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Dom Kennedy, Yellow Album

The summer is here, and with that comes care-free rap anthems to divulge in as we soak in the rays from the sun. Leimert Park representative Dom Kennedy looks to start off the summer right with his new mixtape, Yellow Album.

Dom successfully creates a set that allows him to project his talents best while capturing the essence of summer. Production wise, this mixtape is full of BBQ bangers that will ring out of stereos all season, as the California native enlists a class of rising beatsmiths in THC, Chase N. Cashe and more. Early on, “Been Thuggin,” produced by rap group Fly Union, breathes life into the tape, and soon “Girls On Stage” offers the smooth, mellow sound that typically allows DK to create his best work.

Dom has found his comfort zone lyrically, and effortlessly creates tracks that allow the listeners to get a better feel of the Cali native personally. His stoic demeanor shines brightest on cuts like “We Ballin,” alongside Compton native Kendrick Lamar. Dom brings along Maybach Music head honcho Rick Ross to create a track that is the epitome of his unique brand of Left Coast Cool on “Gold Alpinas.”

Conceptually, the project showcases Kennedy’s many ways to show love to the ladies. He carefully chooses artists to collaborate with that that will kick solid verses while not straying from the theme of the project, exemplified by Too $hort on “Don’t Call Me.” Even so, the project does have its dull moments and, at times, it can leave fans seeking for a wider range of subject matter to give more substance to the mixtape. Nonetheless, the self-proclaimed Leimert Park Legend whips up a project that will be welcomed with open arms by his fanbase.

Yellow Album showcases Dom Kennedy’s laid back, yet still engaging flow. Though it’s not his strongest work to date, the release again reminds that Dom Kennedy has what it takes to make him an ambassador for the New West movement. —Christian Mordi (@Mordi_TheComeUp)

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  • rozay

    Deserves XL.


    this album deserved an XL true its not Dom’s best work but his intro to My type of party, using a sample from soul train was genius, kanye type genius, he proved himself as a acclaimed artist with the features he got and P + H is one of his best to date his originality should have been XL if anything.

    • Hannya

      Co-sign 100 percent!! I don’t take XXL’s reviews seriously anymore. Especially after they gave The Stoned Immaculate an L.

      • Jetsatyaneck

        Thats whats the fucc i saying. This and stoned immaculate both deserve better ratings. This Yellow album is stright up classic.

  • ROBD916

    fuk that should be XL, shit slapped

  • jfl11

    Tell you what. I never comment on this sight.. y’all have been falling off for a minute now.. but this one man. Shit is way better than most of the shit you be XL’ing every week. Every young money release gets an XL, this shit is so much nicer. Ridiculous. Not that I give a fuck tho.. don’t get that shit confused

  • I am the MAN

    It deserved an L. The beats were on point. The verses were not that good and the hooks were terrible. He could’ve done much better.

    • al;sjdf

      i agree and i’ve been a dom fan for a while. this really is an L, it’s just that xxl always inflates other mixtape ratings so y’all do have a right to be mad about that but I think that’s political. his flow was lazy. beats were pretty good tho. substance was lacking. he repeated a lot of lines. anything that reminds me of mike jones shouldn’t get more than an L in my opinion. but dom’s swagger on the mic can’t be knocked.

  • King Chandler

    I didn’t like this tape at all. Dom’s flow was so boring on this. I felt like he could have made a 4 minute track using 8 bars. Usually I fuck with the laid back shit but this shit almost put me to sleep.

  • Dynomutt

    I’ve been fucking with Dom for a minute. I thought the Yellow Album was well worth the wait. I would have gave it an XL but I guess i’m not a journalist.

  • shaq5565

    the yellow album isnt his best but it is still better than waka flocka shit and that mmg bullshit.. how did his originality get a fuckin L… name one person that does what dom does, you fell the fuck off XL… industry niggas get a XL while great music like Curren$y and Dom Kennedy get a L.

  • mykey

    @djmostdope they bit that soul train sample from big krits “2t000 & beyond” its not exactly the same one but close. i really like the yellow album with that being said

  • rexx

    I’ve been a Dom K fan for a good while and truth is that “Yellow Album” was not his best work. I am kind of disappointed because Westside With Love 2 was amazing. But that was a year ago. I expected much more from Dom. He had a whole year to work on this. Still a good mixtape though…I like it

  • http://Xxl Comptonrida

    Man they smokin roccs!! this is killin waka shiit! smh

  • 804boy

    Dom did his thing with the yellow album, i’m agitated it only got an L definitely deserved an XL.

  • collin

    Some people get it some people don’t. If your into cars money and bitches in every single song then this one will probably go over your head. Music for some is just entertainment… i’m looking to be inspired. Still rockin this MT deep into summer 2012.
    Lupe if you care enough to read these articles/comments thank you.
    Don’t ever stop.