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Odd Future, The OF Tape, Vol. 2

Though it has been a year since they catapulted to hip-hop’s limelight, the entire Odd Future gang haven’t appeared together musically on wax much during that span. In October, they put 12 Odd Future Songs, a follow up to 2010′s Radical, on iTunes, but the majority of the songs had been previously released. Now, fresh off of Earl Sweatshirt’s return home, the California collective is back with The OF Tape, Vol. 2.

All 11 members of the crew appear on The OF Tape, Vol. 2 (yes, even Earl), but never do they all show up on the same track. The closest thing is the ten minute album closer, “Oldie,” with Taco, Tyler, The Creator, Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, Mike G, Domo Genesis, Frank Ocean, Jasper Dolphin and Earl Sweatshirt, where each rapper gets a chance for some solo shine. The track is indicative of one of the album’s revelatory moments which are that, in fact, despite much of the hype being concentrated on a few core group members, many in the clan have some skills to offer.

Early on, Domo Genesis and Hodgy Beats trade verses on the sharp “Bitches.” There technical tactics are on point here, but there are also times when members come off sounding like those unpolished kids in your high school trying to get their rap career off the ground by fitting a bunch of words together to sound impressive. On “50,” Hodgy kicks the straining opening lines, “I’m a lotta narcotics, flow aquatic atomic/The way I rhyme in Islamic promises, ignorance is common sense,” that come off sounding forced.

Mike G seems comfortable on his own on the year-old “Forest Green,” and The Internet (Syd Tha Kid and Matt Martians) provide a change of pace with the jazzy R&B cut “Ya Know.” Budding star Frank Ocean steals the show whenever given the chance, as his brief appearances on “Analog 2″ and “Snow White” are lasting, while his solo joint, “White,” exhibits the vocal and songwriting consistency he’s put on display since dropping nostalga, ULTRA last year.

The lyrically maniacal content that’s been associated with some of the crew only shows up sparingly—particularly when Tyler, The Creator gets on a record. The de facto OF leader mentions accused child molester Jerry Sandusky on two separate songs, and makes plenty of zany pop culture references (Casey Anthony, Common) while discussing Tourette’s, snapping at fans, and smoking crack on “P.” Ultimately, Tyler shows an improvement from what he offered with last year’s Goblin.

With so many pieces and a few varying styles, an Odd Future compilation contains the components to come off disjointed and hard to digest. The OF Tape, Vol. 2, though, works within itself, and adds another project to the growing catalog of the collective. —Adam Fleischer

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  • brian walker

    damn whoever wrote this review sounds like a total faggot

  • Josh

    This CD deffffffffinitely deserves an XL… I haven’t turned it off since I bought it yesterday morning.

    • josh

      Oh yeah, and how the FUCK is rating this albums originality as an “L” justified? Name one other CD that’s be released by someone other than OF in the past year that sounds like this? Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

  • Lucas IsAFaggot

    Beats and Originality only get L!?
    The beats on this were pretty fucking insane (see Doms)

    The fact that Taylor Allderdice is apparently on the same level of originality as this isn’t a credible statement at all, that entire mixtape is money, hoes and weed, same as Wiz’s entire catalogue (and this is coming from a Wiz fan)


      I highly agree on how they rated this the same on originality as Taylor Allderdice. I don’t know why I keep coming to this site if it’s getting wack

  • BiggieSmallsIsTheIllest

    Whoa. And Diggy gets an XL, Oldie alone is better than his entire album.


    how does this get an L on beats? that’s absurd. They need someone else to do reviews. Where can I apply?

  • Mach

    This is the grossest review ive seen on the site. Diggy Simmons?? XL??

  • wat

    Actually this is a great review with decent ratings. I personally would’ve gave them an L for lyrics because no one on Odd Future has lyrics. The closest is Earl, who just says the most random shit he can think of while rhyming them.

    • maRC

      “Big eared bandit is tossin’ all his manners
      In a bag and wrappin’ them in seran wrap bandages”
      How the FUCK is that anything less than GENUIS

      • huh

        he put his manners in a bag and wrapped them in plastic?

