The trio from Travis Porter were buzzing in the Atlanta strip clubs before they were even technically old enough to walk into those sorts of establishments. A slew of mixtapes and singles beginning in 2009 with Who Is Travis Porter and cuts like "All The Way Turnt Up" and "Make It Rain" helped the energetic trio excite the ATL youth and ink a deal with Jive Records. Now, after a few years and plenty of mixtapes and legwork, the trio release their first major label offering.

The fellas don't offer much in the way of diversity on their debut album, but that's not the point. Instead, they keep it true to those that have been with them From Day 1, as the title suggests, with 12 tracks of non-stop fun. Of course, there are records tailor made for the strip club like “Flood This Shit” and "Pop A Rubberband." But there are also more smooth, airy, pop-driven records fit for end of the year high school house parties like the Mike Posner-assisted "That Feeling" and the cliche but undeniably delightful "Party Time." Those records rest comfortably alongside older spirited singles like "Bring It Back" and "Make It Rain," as well as the radio-ready concoctions like "Ayy Ladies" and "Ride Like That," featuring Tyga and Jeremih, respectively.

No one will be analyzing Travis Porter's lyrics for an end of year class project (though some rappers could take note on how to craft a winning chorus), and that's alright, because that's not what they're meant for. Instead, with From Day 1, the trio talk money, women, poles and drinks through hooks that stay stuck in the system like a virus and bouncy beats, all of which make this an album built for summer days. —Adam Fleischer (@AdamXXL)