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Jadakiss, Consignment

As his fourth solo studio album, Top 5 Dead Or Alive, continues to take shape, Yonkers-bred MC Jadakiss hits fans with a solid Consignment to hold them over in the meantime. Consignment—which according to The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Ten Crack Commandments,” is “Strictly for live men, not for freshmen” (a line that Kiss channels on the intro)—finds the raspy rhymeslinger dealing with an array of collaborators in the sort of fashion a street chemist would with trusted connections, though firmly standing his own ground.

“I’m in the trap till the sky change/Drug dealer nightmare, millionaire migraines,” Jada raps on the tape’s opener “Nightmares & Migraines.” Here, he reports live from the trap on this paranoia-ridden tale over a sulking backdrop pocketed with a smooth digital synth and bombastic drum pattern. “Before I sold a record I was platinum in the trenches/Before I got in the game I started on the benches…Up all hours of the night peeking through the blind, now you only communicate through ya nine.”

Known for always flaunting his street-credibility while exuding pithier witticism, melodic flow and gutter style, 40 Cal Kiss kicks the real on joints like the jiggy A$AP Rocky & Swizz Beatz (remixed) “Street Knock,” the Lloyd Banks & Fabolous-assisted “Respect It,” “Count It” with 2 Chainz and Styles P, among others. Tracks like the murky Jahlil Beats-produced “Paper Tags”—which sounds like something out of a chilling scene from HBO’s “The Wire” series—or the fitting trapstar road trip anthem “Traffickin” featuring Yo Gotti and Young Jeezy—who sounds like he’s in Tm 101mode— make for repeated listens. The signature tag-team skill shared between Kiss and fellow Lox counterpart, Styles P shines on Consignment especially on the corner-boy favorite “Dope Boy.” “Same shit that made Ray Charles write them hooks/and Donald Goines write them books/If its good get it off, ’cause if you got you a bunch/Could become a millionaire in a matter of months” the two rap with their signature in-and-out flow.

Aside from those tunes, fans will find the tape’s highlights to be on “Without You,” where ‘Kiss sends a lyrical kite to a friend locked up in the pen, as well as the ‘moment of clarity’ expressed on “Cuz We Paid.” It’s here that Jada shows his, for lack of a better word, growth. Offering wisdom and insightful rhymes about life’s prowls just as an OG schooling/teaching a young cat.

Consignment‘s overflowing guest appearances, which features the likes of Young Jeezy, Meek Mill, French Montana, Ace Hood, Trae Tha Truth and more, gets uncomfortable after the first half of the tape, making what’s headlined as a Jadakiss mixtape sound more like a Jadakiss & Friends project. It becomes a bit of a burden at times, and getting the full Kiss experience becomes tougher. Considering his past mixtapes that featured hard-hitting production joints like “Champ Is Here,” “Ten Toes Down” or “Pay Attention”—the beats on Consignment aren’t consistently up to par with the potency of Jada’s bars or the weight of the names of his guests.

Despite the cons, the ‘tape is filled with more wins than L’s for Kiss, whose mixtape resume along with skills on the mic is nothing to sneeze at. It’s not his best work, but it has enough heaters to keep this veteran relevant as he continues the grind towards his next album. “I’m just one-third of the Trinity/Top 5 when you think of rap,” he boasts. —Ralph Bristout

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  • ???

    wat da fuk??? dis mixtape was raw as fuk! bt whack ass abc rapper b.o.b. get a xl??? smh. beats was on point and originality . all 3 sections deserve a xl

  • Tru Talk

    wat a fukin joke.. lol xxl can fire ralph bristoff right now… he prolly to busy listening to wiz, ross and mac miller.. lol fukin popcorn boyz

    • wat

      I agree with the review. It wasn’t BAD but it certainly wasn’t good. You say the reviewer is probably listening to Wiz, Ross, and Mac, but ironically, I feel Jada was trying to sound like them to get relevant again.

      • http://datpiff FINISHERz

        You fucking dick ryder jada dont need niggas he is world wide he knows niggas and can spit wit anyone on all his albums he always feat niggas from down south east west hes just showing love and these niggas want to be on his shit listin in the songs from gucci,future,jeezy and the list keeps going they grew up listening to d-block lox you bitch-nerds…..JADA MIXTAPE SHOULD BE XL OR XXL BEST MIXTAPE/ALBUM xxlmag.com should know better

  • Technique

    B.o.b is definitely not an abc rapper.

  • soulja slim

    jadakiss a fait une bonne mixtape il mérite un xl

  • http://xxl BIGED

    fuckin xxl are some house niggas, they will only review mainstream shit. where the fuck is the dogg pound reveiw. thats what happens when a bitch runs shit. u know they wont review the new brotha lynch shit either, but they all over cash money nuts. maybe if he wears uggs and capri pants hell be on the cover

  • cChris

    Um… When the fuck are you going to review Dizzy Wright’s “Smokeout Conversations?”

  • Chris Jennings

    That’s what happens when a bitch runs shit. Okay this site and magazine is yours. Oh what the magazines not ready for deadlne, oh what the magazines not selling cause nobody wants to hear about what u got to say. Shut that keyboard talk

  • Dooley76

    This was a decent ass mixtape. I enjoyed it and it’s definitely made for riding. I do agree that XXL rate certain artist higher ratings depending on hype. Jada been lyrical and stay killin’ it.

  • philip

    I respect Kiss but this is a fair rating cant even disagree and they respected him by giving XL in the lyrics department.

    as for the B.O.B talk c’mon strange clouds was beautifully crafted stop the hate. not a classic but very good nonetheless.

    and I do agree that XXL magazine sometimes add hype as considerations for their ratings but most definitely not in this case or in B.O.B’s.

  • http://www.imaflycat.com MUSIC MANIAC

    I think it was fair. A lot of Veteran NY artists are not sticking to what made them hot, and starting to rap like they either 21, or from the south. Aside from Jay & Nas, Jada, Lloyd Banks, and Fabolous are on my list of NY Rappers. But Fab on this TINC 3, and Jada’s new one, they tryna sound young or from the south.

    • swype-matic

      You’re spot on. I didn’t like Fab’s TINC3, and this new Jada tape reminds me of that one. To me, Jada just doesn’t sound good over these south/trap beats, regardless of how good his lyrics are on here.

      Really, I would even give the beats an M, cause unless you ridin around in your car blasting this tape, these beats are straight ass outside of 2 or 3. Jada (and other NY rappers) need that Havoc, ALC, Pete Rock, Premo type sound. Jada would have done well with some Black Milk and J Dilla beats.

      When I listen to Jada, I don’t wanna hear something that sounds like Waka Flocka, Meek Mill, and Gucci mane all passed on, and that’s exactly what this tape felt like.

  • BangEm

    hahaha XL Lyrics but albums gets A L?

    LOL THis is why XXL is so wack

  • alderman j

    im sure the guy that reviewed this will change his mind after a few more listens, he probably aint caught up yet?!?!?!

  • truth720

    XL minimum overall.
    beats weren’t the best, but the bars was str8 piff.
    too many feats.
    but c’mon sun, this shit was mos def on point!
    change dat score.

  • ruckuas

    from him i expect more skill and flow

  • LiBpTcT

    HoTtest Mixtape oF thE yeAr

  • Dwilks12344

    I simply have to disagree with this. This jadakiss mixtape was simply fiiirrree. In every aspect fire.. I listened to B.O.B and we all know that there is no originality there. He is a Andre 3000 clone. But without the lyrics. This was a joke I hope.

  • John Cochran

    I always check for Jada’s tapes, but this one wasnt as good as previous ones….