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Tyga, Careless World: Rise of the Last King

Tyga positions his Careless World: Rise of the Last King to play out like an epic movie—or at least a cohesive story—with his opening track, “Careless World.” He speaks, rather than raps, to kick off the album: “I awoke from a dream, filled in a world full of greed and hate. The world was my thoughts and surroundings. I realized I needed to rise, and become king of my own destiny.”

In order to do that on his Young Money debut, Tyga’s approach is three-fold: there are moments when he dreams of being the greatest (“King & Queens”), gets emotional about his girl and reflects on his past (“Far Away,” “Love Game”), and lets loose for a good time (“Rack City”). Oftentimes, he intertwines the concepts, on a song like “Black Crowns,” which includes an outro with Tyga’s mother telling him how proud she is.

The Cali native seems to have no hesitation voicing regret and vulnerability when it comes to females, and this proves to be a magnetizing quality, particularly to compliment the facelessness of a hit like “Rack City.” This is to take nothing away from one of the year’s most fun songs, of course, but rather to realize the necessary counterbalance that a personal song like “Do It All” can provide to the club hit, much of whose success relies on its infectious beat.

And the strong suit of “Rack City” proves to be that of the album, as well. The production is well rounded, elastically shifting to set the mood for Tyga’s varied methods of attack. Jess Jackson handles much of it, though Boi-1da, Cool & Dre and The Neptunes also lend their touch. Sounds are typically soft and somber on the more personal tracks, while things turn frantic and bubbly for the party anthems. Four of these feature high-powered YMCMB collabs, as Lil Wayne (“Faded”), Nicki Minaj (“Muthafucka Up”), Drake (“Still Got It”) and Busta Rhymes (“Potty Mouth”) kick verses. Weezy, with his natural bounce and stream of consciousness flow, and Busta, with his whirlwind of words, are particularly memorable.

Other guests help fortify the body of the album from start to finish, as Nas, J. Cole, Wale, Big Sean, Pharrell and others enter Tyga’s world without care. The Chris Brown and Wynter Gordon collab “For The Fame” turns out to be a relatively fresh take on a girl record, too. Even with so many features, Tyga rarely lets the album get away from him, remaining in the driver’s seat even when next to young stars and legends.

For all its highlights—and there are many— Careless World: Rise of the Last King still feels disjointed at moments. It’s too long (there are 21 tracks on the album and 23 on the iTunes bonus, and it clocks in at nearly an hour and a half), and doesn’t quite hone in on the narrative it looks to set up on the opener. Even so, Tyga, still just 22-years-old, is growing as an artist, and reveals that there’s more to him than inescapable club jams, for anyone who may have been doubting.

Plus, it sounds good, and that’s reason enough to care about the music of this album’s world. —Adam Fleischer (@AdamXXL)

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  • Sir Escobar

    Review Chiddy Bang’s Breakfast

  • jfl11

    I don’t really want nothin to do w/ this album… 21 songs, 14 features, over 80 minutes long… nah i’m all good. Not to mention the fact this nigga has no lyrics

    • Waab

      Oh shut up, You don’t know what you talking about. Anyone that really listens to his music, knows he have Dope lyrics.

      • jfl11

        whatever fam. stay being content with your low standards, it ain’t nothing to me lol

        • Waab

          Ok if you don’t want anything to do with the album, why are you even here? Lol i mean you not no jay-z. When you can do better, that’s when you can talk :)

      • justin

        all his lyrics are the same anyone can rap the same song to a different beat

    • Nise

      Why even comment on something you dont mess with…..

  • Sal

    forget this album get breakfast. btw i like some of his shit but when he said ” ur grandma on ma dick ” in rack city i lost some respect

    • Waab

      Why so sensitive, its not like he’s talking directly to you. -_-

      • mac

        lol man u anit neva lyin i read that like are you serious, just laugh at an take it for what is..

        • Sal

          haha im just playin, it aint too bad if u listen to the whole thing

          • kenny


  • CecilRhodez

    The features are the best part of the CD, I didnt even read the review because Ive been going through the album myself, its worth fucking with.

