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Lecrae, Church Clothes

As an MC that openly describes himself as a Christian, Lecrae has begun to face an upward battle in growing his career. Religion is a topic that most rhymeslingers stay from and in this age of rappers talking sex, money and drugs, so an MC that links himself with religious beliefs (beyond a Jesus or cross namedrop) can have a hard time finding a wide audience. Don’t get it twisted, though, ‘Crae’s base is devout within its demographic. With that as the backdrop, the Reach Records leader drops his Don Cannon-hosted mixtape Church Clothes to show that religion or not, it’s all about hip-hop.

Church Clothes is a strong release in that it helps deliver a message without beating the listener over the head with religious propaganda. Tracks such as “Church Clothes and “Cold World” get the message across and provide a good introduction to those that don’t know Lecrae. Production wise, Church Clothes absolutely bangs, as 9th Wonder lends his production hand on “Rise” and “Long Time Coming.” Interestingly, 9th takes second billing to some of the more unknown producers as tracks such as BIg Juice & Street Symphony (“No Regrets”) and Tha Kracken! (“Rejects”) steal the show.

Production aside, it doesn’t hurt that Lecrae is a talented wordsmith, either, as he shines lyrically throughout the release. It’s impressive how he’s able to deliver a message without being preachy. Lecrae is an artist on the rise and Church Clothes is a prime example of the reach of hip-hop music and culture. —Nene Wallace Reed

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  • Micah

    Tha Kraken is an amazing producer.

  • Reginald Gilliam

    I have been following Lecrae since 2006 and each go round he progresses and grows. I am always shocked by each project he completes. I pray God continues to cause him to grow and Give to give Christ all the glory

  • ChruchClothes

    This tape is dope from top to bottom!

  • JMG

    The hottest project I’ve heard in a min hands down.
    No offense to Meek Millz but this joint is way harder then Dreamchaserz 2. This joint lyrically sonically content wise fire!
    Original and inventive. I knew dude would bring quality but I was skeptical about the concept of this but now am blown away.

  • Sanon


  • hippaToDaHoppa

    God (irony) I hate Christian rap….

    • Real

      And your point of posting that was . . . ?
      I don’t listen to Christian Rap but i downloaded this cause it had so many downloads and cannon and (no)Malice was on it.

      Did you even listen to it or are you one of those whiners who come on xxl every week and bitch and complain about every review and article posted.

      Giving this project and XL is respectable for one ive heard christian rap before and it sounded crappy but lecrae lyrically, musically and everything here is top notch. You gottta respect the fact that dude is serious about what hes rapping about and you can tell hes living it unlike thes fake ass trap rappers and probably your favorite rapper.

      So if you didnt hear the mixtape dont say shit

      • Mayowa

        Thanks for your great response Real. Good one.
        HippatoDaHoppa you need to chill for real.
        #churchclothes #OneOneSix

      • Nd727

        All I got to say Real, is that You’re Real! God bless my brotha

  • Relentless81

    Yeah what he said. Couldn’t have said it any better real.

  • qt

    yeah Lecrae isn’t beating people across the head with his beliefs or pushing it down nobodies throat but even if he did come a little harder with his message I don’t think it would be so bad because secular rappers seem free to beat us across the head with the mesaage of sex, drugs and violence the record labels have no problem stickin that kind of message and those views down our throats and they dont apoligize for it either.so if they can go hard for somethin like that I dont see nothin wrong for nobody going hard for God long as they aint trying to condemn people.rap is bigger than one veiw but the main stream industry wont allow any other veiws. who said that rap had to be about sex drugs and violence only? we have been brainwashed into believing that by people who are in high positions of the music world.there are people in this world that are in positions where they have the ability to influence how people think.thats why when rap like this comes across some look at it like its strange.Well they have been programed to think its strange.Lecrae along with a whole lot of other rappers decided they dont need no one to think for them or controll what they rap about they got outside of the box that the industry created.I applaud him nice mixtape

    • ld

      couldn’t have said it better myself

    • Nd727

      appreciate your comments, you’re speakin truth

    • Alvaro

      While that is absolutely true, the issue is that people are inclined to listen and enjoy a message on sex, drugs and violence. The same simply is not true when the message is about Christianity.

      It’s not a matter of being brainwashed, people have always had a propensity to lean towards that stuff more than a life in Christ. That has been true all throughout history.

  • Zarbor

    Mixtape is hot. Gotta listen to all of it. Haven’t heard postive Hip Hop in a long time.

  • kh

    This is exactly what the game needed.. Too many clones nowadays, this dude is refreshing!

  • Wil Addison

    This “Misconception” track tho

    • junya

      What about it? I honestly think it’s the most poignant track on the whole mixtape.

      • Logan Hollis

        way over your head. And to Wil Addison, “i know right”.

