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Fly.Union Don’t Live Up To Expectations On ‘Small Victories’

Soulful sonic waves and intoxicating drums flourish throughout Fly.Union's sophomore effort, Small Victories. Consisting of rappers/producers Iyeball, Jayswifa and MC Jerreau, the Columbus, OH natives continue their odyssey in becoming hip-hop's unstoppable trio. Small Victories feels like a continuation of their 2011 debut, The Greater Than Club , ­to a certain degree. The beats are well-done as they range from Kanye-esque to downtempo/trip-hop with heavy reverb on snares plus lasers zaps that create an ethereal atmosphere. Iyeball and Jayswifa work well as a team, bringing an outer worldly feel to the entire LP. While the production played its part, Small Victories falls ...

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