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T.I., F*ck Da City Up

We’ve seen this story before: T.I. regains his freedom, releases a few buzz singles, and then delivers a mixtape as he preps his next studio album. Last time, it was Fuck A Mixtape in May of 2010; now, the Atlanta native has returned with a similarly titled tape, but with a revamped mission: to F*ck Da City Up.

As has been his clear task since coming home and getting back on wax, with F*ck Da City Up, T.I. is set on making sure his claims as a member of rap royalty are once again indisputable. Employing his impressively effortless yet refined flows and immodest rhymes, the Bankhead bred rapper’s comeback case is a strong one.

The tape is feature-heavy, for sure—there are 21 for the 19 tracks—but there’s nary a cut on which Tip is overshadowed. Even so, most guests manage to bring something of value to the table. The finest showing comes with Pusha T’s “I’ll Show You” verse, but the inclusion of some of ATL’s newer talents (Future on “I See Ghost’s”; Travis Porter on “Hot Wheels”; and Trouble on “On Purpose”) are also notable. Young Jeezy (“F*ck Da City Up”), 2 Chainz (“Loud Mouth”), B.o.B (“Piss’n On Your Ego”) and Meek Mill “Who What When”) all add their distinct flavor, as well.

Unfortunately, some of the lady-related songs (“Pimp,” featuring Pimp C and Too $hort and “This Time of Night” alongside Nelly) miss the mark.

The project’s strongest moment is when Tip gives himself four minutes alone with the beat on “Oh Yeah” (the track does include background vocals from Trey Songz, but they merge into the beat and become a part of it, more than a stand alone feature). While choruses prove to be a hiccup on some of the tape’s tracks, the Grand Hustle head honcho’s hook on the Just Blaze-produced banger is catchy and well put together, and his verses remain steller. On the whole, his lyrics aren’t as sharp and full of conviction here as they have been on recent leaks (“Spend It (Remix),” “Magic (Remix),” “Niggas In Paris (Remix)” and “I’m Flexin’” to name a few), but he certainly flashes some of the brilliance that makes his one of the game’s best.

In addition to Just, T.I. secures production from T-Minus, Hit-Boy, Toomp, and Dr. Dre (who also kicks a verse on “Popped Off”). Still, on the whole, the beats on the offering lack some of the luster to match the rapper’s rhymes.

“Caught a case, do a bid, they say shawty washed up,” he spits of his current situation on “Oh Yeah.” Though F*ck Da City Up isn’t a flawless compilation, T.I. again proves that such slights are far from the truth. —Adam Fleischer

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  • Dr Dre’s a sellout

    how does dre keep putting out verses that are ghost written for him …. smh

    • http://shady.com.br Sergio M.

      Yeah, seems like Em wrote that verse.

      • SHAUN

        Well actually Dr.Dre Spit Eminems verse Because on the First Take of Popped of T.I. Spit Dr.Dre’s Verse so it’s just a big mind fuck until the officail version with the three

  • jfl11

    excuse my ignorance… but i’m finding it hard to give a sliver of attention to anything TI does anymore

    • Spreezy

      Your ignorance is not excused. Why should his troubles with the U.S. bureaucracy overshadow his own monarchist accomplishments?

      • Pacer

        T.I. has been MIA well before he went to jail.

        Tape was ok. I found myself skipping through most tracks. Worth a listen, nothing major though.

        • kingback

          Before he went to jail he released Paper trail, the last album released after he went to jail. That album was easily one of the best of the year… what the fuck are you talking about

    • Ubout2GetBitchSlappedFool

      Watchu talkin bout?
      “finding it hard to give a sliver of attention to anything TI does anymore”.
      Makes no sense! Not only did you come to page about him you then feel the need to post sum lame ass comment.
      T.I. Keeps bringing it. dope mixtape. Looking forward to another solid album…..then another one….and another…..and another. T.I. not only one of the best but also most consistent.

  • http://Xxlmag.Com Big D

    T.I stl da King of da Souf,dat ll’neva change even if Wayne can do ‘Carter 5-8′,T.I DA KING.

  • B-EASY

    TIP Killed it…..Mixtape is Raw…woulda been good without a couple of the songs on there…but overall it was fire. Songs w/ Travis Porter and Trouble were sick….ITS THE KING B*TCH!!!

  • x

    this mixtape is sick as hell and deserved an xl. anyway fuck the haters. the king is back. this will be in rotation until trouble man comes out.


    I don’t understand this rating system anymore…. This is easily an XL… You must remember that you are evaluating a mixtape… The joints noted happen to stand out in my opinion.. The joint with Pimp C and Too Short is a banger… An album with this many quality songs is an XL, Period!!!! … Every song that you mentioned is dope with the exception of the Travis Porter track and maybe the Nelly joint… This “MIXTAPE” is a banger… Braggadocious southern shit at its finest… Listen to it…

  • http://www.facebook.com/desouzapromotions ben

    t.i. is still the king of the south

  • Meaux

    real talk, xxl staff must have their heads up their… u know 2 give this tape an L. In my opinion, F*ck Da City Up is the best mixtape T.I. dropped n a min that shoud get an XL, better than most of the crap that came out recently. The track wit Pimp C is a certified banger,wtf dey talkin bout missing a mark as well as the song with Trouble. The tape’s banging from start 2 finish! end of story!!!

  • MVPizz

    T.I kills every single song hes in. Every Remix, and this shit went H A R D. Waitin on trouble man. Dudes still doper than ever. People hating him because he left is sad.

    Wayne went to jail and came out gay, T.I got locked up and came out great