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Gucci Mane, Trap Back

After delivering a lackluster collaborative album with V-Nasty, Gucci Mane needed to reassert his position as a musical liaison for the streets. If the Brick Squad general prepared a checklist prior to releasing his latest mixtape, which follows up the BAYTL collab, it might’ve read something like this: Songs dedicated to coke; songs dedicated to bitches; songs dedicated to getting money; Lex Luger-esque trap beats; “Burr” ad-libs. Released on Super Bowl, the DJ Holiday-hosted Trap Back successfully does all of these things—making it a tape that does what it does well, but doesn’t offer much of a fresh take.

Gucci Mane has never been a wordplay wizard, but with a mixtape bulkier than a fugitive’s trunk (there are 19 tracks in total, here), he had ample opportunity to provide some goods. In reality, though, there’s a disproportionate amount of lyricism to around. Gucci does, however, get the mixtape started properly with “Back in ‘95,” where he spits about his career as a hustler, in retrospect, to remind naysayers and himself he’s still “hustler of the year.” “Ghetto,” which, with its hood-repping tendency sounds like an unreleased DJ Khaled cut, also shines. Gucci raps with his patented lethargy, and Chilly Chill makes an incredibly catchy hook to compliment the trunk knocking instrumental, also produced by Chilly. Lex Luger also whips up heavy-hitting production for the Trap Star that will undoubtedly push decibel levels to the maximum on “Blessing,” featuring Yo Gotti and Jadakiss. Here, everyone comes correct, and although Kiss sounds a bit awkward on this style of beat, he still delivers a solid 16.

Through most of the tape, Gucci does exactly what we expect. He flips raps about flipping white, takes pills with some lady friends, and counts his green. Looking for something different from the Warner Bros. signee at this point is, though, seems foolish. Still, it can get tiresome at points. On “In Love With A White Girl,” Gucci uses the cliche concept to detail how much love he receives from his beloved Snow White. “Chicken Room” is also a less-than-clever attempt, as well as “North Pole,” a bonus track which offers some of the same. These, like many of the cuts here, get a breath of new life from the thumping production, as well as Gucci’s presence on wax. Even when he’s saying the same thing in only slightly new ways, Gucc does it with flair.

With beats from Zaytoven, Drumma Boy, Mike Will, Sonny Digital, and features from Waka Flocka, 2 Chainz, Future, Yo Gotti, Jadakiss and Rocko, Gucci Mane is in good company throughout the project. The supporting cast helps carry the tape and bolster what the leading man brings to the table.

With Trap Back, Gucci Mane is back in his element. He’s removed himself from the curiosity of BAYTL and returned to the vice indulging-laced lyrics the system shattering soundscapes that fueled his initial ascent. Bundle up. —Robert Baker

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  • NorthBest

    Gucci is the best beat picker in hip hop

  • BEE-West1

    I liked “Back In 95′” but honestly this shit shoulda got a “S” Grammatically this was a well written review tho

  • http://www.facebook.com/l.q.ent L.Q.

    Decent review. Lyrics deserve an “m” tho.

  • Joker1017BSM

    This deserves an XL. Gucci brought it this time. To rate it a XXL would be farfetched. But Gucci will eventually earn one. But L is an understatement. Gucci is the most underated & underappreciated artist of all time. Alotta people who are shining right now in some weird way tie back up to Gucci. From producers like Lex Luger, & SouthSide (Ex: Watch The Throne) To artists Nicki Minaj & Future. Even video models. But still gets no respect as an MC. Biggie was right You’re Nobody. Till Somebody Kills You.


    Anyone who hates on Gucci, 1017, or this mixtape. Drop a mixtape & show & prove your skills. Alotta just live behind a computer & dont do shit. Except hate on people who are. So do us true fans of hip-hop a favor & shut the fuck up. Kill Ya Self. .l. ;-)

    • Sir Escobar

      Joker, please tell me, do you honestly think that Gucci Mane or Waka Flocka could compete with niggas like Nas, Lupe Fiasco, Wale, J. Cole, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Eminem, Slaughterhouse, or Common (just to name a few) lyrically? Fuck no they can’t. Lyrically Gucci Mane is one of the worst in the game. That simple. Its not hate, it is a simple fact.

      If i drop mixtape it will cost money to get equipment to mix and master, money for beats (if i don’t), money for recording equipment, and a willing blog to get behind my shit and post it up. But since your hating on people who sit behind a computer, imma spend the little money i have and make mixtape. I may suck at rapping, but i guarantee if XXL ever reviewed my shit it it will at least get an L.

    • $yk

      c’mon son…that “if you don’t like so & so rapper you a hater” line is OLD…FOOLISH…IMMATURE…

      If you don’t like Adele’s new album and she’s selling millions of units and you don’t have an album out doing what she does, you’re hating.


  • Smitty

    anyone who thinks gucci is a good RAPPER, aint worth fightin with…and just because someone be makin money bein an awful rapper dont me shit

  • KingJack

    Ayo, this nigga GUCCI is fuckin retarded. This nigga is ignorance personafied… And I love that shit.

    No, the niggaz not a lyrical monsta by any means, but the bama dont fake it. It’s like GUCCI that nigga in tha hood who kno he aint shit, he kno aint no bitch dying to be his chick, his momma can’t stand his ass, but he like fuck it I’m bout show yall just how ignorant I can get. And, if you a aint shit nigga your should feel inspired. Plus, no bullshit this bama flow is more creative than mafuckas will give him credit for. That drawl with those rhyme patterns, and the way he ad-libs the melodies… that shit is actually pretty slick. I dont know… Its a guilty pleasure.

  • aintgotnoname

    honestly gucci is good at what he does, which is make trap music, he doesn’t have to impress you with his lyricism, because he makes trap music, and he’s good at it


  • david

    the fact is gucci dissed jay z and won . jay z was silent as shit as usuall. yea i get it. “he doesnt need to” . fuck that is an excuse liek when a girl tells you sshe got a man lol…..hes duckin and dodging. the dodgers moved out of brooklyn a long time ago….. gucci is the best rapper right now and this mixtape proves it… ferrari boys hits way harder then the throne… the throne needed this niggas beats!…..hahahhaa

  • toneZ

    GUCCI back

  • narythaboss

    First off, alot of rappers yall named that gucci cant compete with lyrically are irrelevant. Common,Nas,Wale, J.Cole and even slaughterhouse is not ever CLOSE to being hotter than Gucci. Honestly Gucci is a REAL nigga and a HOOD nigga and he make music for HOOD nigga and REAL niggas…..FLAT. O and i almost forgot…BURRR

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