      • wat

        By not making any sense at all?

    • ben

      Scoldin’ hot as dunkin’ scrotum in a Folgers cup
      Or Nevada, drivin’ drunk inside a stolen truck
      Shittin’ like his colon bust
      Belly full of chicken and a fifth of old petroleum

      Jesus, you can’t say that isn’t some fucking intelligent and creative wordplay. Earl can sound like he’s saying random shit, but if you actually devote some time to figuring out all the double entendres and puns in his lyrics, you’ll see that he actually makes a lot of sense.

  • http://www.elijah.com elijah

    WTF this is a fucking XL!!!!!! Originality a L? tell me where youve heard something like this before??? Awful review

  • Truth

    The review is actually on point (which is a rare thing here on XXL). Odd Future ho’s stop crying already.

    I don’t regret coppin the tape, had some crazy beats but saying that the team got lyrical talents is a joke. Earl is lyrical but the rest are as lyrical as Snowman lol.

    • uwe

      Okay. Fine, the lyrics arent the greatest i think we can agree on that but the beats deserve more than an L atleast.

  • Nick

    Lyrically I think Tyler is actually the best. Earl is obviously good but never anything that memorable. Tyler at least has some quotable lines and never fails to disappoint on a track. I would have given this a weak XL.

  • http://twitter.com/downininfamy In Your Fucking Face

    For The Frank Ocean Song Alone They Get An XL IN Lyrics That Dude Is Lyrically The Best Songwriter Since The Dream. But Originality? C’mon Son. That’s Easily A XXL. Nothing In Rap Sounds Looks Or Invokes Attention like Odd Future Does.

  • Jacob

    Lyrically its an L Domo,Hodgy,Earl & Tyler all have there moments where they can say some cold shit… Originality Its an XL to me cus who the fuck does is like OF? no one & Beats sgould get an XL cus i dont hear there beats anywhere but with them no ones goes off on a freestyle or on a mixtape with them kinda beats but them idk OF is the shit & ima Wiz fan & his new mixtape sucked to me lol

  • carpie

    i think xxl needs to get some consistency in their reviews. some albums with the same rating (l,xl,l) gets XL, while others like this do not. they should set some guidelines and follow them. it would help them so they don’t get bashed. also, there should be a fan review section

  • diverse47

    odd future sucks balls…fucking weirdoes…its all a marketing scheme

  • Matt

    Hahaha Xxl is so fucking political I would be embarrassed. OF declines freshmen list and they write a review that is clearly full of shit. Good job spreading ignorance you pile of garbage posing as a magazine.

    • wat

      Wow, you HONESTLY think anyone from Odd Future declined the list? You’re an idiot.

      • Nortey

        At least Tyler,Earl,Domo & Casey Veggies were good enough to get on the 2011 & 2012 Freshmen lists. Seeing either of them on a XXL Freshmen Cypher would have actually tested their much hyped lyrical skill.

  • Brando

    How in the HELL is this album an L. Beats definitely XXL and everything else XL. Grammy worthy this album is. Poor review!

  • kMoney

    okay holy shit, Tyler isn’t lyrical? If you dont think tyler is lyrical then his lyrics are flying over your head, Earl is right below him and OF is probably the most original group doin the damn thing right now, any more “original” and no one would listen to them

    • yea

      tyler very lyrical like in bitch suck dick

  • Brando


  • Earl

    Hipster blogging faggot.

  • Brando

    Don’t like the fucking music, don’t be on here bitch ass nigga! Don’t forget to watch Loiter Squad

  • Former Faithful Reader

    Message to the editor of XXLmag.com:

    Thank your writer for this review, because I will not come to this site ever again. The review was clearly biased and uneventful, none of the actual album content was actually reviewed. The review reads off as if the writer gave each song a 30 second running and then pressed skip. I will refrain from making my own personal review of the album, because your site no longer deserves credibility. It is highly obvious the intent of this review is to further diminish the hard work and progress made by the OFWGKTA collective.

