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DMX, The Weigh In

Over the last few years, DMX has too often been in the headlines for what he’s done outside of music, rather than for the essence of why he became a household name in the first place. And it’s not in the way Will Smith’s name gets recognized for his non-musical pursuits. No, for X, it’s been posts on TMZ highlighting his run ins with the law, child support money he owed, and Waffle House floors he mopped up. Steadily, though, he’s been showing signs of a return to music, between the trickling out of a few new songs, collaborations with up and comers like MGK and Los, and now his new EP, The Weigh In.

For his first full body of work in over half a decade, DMX has the same core principles behind his music with this release. The first half of the project feels something like a vintage taste an aspect of what was so endearing about the Yonkers rapper when he first emerged: X serves up passionate and heartfelt bars of angst and vulnerability, delivered through his gravely vocals. “Where I Wanna Be,” featuring Big Stan, offers a glimpse of the Dog trying to find his way, complimenting a melodic, piano-driven beat with throwback bars like, “My life has a meaning, my life has a purpose/No matter how dark it gets, I knew that it was worth it.” Next, X gets with Snoop Dogg for “Shit Don’t Change,” a Dr. Dre beat previously used by Snoop for “Boss Life,” and then rides solo “On The Frontline,” using a cut once tackled by Drake on Comeback Season.

He returns on these tracks with a similar hunger and passion as earlier in his career, though the punches don’t land as quite solidly as they used to. It’s after this first batch of cuts, however, when things begin to slide. “Where My Dogs At” is an attempt at the energetic anthem formula that helped DMX first shine, but his own fire doesn’t seem to be blazing as strong after these years, and it shows. A little later, “That’s My Baby,” featuring Tyrese, comes off both outdated and unnatural.

On this 11-track release, there are just over 20 minutes of music, with six songs and five skits/interludes. It becomes choppy, as one song doesn’t flow into the next. Still, even though DMX doesn’t recapture the magic of the beginning of his career with The Weigh In, the veteran MC shows signs that he still possesses many of the traits that initially made listeners gravitate towards his music. Hopefully he can better package them together on his upcoming album, Undisputed. —Adam Fleischer (@AdamXXL)

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  • chris

    how does 2 L’s and 1 M equal a M??

    • wat

      Because those scores don’t equate to the overall score. Duh.

  • po

    finally sum1 real drops an album & yall give it a M? wow he gets M of originality? wtf he is an OG ….XXXL for originality wtf is wrong w yall

  • po

    Adam Fleischer u sound like a white dude. get the fuck outa here & go listen to rick ross kanye & iggy u homo

    • http://www.lqent.blogspot.com L.Q.

      In other words you are just telling him to listen to someone who as done better work lately than this mixtape. Don’t get mad because he is right. No matter how great an artist is , they are still capable of making BAD music or music that doesn’t seem like them.

  • Real Talk Slim

    It was aiight. O.G or Not it was below average for an artist of his caliber. Downloaded it, listened, and erased it nothing worth playing over again. M is about right…Real Talk.

  • jo

    i hope his album isnt like this but its hard for me to believe he can do much better tho at this point. i feel like every newer song of his has just been… not the same. =/

  • http://XXL TJACK

    i liked a couple songs sounded decent to me

  • @gizzyxtbo

    XXL just keeps fucking up more and more…

  • Lil’Jaune

    Déçu par ce EP
    Disappointed by this EP

  • kenny

    well they werent wrong . he needs a starting point . so the people have spoken . come harder like we know u can X

  • dimension

    where i wanna be = sick, hope X brings more of this shit.

    shit don’t change= eh, not feeling it

    last hope= mediocre

    where my dogs at= nice freestyle, straight bars

    thats my baby= not feelin it

    right or wrong= like this shit, hyped attitude n swag, 3 x verses

  • A.O.N

    This should have gotten an S across the board. Absolutely terrible