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Curren$y, The Stoned Immaculate

It’s the Curren$y album that Warner Bros. always dreamed of. High profile features from 2 Chainz, Wale, and Wiz Khalifa. Pharrell and J.U.S.T.I.C.E League behind the boards. Warm, inviting hooks from crooners Estelle and Marsha Ambrosius in place of a repetitive, moaning, Spitta (“Michael Knight, Michael Knight, etc.”). Groomed and manicured records which clock in at 4 minutes in length as opposed to your traditional 2 ½ minute Curren$y song. It’s all here. So what does it all add up to? Curren$y’s magnum opus, or the “sellout” Spitta album? Maybe somewhere in between.

The Stoned Immaculate leads off with the LP’s underwhelming first single, “What It Look Like,” where MMG’s obnoxious second banana, Wale, stops by for a cameo of mediocrity. A fluttering harp courtesy of BINK! traps Spitta in the Wale vortex, leading him to abandon his sense of humor and keen sense of observation for dull show off rap.

Spitta finds his comfort zone a few tracks later on the “Showroom” with passing references to iconic cinema (“Can’t violate the jet code without penalty/Even family let go, Fredo you killin’ me,”) and clever nods to his prolific catalog (“I work hard, got bloggers thinking that there’s 10 of me, dropping record after record like them bitches slippery”). It’s a gem of a backdrop from Cardo, a melodic flute crossed with reverberating helicopter chops that make a welcoming home for Spitta’s sedated flow. Other standouts include “Chasin’ Paper,” and “That’s The Thing.” On the former, an auto tuned Pharell sings to the melody of The Five Stairsteps “O-o-h Child,” and “That’s The Sing,” sees the N.O. native take on a love song alongside Grammy winning R&B songstress Estelle.

The problem with The Stoned Immaculate isn’t that Curren$y couldn’t do  a “mainstream” hip-hop album successfully. He can, and he does so here. It works just fine and follows the blueprint of most major label projects today. The thing is that, in doing so, Curren$y loses some of the magic that makes him a true original. Creatively, this album doesn’t reach the levels of works like Covert Coup or the Pilot Talk series. Having said that, The Stoned Immaculate will likely end up being Spitta’s most commercially successful release to date, a combination of the momentum he’s built and the impressive list of names associated with the project. And perhaps that’s what Curren$y (and Warner Bros.?) were looking for. They even marketed the release as his “debut album,” with Spitta following suit and calling The Stoned Immaculate his first “real” album. Longtime fans will know better. —Neil Martinez-Belkin (@Neil_MB)

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  • pimpnastyfunk.

    No, they marketed it as his major label debut album, which is a true statement.

    • pimpnastyfunk.

      I also think that spitta said this was his first real album for warner.

  • NorthBest

    Fuckin Bums didnt even put a rating on it…. shitty review

  • 504yeyylyfe

    feel dat Spitta put paid his dudes wen everybody told him he woulent make he took it in ran with it Jetlife 2 the next life shout out 2 Trademark N Young Roddy JETLIFE Album itz da new hip hop generation lllllllllllzzzzzzzz

  • Joe

    fuck xxl.. how the fuck does this get the same rating as yg’s mixtape ????

  • http://youtube.com/shacmngtv S-Quan

    THIS ALBUM WAS SICK, XXL level, Ive been a fan of all of curren$y’s projects and this one was just as good, I dont feel it was mainstream, clearry XXL jus dont like Wale so they hate the whole thing. this album was sick all the jet livers kno that!


  • wheel Chair Jimmy

    listening to it right now, only heard pilot talk and covert coup b4 this. now im officially a fan- this is hard as hell, feels like he’s rapping alot harder and the subjects seem a bit more defined than on some mixtapes. again i’ve only listened to pilot talk and covert coup, this is easily an xl. reading this review i thought it’d be sell out music, i don’t even mess with stoner music- more lyrical like shady- but this shit is hard as fuck

  • johnnybou

    after listening to this album 5 times thru…

    this is a clear XL not L

    might be my favorite spitta record

  • http://unkleluc.com unkleluc

    preposterous. XL! XL! XL!

  • Wheel Chair Jimmy

    clearly currensy didn’t have as much money as diggy. cos if he did he could’ve have bought himself an xl.

  • 666

    Dude always said he wouldn’t change up the style to conform to the main so this album kinda makes me not wanna fuck widem. We’ll see whudup with the next release tho..

    • wheel Chair Jimmy

      nah dude try it, it’s dope and remotely watered down. xxl gave diggy an xl and game’s album an l u can’t just go off these reviews

  • njnjknknk

    this is stupid, look at curren$y when he was was dropping mix tapes every month they were more like this than covert coup, here, and wob, this album is good, just because it’s different than his recent stuff doesn’t mean it’s bad, it’s progression.

  • Trent Walker

    XXL you consistently let me down with your reviews. Come on.

  • JerzeySmooth

    I just went to the Jetlife concert in Philly last night, and Spitta is still every little bit of the original mc true Jetlife fans fucc with. He say it all the time in his raps that’s he paving the way for his team to eat, which is exactly what he’s doing by being on Warner. Im sure he’ll still release the mixtapes(albums) that we all started fukin with him for, but under J.L.R. that’s what that Warner move was for,more $ for more independent moves.

  • b-rab

    Screw you xxl, you gave a shit ab-soul review too.

  • http://xxlmag.com HugoStiglitz

    L on beats? C’mon Son!

  • mottie18

    would give it a xl good album for it to be his first main album he went in on this 1 lyrics still on point and hes true to wat he rap beats on point showroom classic

  • what?

