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French Montana & The Coke Boys, Coke Boys 3

“Rappin’ never been part of the plan/Gettin’ bricks 35, Kevin Durant,” French Montana admits, in a half-baked monotone, on “Headquarter,” from his latest musical venture, Coke Boys 3. The revelation that the 2012 XXL Freshman hasn’t had rapper aspirations his entire life shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone who’s heard any of his records. And that’s not a knock. The truth is, this sort of cavalier admission, mixed with mindless dope boy posturing, reflects exactly why French has been resonating with fans and rappers, and landed a deal with Bad Boy late last year following a major label bidding war. He’s rich in a particular asset that, in 2012, can be more important than lyricism or even an ear for strong production: a magnetic persona.

The Bronx-bred rapper has brought his Coke Boy cronies Flip, Cheeze, Chinx Drugz, and Charlie Rock along for the ride here for a collective effort. The gang show up kicking bars full of run-of-the-mill tomgoonery, and while the lines and their authors aren’t particularly foul, French’s cohorts aren’t able to stand out on the project, either. There are other guest spots that compliment French well. A sample flip of Wu Tang’s “C.R.E.A.M” is bolstered with an assist from Wale, and Bad Boy colleague Red Café impresses on “Headquarter” before French takes over on the moaning hook, “Ahhhhh, I be so high, and that bullshit don’t bother meeee.”

What’s especially impressive is how French has grown to be able to anchor songs ranging from Rick Ross-esque street bangers (“Dirty Money”) to laid back summertime gems like the Harry Fraud-produced “Tap That,” featuring the late Stack Bundles. Even the lackluster songs here fall into a “so bad it’s good,” intangible category. A five minute skit entitled “Pussy Quint” (Um…Just listen to it for yourself) is followed with the dancehall inspired “Husband and Wife,” and “100” samples Adele’s “Fire To The Rain.” While neither are the tape’s strongest cuts, they’re still rife with comedic moments courtesy of the Bad Boy signee, with lines like “Hittin’ Key West/That’s a muthafucka, Delonte West.”

Omnipresent throughout French’s sound is the influence of his pal Max B, but French has already been able to take it to a level Max B didn’t reach before his untimely incarceration. What this all adds up to is French Montana’s developing character within the hip-hop landscape which mirrors early stages of careers like Rozay’s. (He’s even got the infectious “Coke Boy Baby” tag, similar to Ross’ “Maybach Music” drop.) The idea of French Montana is appealing; so, by extension listeners want to enjoy his music. With Coke Boys 3, he makes that easy. —Neil Martinez – Belkin (@Neil_MB)

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  • manafana

    french montana looks very intelligent

  • BReal

    I F*cks with this Mixtape Hard!!! I been sleeping on this group. Montana is on fire right now….Not the most lyrically talented but he’s coming with some bangers and his style is dope!

    Tell me why French Montana looks like a character outta South Park on the Cover Photo tho???!!!!! LOL

  • BiggieSmallsIsTheIllest

    french montanas rhyme scheme is different and refreshing i feel thats what makes him so dope

  • Yamz

    Hahahahaha @ anyone talking about French Montana like he isn’t straight garbage. Drake bodied him on ‘Stay Schemin.’ DRAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Embarassing

  • Lawrence

    How the hell does this still get an XL with Medium lyrics..
    Lame ass staff.

    • Y.SPRAY

      yooo broke ass nigga… FUKIN HATER

  • http://www.lqent.blogspot.com L.Q.

    What…the…hell??? Is this just another review to prove that lyrics clearly don’t matter? This mixtape wasn’t that good. There were even a few beats that were bad. And there is no way in hell this was original.

  • SDK


  • Brother

    How the hell does this get an XL

    hip hop is in serious trouble

  • Insane Truth

    Even with the coke title & coke crew..shit aint close to been dope. Xxl y’all some typical dick riders!

  • Hannya

    This site loses more credibility with each new review. How trash like this deserves and XL rating is beyond me.

    • David

      Couldn’t agree with you more. The title alone is why black folks stay getting laughed at. Also, how in gods name did they score XL in originalilty. Who’s reviewing this? A fifteen year old girl? WHAT HAPPENNED TO HIP HOP???

  • LOl


  • sadkid2012

    These commmments, that that shit i dont like

  • tyler spellen

    Acutally, XXL is making a mistake by giving it an XL. By their own rating, this is an L. 4/5 + 4/5 + 2/5 should be L, not XL. Like 3.3 GPA is considered a B average in school, not an A average.

    Does anyone understand what I’m saying? The average is closer to a 3 than a 4, so that should be classified as an L… All these XL reviews they hand out are average mixtapes (hard beats/shitty lyrics, classic down south music), so they should be L, which is average.

    Bet I just confused the hell out of everyone!

  • diverse

    yea “coke boys” very well known for their originality… xxl is garbage now..they’re soon going to suffer the same fate as The Source…fuck these garbage ass reviews


    Fench Montana wack. Yall wack for even likeing him. If he is new yorks hotest thing then im sticking with ATL. This cant be XL when lyrics is medium. Should be large based on what they got on here. And how could this be XL oringinal when they stole NWA album cover. DUH??? Ice Cube, Dre, Ren and yellow should handle they Bitnezz. HOT GABAGE LOL – Im not hating doe Im just speaking truth.

  • Tic706

    Somebody please tell me i’m sleep and when I wake up Hip Hop still has a soul?

  • sb