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Chiddy Bang, Breakfast

A hip-hop twist on MGMT’s “Kids” took Philadelphia-based duo Chiddy Bang from general obscurity, to the buzz of a strong UK fanbase, to being the hottest thing on U.S. college campuses since Asher Roth. With an distinct sound, courtesy of Xaphoon Jones’ bubbly hip-hop/indie pop fusion the duo has finally put together their debut studio album Breakfast, 2 years after breaking into the mainstream with “Opposite of Adults.”

Breakfast sticks to the formula of Chiddy spitting bars over synth-driven indietronica soundscapes. The lead single “Mind Your Manners” once again captures that infectious energy they struck gold with on “Opposite of Adults,” as do a few others, (“Ray Charles,” “Happening,” “Talkin’ to Myself,”). Throughout Breakfast, Xaphoon Jones dishes Ratatat-esque synths and other tasty sonic tricks that are the most enjoyable parts of this meal. A balancing act between a frenetic drum pattern and an acoustic guitar (“Run it Back”), an electric guitar that kicks in 1:50 into “Handclaps & Guitars,” and the sampling of 8 bit gaming console sounds on “Baby Roulette,” are all ear pleasing even without Chiddy rapping over it. But then there’s Chiddy’s rapping over it.

His delivery is tailor made for Xaphoon’s buoyant production, but listening to what he’s delivering is where things get ugly. Chiddy raps about nothing in a way that makes rappers who rap about nothing blush. If the goal is to share how fly (or uhh, “swell”?) he is, tell us how. If he wants to talk about all the weed he smokes (which he does in unconvincing fashion), let ‘em know about the loud you’re smoking on. Chiddy settles for merely mentioning things, never breaking the surface of any subject he touches on.

Ultimately, radio friendly hooks and Xaphoon’s backdrops are the foundation of (and saving grace?) of the Chiddy Bang’s studio debut. Except it doesn’t really feel like a hearty breakfast; more like a pack of bubblegum. Enjoyable? Sure, but at the end of the day what are we really consuming here? Breakfast should serve its purpose though, playing soundtrack to campus parties across the nation, and rightfully so. It’s a pretty fun album to listen to—just don’t listen too closely. —NMB

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  • Mr. Coolish

    I have completely lost faith in XXL. You give Tyga’s Careless World an XL, but give this an L? Whats even worse is that you gave the lyrics M and originality L. If anything The lyrics deserve to be either XL or L and originality deserves to be XL. Like seriously, name any rap group that can rap electro/techno beats AND STILL make it sound good. This album deserves an XL. This is worse rating I’ve seen by far.

    • James

      Agreed. XXL just jump on every mainstreams artists dick though. They barely know fresh if it slaps them in the face. Chiddy Bang is the shit and it’s insulting that they’re not even close to getting the review they deserve.

      They gave Tyga an XL? what the fuck.. cos “Rack City” is so lyrically deep isn’t it XXL? wastemen.

      • young mula babyyyy

        rack city was the most iconic lyrical rap record i ever heard get ya grandma off my dick faggot!

        • 808

          You’re the kind of fan that caused Nas to create “Hip-Hop is Dead.” You encourage artists like Tyga to keep making meaningless music like “Rack City.” It’s as lyrical as death metal–shoves it in your face. All of Young Money follows the same formula for their music; I’m awesome, I make so much money, “you” have nothing, “you’re” a bitch. Who is the “you” they’re even talking to? Exactly. No one. No point. Listen to an album like Ready to Die, Pabst and Jazz, Section.80, Marshall Mathers LP or GOBLIN if you want lyricism. If you want real meaning listen to an album like All Eyez On Me, Be, Small Talk at 125th and Lennox (Not REALLY rap, but still), Black on Both Sides, or It Takes a Nation of Millions to Stop Us. Please never say that “Rack City” is an iconic record. It’s not. Iconic means it will be remembered. “Rack City” won’t be. It’s no “C.R.E.A.M.”, or “Mind is Playin Tricks On Me”, or “Me So Horny” or “Gin and Juice”, or “Nuthin’ But a G Thang.” Those are iconic. A song that starts off “Rack City bitch, rack rack city bitch, rack city bitch, rack rack city bitch.” Whispered in a rapist voice is not “iconic.”

          • Homam

            hahaahahahahahaahaha couldn’t have said it better myself. You’re completely right and honestly many music critics don’t give very accurate ratings tbh

    • http://www.lqent.blogspot.com L.Q.

      Honestly I’ve been a fan of Chiddy Bang since they started, and this wasn’t that great lyrically. An L would have been pretty generous at this point, and when you have narrow-minded lyrics you can’t get much for originality. The beats were honestly great, but the repetition of always saying the same thing(s) was annoying.

