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Alley Boy, Nigganati

Alley Boy isn’t one to bite his tongue. The Duct Tape CEO has certainly ruffled his share of feathers, most recently taking some (not so) subliminal shots at T.I. and Young Jeezy on “I Want In,” off of his recent mixtape, Nigganati. Though he denied the record was in fact a diss, fuel was added to the fire just last week when Alley claimed Jizzle has been on “some fake ass shit,” following a conversation he had with incarcerated BMF kingpin Big Meech. As Alley Boy continues to stir the pot, it’s only fitting he find an equally controversial title for his latest project. And so we have Nigganati.

A Malcolm X-sampling intro might seem out of place for a rapper who could be categorized as Southern Trap, but Nigganati surprises as Alley Boy’s most cohesive and socially conscious project to date. He operates in a similar territory as Freddie Gibbs: a hardened thug, but undoubtedly self-aware. There’s no intricate rhyme schemes or slick punch lines to be found, but rather a thick southern drawl of convincing aggression and personality to account for the successes here. “I Say,” and the contentious “I Want In” are threat-laced affairs laden with goonish anecdotes. “Cops on The Block” is a throwback N.W.A. “Fuck The Police”-type record, complete with nods to Eazy-E. “Up Here” chronicles Alley’s ups and downs, reflecting on prison bids and parole violations. The booming production from the likes of Boi-1da and The Bizness also bolster the tape’s quality.

Setting his crosshairs on Jeezy and T.I, the Atlanta native reminds of the young, ambitious, and ruthless Marlo Stanfield coming for Avon and Stringer’s top spot in HBO’s The Wire. Alley doesn’t come across as a removed felon rehashing his old war stories, but rather someone unafraid of still getting their hands dirty. Nothing here sounds far-fetched or contrived, with reputation and authority being motivation over any sort of financial desire. On the project’s standout “Up Here,” Alley admits, “I done stepped on a few toes to get here, but I’m here.” By any means necessary. —Neil Martinez-Belkin (@Neil_MB)

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  • FloBoy

    This aint no entertainment shit like most south rappers go to atlanta and see how many niggas DTE got my boy went to the club to see em and said they turned up with like 30 dudes are dte family no hired actors or paid bodyguards

  • alderman j

    if this aint no entertainment shit then what do the E in DTE stand for!!! NIGGA STOP!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/l.q.ent L.Q.

    The strange part is when I listened to this mixtape I figured the beats were much better than the lyrics, and to be honest the only creative aspect was the Malcolm X sample and the cover. But that has nothing to do with his music originality. This tape deserved and L compared to “Driving 88″ which was great lyrically, and “Breaking Point” from Emilio Rojas.

    • That Atlanta Nigga

      Man shut yo save the trees rap ass up! If you like Emilio Rojas and all that other gay bullshit then why would u like Alley Boy? Go over there with that shit because nobody cares about the artists you mentioned. Fuck ur “lyrical” bullshit. Nobody cares. This is what all the trill people listen to and you wonder why you’re an outcast (not in a good way). You’re a fuck nigga. Have a good day to all those who recognize real. For those who don’t FUCK YA!!!

      • Mazing

        Ok, so if you take out lyricism, you are left with rappers like Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane, Lil B, Soulja Boy, etc. Nigga, lyricism is what made rap. The greatest rappers of all-time are lyricist. Nas, Big L, Big Pun, Biggie, 2Pac, Lupe Fiasco, Outkast are just to name a few. I honestly don’t care what ‘trill people’ listen to. If the rapper sucks, best believe most people, myself included, will never EVER listen to a song by them.

  • T.I.P.

    shut the fuck up dte sum gees str8 up but that shit alley boy doing gone get em knocked off

    • http://getdatmoneyyy.weebly.com/ “That Atlanta Nigga” will never get a job

      This another dirty ignant sewer nigga mixtape that somehow got an XL, another Future or 2 Chainz project to make black men emulate failure and stupidity

      Honestly though, Lil B ain’t a SUPER hard lyricist, but listen to more of his tracks. He actually has messages, as well as actually makes GOOD music (which isn’t always the product of GOOD or great rapping skill, there is more to MUSIC then that)

      that being said, this is OK music, EHHHHH rapping

      L at the best in all cats

  • http://none big bo

    This was a sample on the intro from “KING OF NY” not Malcom-x. This sample has been used several times.

  • http://yep twan

    This dude fake as fok! Anybody can rap about real shit. that dnt mean they live it! Since when does robbin and shit make u real? Real is how you keep it with other folks and from what ive heard he turned his back on his real friends and family.

  • IROC

    I see IGNORANCE is being promoted over INTELLIGENCE this guy is a DISGRACE to the HUMAN RACE just the name of his cd and the GARBAGE ive heard come out this dude mouth is pure ignorance ,to give him a XL shows xxl dont care about the youth and you FAIL xxl i see the devil has a hold over hip hop radio magazines videos

  • S.W.A.Ts 73

    U DONT GET IT…move on. DTE will stll put out..for those that TAKE. U can be a victim of the VICTIMIZED..FINALLY U START TO HAVE POWER OVER SOMETHIN..ANYTHING. GrandChild of the hate that hate made- Chuck D

    Ben Hill
    Zone 4

  • Asiaa

    stop being haters!!! ALLEYBOY MUSIC is REAL as it get!

  • nquestion

    Alley Boy is as gutta as it gets the beats are always on point and so is the flow keep the heat coming young gunner !!!!