  • ptown

    They need to drop cuss words to get at least an xl rating in lyrics? Thank you QT for speaking whats up.These guys beast alot of guys out there. All around good mixtape. Church clothes is the truth! Free…. check it out.

  • Liam

    This mixtape is crazy

  • daniel kye

    big up to lecrea and the 116 clique…..this mixtape is dope i like we need much like this to pump up christ in the mainstream……….love you men

  • Britt

    beats, lyrics, message… I’m feelin’ it all. Inspiration, Special and Misconception were my fav tracks.

  • junya

    What I especially love about the mixtape was the showcasing of other christian hip hop talents. ESPECIALLY Swoope… his new album “Wake Up” is a classic. I encourage everyone who liked this mixtape to check out the material of all the featured artists.

  • Robby

    I like that Lecrae is getting publicity and hopefully his music will be able to lead others to Christ. But to say that his music is “all about hip-hop is not accurate. When it comes to Lecrae his music, above all else, is about God.

  • anthony kingery

    love the mixtape he is talented no matter his beliefs or message. He is a sick MC

  • mark

    so yall not gone review Control System?

  • Will

    I liked the tape, but to be real for a moment, who’s really gonna shit on a Christian album?

  • Brian

    @ Will – Brother…you’d be surprised! LOL!
    On Another Note, Mixtape is hot! Keep doing your thing for Christ, Crae!

  • Industry Advocate

    Always wanted to hear where he was coming from. Thanks to this FREE album, I went and PURCHASED his other music! No matter what anyone….ANYONE….says in this comment section, Lecrae accomplished what he sought out to do, and that was to seep in the brain of these commoners. Great job, I am a Lifelong Fan now! Y’all need to listen and understand!

  • jellybeanjones

    hes alright…there A LOT of other christian emcees that go A LOT harder than this dude though

    • Demetrius Fields

      Not close to true… Most secular emcees aren’t touchin Lecrae truth be told

  • Jeremy Miller

    Yeah you’re all right in the fact that “Real” is probably one of those guys but if you really listen to Lecrae and what he preaches we should all really be praying for “Real” instead of sinking down to his level. So this is for you “Real” who ever you are I pray that your eyes are opened to see and accept the one and onloy GOD as your savior.

  • Eian Kaine Jr.

    Hip Hop died, and then rose. For those who have been looking for her, here she is!! She sounds and looks a little different doesn’t she? That’s what truth will do to you!!

  • Grace

    It’s all about JESUS not about Hip Hop or anything else.

  • corey

    Fire From top 2 bottom..116 Stand up!!

  • Cory Goolman

    See, Lecrae’s music is NOT all about hip-hop. The song Church Clothes is awesome, but it is also bringing out a message that is TRUE. About the hypocrites in the churches now days. It’s not just a song to gather audience, but it send a message out that your appearance means nothing to Jesus! Get it straight…

  • http://www.KingdomMindedShow.com Water Walkin’ Warrior

    The album is bangin! I’d be willing to bet that a lot of people just now hearing about Lecrae have never heard 90% of the Christian hip hop that is just as bangin’ in this generation. Dudes like eshon burgundy, Dre Murray (on Church Clothes track), Ackdavis, Wes Pendleton, Corey Red, D-Maub, gifted Da Flamethrowa, Stephen the Levite, Kambino, Yaves Ellis, Knine, PRo, R-Swift and more all can hold their own against just about anyone. I think this generation is looking for something that’s decent and clean to listen to and if people would open their minds to the concept of what these guys are doing, there’s a whole new world out there. Rise!

  • Joshcore

    Overall, i really enjoyed this. He has a sick flow, and this tape has sick beats, XL for sure

  • noeman

    the guy is a top top rapper his music blows me away gb….

  • Fire

    Lecrae is an amazing rapper and is constantly being backed by great producers. Very good tape.


    i think lecraes doin something really brave… hes takin on a world dominated by materialistic themes (i am a massive rap fan, but for every incredible artist, there are so many who bring down hip hops rep), and presentin a different outlook. I also appreciate the fact that hes tryin to show people that christians are normal people, who deal with the same problems as everyone else ( i speak as a christian, who has had to deal with these kinds of assumptions). It doesnt hurt that the guy can actaully rap, and the fact he wants to move hip hop away from its negative sterotypes, and if it wasnt for the fact that he was a christian rapper, he would probably have been a very big name in hip hop already, so respect to Lecrae for stickin to the two things he believes in, hip hop and jesus.

  • …..

    hip-hop, love, hate or not, it’s all about blood, salvation and spiritual warfare.

  • KG

    This deserves an XXL!

  • Demetrius Fields

    Originality and Lyrics should be XXL for the simple fact that it isn’t easy to incorporate schripture into a rap and nobody does it in mainstream hip hop on a consistent basis… Let’s just be real… But the mixtape bangs and I’m glad the Word is being spread anyhow… Glory to God

  • jay