    I highly advise you the editor to fire the writer of this review, because it is clear that your over paying an individual who undermines the integrity of your magazine.

    So long xxlmag.com you will not receive anymore of my web traffic.

    Good Bye

  • kenny


  • Trent Walker

    Definitely deserves the XL rating…I know the beats are simple but no one else uses beats like this, they have a style all their own. Odd future is always oozing with creativity…let me remind you that you guys gave that motherfucker chiddy bang’s cd an L rating too. Soooo these two are on the same level…NO EFFIN WAY! Just earl’s verse on oldie is enough for the XL rating, c’monnnn.

  • bullets

    the review is on point because usually its a bunch of bs but most of the OF collection cd’s sound disjointed and scattered and whats so original about there beats?? If anything they use old ass beats shit sounds like some ski beats or old rza shit i think because half Odd future fans are so young and the other half are white poeple who wouldnt normally listen to rap leads people to believe there listening to something new or original theres nothing new about shock rap stop dick riding…


      good god thank you for speaking my mind !

  • knownnarcissist

    This review doesn’t even accurately reflect the poor grade given. This album certainly deserves a higher score. Poor grammar within the article, plus a factual blunder (12 Odd Future Songs is in absolutely no way a follow up to Radical) and the writer’s general derision of the members’ supposed immaturity makes this one of the worst-written XXL reviews I’ve ever read. Also, XXL’s Freshman 2012 list blows. Fuck XXL.

  • aaaaaaaaaaa

    This gets an L, and God’s Father gets an M. It’s official; XXL hates swag

  • fuckinPhantom

    by reading this review looks like this is the last time i come to this site.

    • Airek909

      hahahahahaahahhahaahaha eres un badass!! x)

  • http://idk?whocares ignorent ppl slappin spik

    2 say no1 but earl or tyler have lyrics that deserve 2 be listen 2?shows how much ppl dont listen to music thats “NOT” hyped talked about or splatter all over tv blogs the net ect. domo hodgy ocean previous independent lp’s n mixtapes have been immigrants crossing the border succesful!!even left brain{here n there givs it up} Taco n jasper they aint no rappers n dont want to be no rappers they do it for the fuck of it!!syd is sick with the producing but thats getting away from the point that is..STOP LISTENING WITH YOUR EYES!!!!

  • http://idk?whocares ignorent ppl slappin spik

    2 say no1 but earl or tyler have lyrics that deserve 2 be listen 2?shows how much ppl dont listen to music thats “NOT” hyped talked about or splatter all over tv blogs the net ect. domo hodgy ocean previous independent lp’s n mixtapes have been immigrants crossing the border succesful!!even left brain{here n there givs it up} Taco n jasper they aint no rappers n dont want to be no rappers they do it for the fuck of it!!syd is sick with the producing but thats getting away from the point that is..STOP LISTENING WITH YOUR EYES!!!!

  • jay

    this review is completely botched. dude obviously didn’t listen to the lyrics. he just read poorly transcribed lyrics from a crappy lyric site and figured he knew what was up.

    Hodgy doesn’t say “… i rhyme Islamic”. he says “i bomb Islamic”. that changes everything. gives the line a punch. and all of a sudden it doesn’t sound so forced now does it? unless you missed the Hydrogen bomb reference in “aquatic atomic” and how that, plus the Islamic line, tie in to the “ignorance is common sense”. still sound forced? sounds more like it went over your head.

    bottom line: don’t half ass listen to an album before you review it. it’s called active listening. it’s an essential hip hop listening skill. if you can give Supreme Clientele a pass for over-your-head lyrics, then you can give it for anybody.

    two cents.

  • Shaun

    Actually it’s “I’m a lotta narcotics, flow aquatic atomic/The way I Vomit Islamic promises, ignorance is common sense,” I’m High AF and notice that rhyme on the first time I heard it…… 10 seconds Ago!

