In 2013, Curren$y was on a tear, releasing five projects, which included a slew of EPs, one full length mixtape in New Jet City, and the 20-minute Jetflix documentary. Continuing to think outside the box and carve his own lane, the Jet Life head honcho collaborated with BitTorrent for the Jet Life BitTorrent bundle. "Music fans have changed in recent years. New material has a shorter shelf life, and fans have a shorter attention span,” states Jet Life manager Mousa Hamdan in a press release for the project. “You have to keep coming out with new music and new content to keep them coming back.” Continuing to cater to his Lifers, Spitta released his first tape of 2014, The Drive In Theatre.

A drive in theatre is a large source of entertainment that many pull up to to view from the privacy and comfort of automobile. Curren$y’s music in this case is the show that all fans are enjoying, and this may be one of his best masterpieces. Spitta utilizes his karate flow to mesmerize the audience verse after verse. The subject matter may not be groundbreaking, but the execution of each track in regards to song formation is spot on.

Action Bronson, Trademark, B-Real, Fiend, Freddie Gibbs, LE$, Smoke Dza and Young Roddy all pull into the Drive In Theatre to enlist their services on the tape. Bronsolino cooks up a great verse on "Godfather 4" delivering bars like “Yeah, It me, two tons of copper wire from the construction sites / A rack of minks, pure gold Iraqi links / Rims spin like spaghetti on the pasta fork / Billy Crystal kissed my cheek before the Oscars / He said 'It was my pleasure' I said 'Don’t touch my leather' / then I hopped on a flight to Denver.” Gangsta Gibbs makes his first appearance alongside Spitta since "“Tell A Friend" on their new song titled "Grew Up In This." The Gary, IN. native pulls you into his world with bars like, "I drive every car that you dream about / And every bitch that you wishin' for leave her leaking out / Fresh out of that place like they scared to see what they read about / It ain’t no sleep on Virginia street when them niggas outside / Walk servin' the walking dead / Gotta meet me up the block cus my mama stay on my head / Tellin' me to go get a job but I’m choppin the rock instead / If I make it up to the top will I pop and jump off the ledge." No collaborations seemed forced and all fit organically with the project.

In regards to production, Curren$y brings in a lot of familiar faces to cook up some gems for the tape. Thelonious Martin, who many know from Curren$y and Young Roddy’s 3 Piece Set: A Closed Session EP, handles the bulk of the sounds, producing seven songs on the project. One of his standouts, "M.P.R.," utilizes guitar and piano keys as his weapons of war for the beat. The dynamic duo of Cookin Soul show great synergy with Spitta on "Stove Top," combining a sultry sax and timely snare snaps. Fellow New Orleans native Nesby Phips distributes a gem with his production on “Godfather 4.” The violins, trumpets and drums sounds make one feel as if they are listening to an orchestra.

Curren$y glides through the project The Drive In Theatre with ease. The smooth production, strong collaborations and clever lyrics by Spitta here make it a fan favorite in the vast music collection of the former XXL Freshman. Sit back and enjoy the show.—Christian Mordi