    They lost me when they dissed Wale. Fuck this reviewer.

    • Hannya

      Agreed. Very unprofessional if you ask me. Fuck these wack-ass reviews by these wack-ass reviewers.

  • SpecialK

    yeaa xxl didnt reallyy do a good job on this review at all..im not hearing any close to this as of right now..an L was what yall were smokin giving this review lol..easy XL for real

  • HillCityDopest

    Ya’ll Needa XXL Foot Up Yall Ass For This Fucked Up Rating Str8 Up

  • goodmusic

    so Diggy gets an Xl and Game’s namedropping ass gets an Xl but Curren$y doesnt? even his worst work is Xl material and this was far from that. fuck XXL, they gave a stupid ass review for Live From The Underground as well

    • http://live.com Tez

      actually game got an L ,but this site reviews are trash

  • Shaq Jets FOOL

    Future and Diggy got a XL for that Bullshit they release… this is why no one fucks with you xxl, because you are too busy getting paid off by the big labels and give shine to the wack artist.. this is easily one of the best albums of the year and it gets a L. ARE YOU SERIOUS

  • shaq Jets Fool

    ive been a curren$y fan since the G series with mack maine and this isnt a sellout album… it is a great album, way better than that dissapointing Weekend at Burnies

  • specialk

    Honestly the review is clearly a fronter..If lyrics get an XL then the beats have to be an XL


    How did the beats and originality get a L?..this album is too smoothe and nostalgic of times when you could feel hip hop..This isnt anywhere near commercial like other artists that come with a hot song for one month and then u dont care for it later on

  • kho

    Spitta ‘s been making songs like Capitol, Privacy Glass, Armoire or showroom way before Pilot Talk. How can xxl say he’s going mainstream

  • dat nikka

    Spitta?….Large?…. NO

  • WaveGod


  • FuckXXL

    if i was spitta i wouldn’t ever give you xxl magazine bastards an interview again… Large? fuck outta here… this nigga spitta has been puttin out so many high quality tapes and albums for YEARS and still has great material left to put together a studio album just so he can finally get some long deserved got damn radio play and ya’ll clowns decide to recognize his grind with muhfuggin L? naw.. that ain’t cool man.

  • FuckXXL

    Oh and not to mention the fuckin disrespect for Wale?? I don’t know where ya’ll get off talkin all that noise but Wale is one of the realist niggas in it. Crazyyy wordplay

  • Jessica

    The stoned immaculate… will of course not be equivilent to any of his mixtapes because he said it himself, they were made in his basement with whoever was at his house lol. The stoned immaculate is simply the jets growing a little bit larger, sharing there creativity and originality with the rest of the world.
    Jet Life baby, get with it out doubt it : )

  • Taylor

    XXL all the way…This album’s DOPE!

  • Dez

    You guys don’t have an ear for music. I can’t expect too much form yall after that Freshman class yall put together. HipHopDX >>>>

  • http://XXLmag.com RJ

    Fuck XXL for giving him a L. They don”t know good music at all

  • D90

    im dyin from that lil potshot the author took at wale lol

  • wow

    so somehow this dude, who consistently releases dope shit somehow lands the same score as Travis Porter. Fuck out of here XXL, your dudes don’t know how to review for shit. Stoned Immaculate is an amazing album.

  • wei sheng

    everybody’s a critic, reviews, blogs, blah blah blah, love the fact that spitta stayed undaground/mixtape scene for a while, he’s an mc!!! record co’s look for commercial success in singles so they can make $, it’s their recipe, i ain’t gotta read this review to know spitta is still spittin, but what kills it for me is the comments toward the commercial success….

  • BiggieSmallsIsTheIllest

    woah… i’ve listened to this album like 10x continuously and disagree… Beat selection shouldve been xxl for sure… Lyrics and originality seem to be right on tho… I personally like Big Krit more than Curren$y but lets be honest the stoned emaculate was def better than live from the underground.. and to me doing a “mainstream” hip-hop album successfully means selling out… Predicting Curren$y gets more sales than Big Krit tho… hows that for mainstream

  • BReal

    Had this sh*t on repeat (along with Live From the Underground) all day and after hearing it through a couple times I can say that its exactly what I’ve come to expect from Spitta….This is by far a sell-out record….its just a new level to Spitta’s sound….He’s still got the Swag and Flow….The beat selection was actually better than weekend at burnies (in my opinion)…….XXL messed up this should definately be XL…..Almost as good as KRIT’s LFU……JETS FOO

  • grant

    shitty review. this album was xxl for sure, better than live from the underground. glad to hear spitta over a wider variety, this record was excellent

  • http://oktawianmusic.tumblr.com oktawianmusic

    are you kiddin me? this review is a joke right?

  • Wonka

    Not gonna lie, I kinda cringe at the sight of Gucci Mane’s “I’m Up” being next to Curren$y’s “The Stoned Immaculate” with the same rating. That shit is absurd. Lol

  • Dre

    CLEARLY someone from MMG’s camp hurt the reviewer, but to let it get in the way of reviewing a stellar release from one of today’s most prolific, hardworking, clever MCs is at the height of unprofessionalism.

  • dc

    XXL sucks ass. What is benzino still running this piece of crap mag? Spitta’s album was really good, clearly deserved a higher ranking then L. Doubt this person even listened to the album.

  • Gavin

    This is some silly rabbit trickery shit.

  • gaking11

    this album was really dope Pilot Talk 2 is still the best but this whoever wrote this review kill yourself…… come back to life……….. then kill yourself again