Show & Prove:
TMI Boyz

Reppin’: Galvenston & Houston, TX
While many new rap crews seem to be hustlin’ backwards, the TMI Boyz are looking straight ahead. The Texas trio saw their incessant grind pay off this past spring when their Mannie Fresh–produced single “I’m Fresh” landed on the Billboard rap singles chart and the song’s video debuted on BET’s 106 & Park.

“That was the biggest thing I ever done in my life,” says 25-year-old Steve “Sayeed” Smith, one-third of the TMI Boyz (which stands for Track Music Incorporated). Sayeed, along with Timothy “Huskey” Allen, 22, and Dectric “Dudella” Fisher, 26, started rapping in junior high school as soloists, before eventually coming together as a group in ’05 under Mario Henchmen (brother of Czar Entertainment CEO James Rosemond), TMI label CEO Lil C and Rap Coalition founder Wendy Day. “They liked how we sounded and figured we’d be a bigger force together,” explains Huskey.

Two years ago, the TMI Boyz dropped their first mixtape, Track Music Inc. Vol. 1, which was followed by Stop Dry Snitchin’ in 2006. TMI’s growing buzz landed them a spot on rapper Chingo Bling’s Texas tour, taking the group from their hometowns of Galveston and Houston to neighboring cities like San Antonio and Dallas. Next, the Boyz reached out to Mannie Fresh and created their high-energy, narcissistic anthem. It wasn’t long before major labels started reaching out, but the Boyz refused to answer. “Everybody and their mama—from Def Jam to the whole Universal—is tryna give us a situation,” says Huskey. “But if you ain’t gonna cut the check, we gonna keep it pushin’.” TMI’s second single, “Swervin’,” with its catchy kiddie hook and ice-cream-truck-inspired track, was just the push the group needed. Paying homage to Texas’ storied car culture, the song scored the Boyz their first No. 1 Billboard hit this past September.

With their debut, Grindin’ for a Purpose, released in late November on TMI/Goldtone Entertainment, TMI aim to prove that they got that work. “I was on the streets pullin’ all-nighters on the corner three days straight,” says Dudella. “You gotta apply the same mentality to music.” Spoken like a true hustler.—ROB MARKMAN

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  • who cares

    niggas is trash and fake and sad
    jus kiddin them boyz been grindin 4 a sec keep doin ya thang ya dig

  • L@@K @ ME!!!

    Good God if these cornbread fead Bama’s aren’t the greasest, corniest, talent-show looking Jigs I’ve seen in a looooooong time!

    …Damn, they must just be handing out record deals nowadays!

    Enjoy your 15 minutes Boys…it won’t be lasting!



    Yeah, look at the one in the back…Somebody feed him ’cause he’s look’n hungry ~ Hilarious!

    • Texas lou

      Get it together errbody Texas still going strong hate comes from jealousy and envy they must be doing something right if they in the magazine in the first place Quit hating the South……..

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    Yeah the Souf is full of downsyndrome looking Jigs like these clowns…Highschool drop out looking retards!

    What yall rap about TMI Boys?

    “Pussy and Bitches, cars and money ‘n shit…You know real shit! We real Niggas!”

    Oh good, some real COONISH stuff huh?

    “Oh yeah, Fo’ sho’…that’s why we got da deal!”

    Oh good, so now you guys can embarress the Black race and set them back even further.

    “Fo’ Sho’ Dawg! We got next in the game!”

    • t flowaz

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  • G-Boy

    Wait…is their album out yet???

  • Mr.Wang

    Who the hell are these dudes anyway? They must be pretty important down in Texas cause I don’t know em.



  • shuang

    tmi boyz will be as highly influencial in hip hop as…. the shop boyz and d4l

  • K.A.- Atypikal Ent./Marketing

    I’ve got a rep. out in texas right now promoting these dudes (we’re from ATL)- i like what i’ve heard so far… get to work Klockwork! lol.

    Atypikal Ent./Marketing

  • EastCoast Flow

    I’m up in New York and I’ve been hearing alot about these guys…that kid Sayeed is a real lyricist. Yall other kats on this blog need to grow the hell up and get on the train or you will be left behind…hiphop is coming back to orgin form and with kats like Lupe,Common, and TMI Boyz gettin radio play this only proves my law…so why yall talkin like yall really out getting money and hating on shit you’ve never even heard, “its only so long fake thugs can pretend”…welcome to a new world cause a 100 stacks aint shit anymore GROW THE HELL UP! p.s. real thugs and real gangsters dont have time to sit around on blogs all day hating…so what tha fuck are yall. Peace and many Blessing.

  • Razormack

    Much Luv from Little Rock, Arkansas

  • Ronnie Run

    Do yo thang fellas fuck all these haters for real!

  • Old School Willie

    These cats is straight garbage. You guys don’t even have a clue huh? Who’s your A&R? This is an example how something so good goes so bad when the industry saturates our minds with anything? I suggest you cats get a day job!

  • Cali”co”