      • Will

        Have to say I completely agree with this. At first, there was a lot of buzz about an album coming from a duo not many people formerly knew about, so I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. I figured everyone was hopping aboard the Chiddy Bang train for their beats, which is well deserving because Xaphoon produced some of the freshest indietronica beats to hit current hip-hop on this album. It’s kind of a downer that Chiddy couldn’t match the quality of the beats with his licks that dry out as the album treads along. Nevertheless, Breakfast is a fair debut from the duo.

    • DylaNTheGang

      Totally agree, poor review. This album is straight fire, Chiddy Bang have a big future.

  • bawse life

    Originality couldn’t be better. They have a completely original idea and execute it perfectly. Lyrically Chiddy has the best wit and links lines together better than anyone. He is like Lil Wayne tho, where they rhyme like geniuses but ultimately don’t have a strong message. Tygas’ album was better but this album is pretty good. I also would give in an L but to say the originality was lacking is a sham. Beats also should receive the highest ranking possible (every beat is so different from anything else out and his samples are unreal).

  • James

    I don’t think you listened closely enough. In reality, he raps about weed in like 2 bars in a track, same goes to being swell. Chiddy hardly ever boasts, he just tells the fans what they wanna know.

  • BiggieSmallsIsTheIllest

    Neil Martinez-Belkin needs to be fired for this review… in the future maybe users should be able to vote on the rankings in each category

  • RAW

    I cant beleive they gave chiddy bang a L

  • 4twenty3sixty5

    wow.. fuck you xxl, you are LEGIT the biggest dick riders of life. Before you start knocking chid how about you actually COMPARE him to some of the other albums you retards consider xl, AND

  • 4twenty3sixty5

    you should also consider he’s a GUINESS WORLD RECORD holder for RAPPING, you fuckin tools. and dont even go there about how his doesn’t go into detail on subjects and how his lyrics are meaningless when you consider rappers like gucci mane, young jeezy, rick ross and all those other faggots ‘lyrical’, cause theyre not, theyre bragging about money, clothes, and hoes. fuck you im never reading another review again you are all garbage.

    • Dood

      You can hardly take into account his record when it comes to the album. That was for longest time spent rapping and most of that was shit cause honestly, when you’re going straight for a long period of time, you’re gonna run out of ideas. You can’t rate someone’s album by past achievements or else Will Smith should have gotten dope ratings cause I liked him in Fresh Prince

    • anon

      “Earlier this year, Chidera “Chiddy” Anamege, the rapping half of the Philly rap duo Chiddy Bang, broke the Guiness World Record for Longest Freestyle, rapping for more than nine hours straight. And if you want to hear some utterly godawful rapping, pull up a video of Chiddy finishing off that marathon. Or rapping for a 10-minute stretch during hour five. Or 22 minutes into it. Really, any random moment from the writ-large publicity stunt is going to give you some truly clumsy time-killing fluffiness. Even if Chiddy was Rakim, he couldn’t have pulled this thing off; there’s not a rapper alive who could say anything compelling for nine hours straight. But a great rapper wouldn’t have attempted this stunt because a great rapper wouldn’t have needed to do it. There’s no worthwhile artistic reason to rap for that long– it’s pure online traffic-bait. When you rap for nine hours, words stop meaning anything; they become a way to fill time. If you pull up a random video from the nine-hour stretch, you’ll see Chiddy wandering aimlessly around a spotlessly furnished room, flopping down on a blinding white couch, lifelessly throwing out words while the other dudes in the room stare at their iPhones. It’s depressing.”

  • black jesus

    an L?!?!?!?!


    whatever you guys are smoking, puff puff pass my nigga. this shit is an S at best.

    • Sir Escobar

      S at best!?!?!?!


      whatever YOU are smoking, puff puff pass my nigga. this shit is an XL.

  • TruthBeTold

    Neil, your a fucking piece of shit. dickriding faggot, go lick ricks fat ass. Im challenging you to actually listen and do your job right for at least one of your upcomming reviews. I know its hard but just put your headphones in or whatever and just listen to the song for once, you’ll find you’ll have something intelligent to say for once you poser fuck.

  • Jiggawhat

    Chiddy bang is good. if you’re 15 and a moron.

    • wheel Chair Jimmy

      co-sign. and what’s with all the threats and insults to the reviewer? “dick riding faggot” “fucking piece of shit” for a review? someone saying something you like is wack, doesn’t make it wack for you. if you like it, you like it simple. and do you all really think the reviewer is gonna cry himself to sleep because you didn’t like his review? oh wait a minute i get it, you’re all angry because your the 12 yr olds who have a disagreement on youtube and start acting like some gangsters threatening eachother- no wonder chiddy’s got nothing deep to say, his fans wouldn’t get it.