    Rec: Lil Homie, Black Crowns, King and Queens, Let it Show

  • Lesa

    I LOVE Careless World, you get to see the different sides of Tyga. TeamTyga

  • mb

    my opinion is that beats and originality are XL and lyrics are M to L. Overall XL, cuz Tyga CAN spit lyrically, it seems, on some songs and the beats are top notch when played on my bose speakers

  • aaliyah

    this was the best album! his lyrics are amazing ! #LK

  • BangEm

    lol beats are XL and the rest is L and Tyga still gets a XL?

    LOL XXL MAG is garbage as fuck.

    Lyrics >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Beats

    • Will

      Agreed. As great as the beats are on this album, Careless World warrants an L at best.

  • ASAPKlamar

    Tyga used to be dope but this album was terrible

  • WaveGod

    it was a descent album. I fucks with that joint he got Robin Thicke on tho, real smoove!

  • black jesus

    good album, i was impressed.

  • MC Ammer

    “Fuck, what do we do with this wonton, bullshit rapper? I know, lets just stack up all the big stars, like Drake, and Weezy, and a whole slew of other talented peeps, and maybe the stupid, brainless idiots out there will think he is actually good”. Wake up call bitches, Tyga is nothing more then a fucking pussy. Little bitch, with lots of ink. Yo, your grandma was on my grandpa’s dick in saigon. Bahahahaha!!!

  • R

    THis is retarded, brother ali had XL on everything except an L on beats and the magazine gave him L. Tyga has L on everything except an XL on beats and he get an XL!!! XXL please explain this 4 real u guys are SERIOUSLY loosing credibility here! Have some appreciation of your readers and explain yourself!

  • Y U MAD

    Solid album… could have been a classic, only thing missing is the game changing feel. Great effort for a lil nigga like Tyga.

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  • Zues

    tygas mixtapes r better but fuck it hes dope

  • http://www.yahoo.com Andre

    What type of backwords ass review was this ? OK its some politics involve in this bullshit. It seems anybody that comes out YMCMB,MMG or Jay-Z/Kanye’s camp gets this type of review in midst of that shit is subpar in all three categories.

  • LArzas

    Fuck Carless World. Cole World Bitches

  • http://@arriannasa/twitter.com lanae loves tyga

    this tape is dope if i dont like sumthin i dont comment thats coward shit (XXL) REVIEW HONEYCOAINE(fuckyofeelings)and CALVIN MERCURY(SPACE TROOPER CARTUNEZ)

  • http://@arriannasa/twitter.com lanae loves tyga

    review calvin mercury and honey cocaine

  • http://xxlmag.com Gack man

    SusuGo get it at Fye orDownload at itunes

  • http://xxlmag.com Gack man

    Tyga album is dope get it at fye or itunes

  • slm104

    so just to be clear… we are saying that Tyga has the same quality of lyrics as Los? OK

  • stunt

    make it nasty

  • Decatur ATL BOI

    Breaking News!!! Cash Money Just signed the 80′s mega group U.T.F.O & 3XDope!!!!

  • ymcmboss

    lil rap..tyga i salute u ma nigga…follow me on twitter (@trix_jay).

  • Domino

    how can he get an XL overall rating when 2/3 was a L?

  • Cam

    So this album got an xl just based on the good beats?? God forbid a fucking young money artist gets an L for their album

  • http://twitter.com/ItsPlayboyNick @ItsPlayboyNick

    They Gave A XL? Is This A Joke? Did He PAY You? lol


    dude he kind of cocky he dont look like he will be wit wack ass WAYNE too long! and that was stupid 4 bow wow to do a leading single sounding like lolli pop wit wayne!! THATS WHATS UP TYGA DO YO THANG!!

  • Chris

    Hold the fuck up. The OF Tape got an L with an XL and two L’s. This had the same grades and got an XL? What the fuck y’all?
    I’n not hating on Tyga or anything, but these reviews are starting to get shittier and shittier.

  • wade

    this got a higher review then chiddy bang’s breakfast album? really? i like tyga dont get me wrong but the album is full of songs that sound the same as eachother. and nonsense lyrics i mean c’mon… i get deep in her pussy… dan marino :L