ALEX

    yo wheres marz lovejoy wtf!

  • http://www.oldtothenew.wordpress.com Ryan Proctor

    no mention of canada’s eternia who dropped one of last year’s best albums “at last” on fat beats with moss behind the boards – sites like xxl really need to start stepping up their coverage to truly reflect the variety of hip-hop that’s out there today…

  • lunarblackstar

    really really no jean grae wtf shes been the best underground female mc for years now whenever i hear her and 9th wonder make some fire i get inspired because she spits some of the reals rhymes a feamale mc has ever said get it together xxl


    Two chicks I figured would get more shine that I thought was dope from the days of old was Queen Pen and Facemobs 350, both had some dope guest verses on songs.

  • http://www.7545photography.com 7545 Photographer

    No Jean Grae no Rah Digga? Jackie O? man please at least they goy Rapsody right. This is a travesty to real Hip-Hop. I guess its a good thing they were not on a list headed off by a discussion of Nikki Minaj

  • Lord Romanov

    No Jean Grae = Fail. What is she invisible?

  • Ben

    Mae Day is amazing.

  • http://www.dlabrie.com DLabrie

    hasnt she already been out before. she’s not new

  • http://www.ABGRAFFIX.net KaLease Garrett

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  • Infamous Tray

    Im feeling her ummmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  • timebomb

    yall should go to youtube and search “Big phella dec”

    He from detroit and he cold!

    I think he should be on here

  • KoolBody

    NO Iyadonna ?? You haven’t heard RESPECT yet with the Jiggaman sample???… Rocwilda said that she’s the truth, she’s a dual threat, and a straight hit maker without being corny like most of these jones you got up here. Wake up

  • Confused

    Where’s Anyah Monroe??? This list cant be complete with out her! If your not in the know Shy, that’s homegirl from Brooklyn that was featured on Irv Gotti’s VH1 Show “Gotti’s Way”. She was rapping with the kid Newz in that cypher…which reminds me…..Where is Newz?????????

  • http://ketchup-plz.com Sleaze

    Where’s the love for VA?? we got Audra The Rapper, Ms. Proper, Elle Maxwell, Destiny Da Chef, RA the MC, etc. Show the DMVA some love yo!!

  • bih

    These fems are hot but you guys should be checking for a westcoast female named Phia La’mour she is the truth!

  • http://www.topfemalemcs.com Top Female MC’s

    Wow. Ms Grae. I slept on her and I have to give her props. That girl Nitty is the truth also.