      • justin

        Quit b*tching he wrote a bad review people hated deal with it

  • http://youtube.com/louietrax Louietrax

    Bullshit man, this album deserves XL, especially XXL in originality! Chiddy Bang are expanding their sounds with every song, and it’s healthy expansion. Not some rock Wayne stuff, but it’s creative. Seriously rethink this review. Chiddy raps well, don’t knock the artist @Louietrax

    • Devbreaker29

      Yeah I agree, i think they underated this album, its a lot better than that rack city bullshit that they rated higher! Xaphoon’s beats are so much more unique then the typical mainstream hip hop beats. Chiddy is a good rapper with smart witty lyrics, but I think he could work on revealing himself a bit more in his lyrics.

  • titans539

    this is a different type of hip hop why do they have to go in depth with how “swell” he is or how good the dope he smokes is? thats all hip hop is now and frankly i hate it. see lupe fiasco he raps about life not getting high and all the fancy shit he has. chiddy bang is just fun.

  • samyswell

    this album deserved a xl! I agree that Chiddy with is easy going , witty and clevers lyrics has more to do with hip hop when it used to be “FUN” like rob base and dj ez rock//run dmc //beastie boys//kid n’ play//dj jazzy jeff and fresh prince…but the hip hop world lost touch with the fun side of things and prefer rappers that are egomaniacs , flashy , spitting about hoes and bitches or how gangsta they are!!!! Chiddy has a lot to learn still but he deserved a L and the beats and originality is a pure xxl! Best production since kayne west wtt (no wonder is a fan!!!!) The beats are on another level and can sometimes make u feel like your in the 80″s or 90″s but with that electro hip hop feel of now!!! FUN is what chiddy bang are without being too corny /too simple or too indie but just a duo (which is rare nowadays in hip hop since all rappers are all about me myself and i) who keep things real!!! Now dear Mr.Critic go back trying to be real while rapping over RACK CITY BITCH ,RACK CITY BITCH…

  • ladson goatsmith

    fire this reviewer. full stop. xxl your losing all creditability

  • Bettertobesmartthanstupid

    When you say words like creditability, your comments lose credibility.

  • chrsshoeman

    Look I’m sorry chiddy bang is not that great of a rapper. If anything this review was generous. Dope beats, absolutely shit rhymes. So stop bitching about the review. And anyone who brings up the world record? that was complete garbage he was practically talking 9 hours straight. Oh and i’ve met the guy too and he’s kinda a dick

  • Pingback: DMX Brings <b>Hip</b>-<b>Hop</b> Redux To SOB's « Hip Hop « Blinging…

  • Mason

    An “M” for lyrics, and “L” for originality? Gotta be fucking kidding me. I’d love to hear ONE other rapper, or group for that matter that has a sound anywhere close to Chiddy Bang. There isn’t one, they’ve created the perfect blend of Indie-sampled electronic hip-hop..I’d say thats pretty original. Chiddy has a flow that goes for days and Xaphoon is an absolute wizard. Awesome album, don’t trust the review till you’ve sampled some tracks for yourself

  • fish

    don’t be hating on the review or the reviewer. its just an OPINION. listen to some songs first. if you like them, go buy the album. if not, who really cares? it’s your opinion.

  • Mulletarse

    Chiddy Bang? More like Shitty Band.

  • Wez

    I love Chiddy Bang and their mixtapes (which i listen to regularly) and couldn’t wait for this album… but in truth, I was pretty bummed with the final product…
    What I anticipated from this album, was bacon, eggs, toast, pancakes and some hashbrowns, but what was delivered was a pack of Hubba Bubba (great analogy by the reviewer). Hey I love Hubba Bubba, but the boys have more to give than this.
    The lyrics dont uplift or inspire me… I am not really sure wha they do, I just know Chiddy has more to give. Looking forward to future releases. (Hopefully featuring “All Things Go,” love that track).
    Still a Chiddy Bang fan and I think its okay for us fans to admit that this is not their best…

  • anon

    Chiddy Bang is going to have as much long term appeal as Jurassic 5, this shit isn’t good, it isn’t original. It’s radio disney, frat rap, nintendo beep boop beep garbage.

  • nick estrada

    you give Tyga’s wack ass a Xl and he’s stuff sucked lyrically and beats and his hooks. But chiddy got an L. XXL mags suck when it comes to reviews. smh

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