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Lloyd Banks, V6: The Gift

“The Punchline King.” It’s the self-proclaimed title that Lloyd Banks has rocked for years now. With his brand new mixtape, V6: The Gift, Banks proves that he’s probably best fit to wear the crown. That’s because the set sees Banks rumbling through respectable production from the likes of Beat Butcher, Cardiak and Doe Pesci with plenty of hard-hitting punchlines, nimble flows and dizzying wordplay alongside the carefully-chosen lyrical likes of Fabolous, Jadakiss, ScHoolboy Q, Young Chris and Vado.

Banks runs out of his corner like a prized-fighter throwing jabs, hooks and of course knock-out punches. The G-Unit star is totally in his element on tracks like “City of Sin” featuring Young Chris, “We Run The Town” with Vado and “The Sprint,” the last of which has him offering lines like: “Menage in Venezuela, hope DR is even realer/Turn the bedroom into the ER when I drill her/Highlights like an athlete, I need clips/Everything take a backseat to V6!” and, “I’m always kitted, this time I overdid it/Too hard to hold a blizzard, throw dough off the pivot (Uh)/My flow’s frigid, yeah this is my frozen style/Banks bend bars like the Golden child.

Later, there’s a welcomed change of pace, as Banks gets introspective alongside Jadakiss on “Chosen Few,” rhyming about his late father. “I lost my pops October it made me colder, no longer being able to stand shoulder to shoulder/You know when it’s over, no rewind, no controller, no degree, no diploma/Just the heart of a soldier.”

Aside Fabolous rhyme slinging with more horsepower and getting the best of him on “Bring It Back,” Banks’ V6 is super-charged and indeed a gift to listeners. —Mark Lelinwalla

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  • http://www.rapalotrecords.com jAmEs pRiNcE

    When will these websites stop posting bullshit rappers…another rapper from Alabama that’s trying to be something that he is not… Support the real artist in that region i.e G-Side,CP(the rapper not producer), Tam Tam, Po Boi, Mike White Da Beholder and da list goes on and on…Oh can’t forget Rudi Da Ville and Mic Strange…I mean for real stand up folks….Shout out to Big Boi Talk… I fuck with real niggers that can really rap and have a story….Where is the substance here???? that rap shit is so fucked up now…..I’m not even a blogger but come on folks this shit is garbage… pluS he old…Get Da fuck outta here….gb FOR LIFE

    • need2mohands2give4thumbsdown

      wait a minute…a chinese trapper????!!! ahahahahahahahahaha fug outta here! “welcome to the china club! a china chong chine!” lol my 8 yr old nephew would rob this dude please tell me this is a comedy album

      • Darkman X Undisputed

        Man shut yo cornball, racist azz up U orange-flavored muthaphucka! U need mo hands to hold a dick up 2 yo mouth bitch!

        • need2mohands2give4thumbsdown

          you must be a chank too. take dat fried cat out ya mouf faggot

    • Asspaste

      I like how you said a buch of shit rappers that nobody’s heard of are better than a rapper from a semi-popular and very artistic group. He didn’t just come out of Alabama he’s been making music for a couple of years now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lqent L.Q.

    Did this dude really say “real niggers”? Yea your opinion definitely doesn’t matter now.

  • therealist

    50s an idiot v6 was downloaded twice as much as the lost tape. 50 got rich and stopped tryin

    • Marcus

      i think you will find it was the other way round and lost tape was downloaded more

  • Brand-New

    musically speaking, 50 has become pretty much irrelevant and i think he might be a lil salty towards Banks for that reason.

    • Tru Talk

      Everyone loves Banks and everyone knows he is one of the best Mc’s around but your an idiot if you don’t think he would be any bigger if he actually grinded harder. 50 just want him to reach his full potential. If Banks is just gonna make mix tapes, then he will never reach his peak. You have to shoot videos, do shows, do big features, do interviews and actually promote your shit.. Everything I just listed, Banks does not do. I will alway buy and download Banks shit cause he’s dope, but he has to put more work in if he wants to get to the level that he deserves. #REALSHIT

  • http://none geeezy

    50s a dumb fuck if he thinks the black hippys arent gonna last long. theyre the future of hip hop


    Damn, someone please tell 50 to chill out on the use of “ACTUAL” and “ACTUALLY”.

  • Hello

    You’d think with all those health scares and near death experiences he’d stop all that unnecessary trash talking. He’s bringing bad Karma on himself.

  • Marcus

    I love Domo & Alchemist… but in No Idols I think the beats are too loud. Covers their voices sometimes.

  • http://www.citigist.blogspot.com CitiGist

    50 Cent has said it already “Get Rich or Die Tryin” and he is trying hard to keep his riches before it all disappear.