  • jay hanspal

    Young Money Dickriders at XXL, gave Tha Carter IV and TYGA’s shitty new album XL for everthing, and they hate on this? OFT Vol 2 probably one of the most unique albums out now, Oldie and Sam (Is Dead) is enough to get an XXL.

  • Nico

    how can any of you not say Doms, Mike G, or Hodgy have lyrics? Compare Rolling Papers to Under the Influence, The Dena Tape to his Untitled EP and just listen to ALI. Everyone in OF can spit.
    Oh, and the beats were fire. Nothing sounds like OF.
    And that’s the truth, Ruth.

  • Swag Daddy

    really L for beats & originality?!? those both should be at least xxl

  • Malik The Real Nigga

    Adam Fleischer you are gay dude….

  • http://Facebook Edgar Cabrera

    okay if it takes two categories too be that ranking this album should be XL at least the Beats are on point and if this isn’t original name another album with this many people (artist) on it that goes this hard you need too re-think the review or just get high before hand shit this album is too fucking good


    Brotha Lynch Hung is these pussies grand daddy, they aren’t anything original and they aren’t as lyrical as everyone says they are, I used to like OF but soon turned on them, stop riding their dicks.

  • CecilRhodez

    My dudes its just a review, one persons opinion. Frankly it takes more than one review for me to make my mind up but nowadays I don’t reference XXL’s Rating system due to some of my past issues with it. The Mixtape was solid, I don’t think the review did justice but like I said its just a review no need for a crucifixion of some random ass critic and if XXL ever reads this I really do think y’all should rework your rating system, or just get rid of it all together. Not everyone will ever agree with a rating, its just impossible to please everyone but in the case of XXL they have inconsistency when reviewing mix tapes and album. Im assuming everything is based on some number scale so a 3,4, and 3 will get you a 3.33 which is probably in the range of an L and a 3.5-4 is an XL? Anyways never understood this scale, but to make y’all more credible why not have three different staff members review a record honestly thats more credible to me.

  • Shane

    yeah the beats could’ve definitely got an XL and originality should’ve been an XL…i don’t know about XL lyrics though, Earl, Domo, Hodgey, and Tyler got lyrics but the rest of them aren’t there yet

    • http://twitter.com/jaimeCOMC Jaime Arellano

      Funny because these are the main rappers.. Everyone that listens to OF knows that Jasper and Taco aren’t rappers, they’re “only on this track, to make their racks grow faster..”

  • donnytrump

    Mike G kills it. Sickest OF flow

  • D-Miz

    The rating seems completely justified. Odd Future can do better.

  • BrandoHuddle

    So you give OF Vol 2 a L, but Tyga’s CD gets an XL. In my eyes, Odd Future as an whole, are the most underated artists in the game. The Internet never gets their shine, though they shouldnt be on this site, and Domo Genesis lyrics skill has gotten so much better since Rolling Papers. In my opinon there was too much Hodgy Beats because he JUST had a mixtape “Untitled” but he was still very good. Give OF their props. Please

  • bones mcdrones

    an L for beats is retarded, the beats are awesome on this shit

  • Almquist

    Nobody Flows Like Mike G. NOBODY. And Frank Is Sexy.

  • yoTaco


  • Whitebread

    Alright, since nobody else is going to bring it up…XXL really has no problem publishing work with an improper usage of “their”? “There technical tactics are on point here…” Like, Jesus. No editor caught that? Really?

    Also, this tape deserved an XL. #TYBG

  • Chris

    You mean to tell me that OF gets a fucking L, and Diggy, fucking Diggy Simmons got a fucking XL? Y’all niggas must be smoking crack now. Y’all on some pay for a good review shit? I mean, OF gets a measly L for beats, Diggy got an XL, for BEATS? The fuck son? I think Ed Lover needs to do a special edition of C’Mon Son for this bullshit. I could see an L for OF if Diggy or Wiz got measly Ls, but to give Wiz an XL and Diggy one, and give OF an L? The fuck son?

  • JP

    Beats L
    Lyrics XL
    Originality XXL,

    cant find another group like this man