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Mixtape Review: Lil B, P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thug)

For those who aren’t already devout followers of The Based God, dipping your toes into the world of Lil B’s music can be a challenging undertaking. What’s the right entry point? Are you supposed to download every new tape? Are you supposed to listen to all 30 songs on the mixtape? With such an overwhelming amount of releases, it’s easy for the good stuff to go unnoticed and slip between the cracks. His latest effort, last month’s P.Y.T., happens to be quite possibly his best since 2011’s Illusions of Grandeur, though it’s impact felt like just about every other Lil B mixtape release.

In terms of subject matter, P.Y.T. is loaded with variety, to the extent that it’s almost baffling. There’s love songs like “Marry Me”, where a half-crooning, half-talking Lil B endearingly singing “Now baby come hold my hand/ I wanna be your man, I wanna see you every night/ I’ve been waiting all my life…I love you to the moon and the stars/Don’t change who you are.” Then there’s records like “Alota Bitches”, a bouncy player’s anthem with a chorus assuring listeners B would never, in his wildest dreams, “cuff” or “love the bitch”. Even some of the harder to digest songs like “Keith Sweat” hold entertainment value in head-scratching thoughts like “Girls in Florida, number one supporters/Bitch kiss my ass cause I look like a lawyer.” Regardless of the disparate sounds and contradicting messages, Lil B’s able to execute his songs in ways that are sincere and relatable.

His sonic elasticity is demonstrated throughout, cruising through the clean and soulful “Emotional Player” directly into the disjointed and brash “510 Ratchet”, an ode to girls who behave as if they’re perpetually starring in Spring Breakers. A quick basketball analogy would be to say that Lil B is similar to J.R. Smith of the New York Knicks – and that’s not even taking into consideration a mutual love for throat and neck tattoos. Like Smith, Lil B can be enigmatically hard to pin down, and at times might seem more like an unfiltered mess than a serious talent. But like Smith, Lil B thrives when he’s able to channel his many emotions into spurts of concentrated, gripping and convincing performances. For J.R. Smith that’s a stellar stretch in a basketball game, or perhaps a game winning shot. For Lil B, it’s a release like P.Y.T., which oozes with records that seem to tactfully convey every possible thought, dream and emotion Lil B could have felt while recording this.

Together, P.Y.T.’s collection of themes, feelings, beats and rhymes don’t just make up another Lil B mixtape, but one of his finest. It’s worthy of a download, but more importantly, it’s deserving of a resounding #ThankYouBasedGod from us all. —@WavyDaveWilliam

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  • an

    You scored this higher than Wolf that’s pathetic

  • wat

    You’ve got to be kidding. “@WavyDaveWilliam,” you sir, are an idiot.

  • Emily Meyer

    keep em coming @wavydavewilliam

  • Solomon Goldberg

    nailed it

  • NorthBest

    @an Basedgod is just as lyrical as tyler and the beats on this tape were fucking bangers. so i agree with

  • http://twitter.com/BASEDPancakes Mr.Crum The Basedgod

    Tyler speaks bullshit ut he has alot of dick riders so to even say anything about him just proves my point #BASED

  • Guest

    This website is terrible. Did ya’ll really give this lame XXL. I’m never coming back. Believe That. #Peace

    • Hannya

      Um….it clearly says the score is an XL, not a XXL.

  • fuck xxl

    why did XXL take down the review of IANAHB 2 by Lil Wayne? It got a M just so everyone knows. It was up for like 2 hours last week now it is gone. Did YMCMB complain or something? ya’ll are fucking fake jouranilists. give LIl b an Xl but tyler an L on his best fucking work? take down a bad album review cause you guys are fucking pussies?

    • JW

      Man Ive been checking the site bc I hadn’t seen the review. Thought xxl hadn’t reviewed it yet. If they took it down bc of YM, thats sad.

      • http://twitter.com/massconglom MassConglom

        Look up the IANAHB review on the XXL mobile site. Review was done by Dan Buyanovsky, and he was going in on that album and why it sucked.

    • wow

      They took the TYGA review down too! WOW XXL.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Keith-Anderson/100001167841893 Keith Anderson

    I love the basedgod before there was a odd future i was bumping lil b.. OF is fans of lil B the basedgod. So i am proud that XXL Finally pulled their heads out of each others asses and gave the basedgod some respect. Now do i feel they only gave this a XL to try to justify them giving wolf a low score. FUCK Yeah i do.. the wolf review was just yesterday and P.Y.T was out before wolf and now they are finally throwing it a review. Ether way big ups this tape was good too.

  • http://twitter.com/DreDaDon_ Black Gambino

    Lil B rambled like a fuckin idiot over beats that aren’t even his and you give this a fuckin XL but Tyler raps about his Grandma dying and speaks about things people can relate to and you give it a L im not even a OF stan but XXL has no credibilty

  • http://twitter.com/DreDaDon_ Black Gambino

    Rusty alone gets a XL other albums have been disrespected as well fuck XXL

  • http://twitter.com/_lbf lbf

    check out Complex Hate Crimes, produced by me.

  • NMB is Shit

    This reviewer is a dumbass – He gave Papoose’s album an L but gave this trash an XL.


    • http://twitter.com/Flowonthetrack Jhavôn

      Papoose? Really? Irrelevant.

      • Bray

        You shouldn’t have to be relevant to get a good rate.

  • RedLion

    How the hell did this score higher than Wolf? Really?……

  • SS87

    There are quite a few very good beat on here. Lil’ B’s rapping though is pure garbage

  • RealMCS

    This is no longer a respectable publication. lil b xl. Cmon son get the fuck out of here with this BULLSHIT

  • krossoverking

    Nine to five cool. Titty bar cool.