Nearly a year removed from releasing his critically acclaimed The Greatest Story Never Told, Saigon is back to supply some more heat, this time on part three of his Warning Shots mixtape series, with this installment dubbed One Foot In The Grave. The lengthiest out of the three—rounding out at 19 tracks—Warning Shots 3 finds the Yardfather in his purest form, offering his signature raw honesty merged with hard-hitting bars.

On the chest-pumping “BBB (Real Niggas Never Die),” which samples Buju Banton’s 1992 classic “Boom Bye Bye,” Sai vents his frustrations on the state of the game, spewing frank lines like, “They said hip-hop was getting to hardcore/The metrosexual movement came, the oddballs/Then all of a sudden the men are so fashion forward/But clothes never made the man, you bastards know it/I rather hear about a nigga lying of glocks/Than have to hear a nigga rhyme about designer socks.”

While he boasts about his authenticity on the rocking “I Am 4 Real” (sampling OutKast’s 2000 smash “Ms. Jackson”), proves he hasn't missed a beat on ”Hungry” and trickles his storytelling skills over “Say Yes,” Sai offers a selection of highlights throughout the project. The highly anticipated Just Blaze-produced “Bring Me Down Pt. 3,” which features former foe Joe Budden, is a revamped track from The Greatest Story Never Told and finds the two trying to lyrically outdo each other. Sai starts off, “In all respect I’m like a Tyrannosaurus rex/The meanest one of them all that don't get along with the rest/But now that me and homie done put our differences to rest/Y'all bout to witness two of the sickest spitters in the flesh.” Joey finishes the job: “Getting beside yourself, niggas thinking they the best/Digging your own grave playing Jenga with tourettes/Out-matched, out-classed there’s nathing you can teach me/In order to bring me down gotta be able to reach me.”

Aside from a few tracks that derail the project's momentum (“Kinky,” “When Did U Get Hot”), Warning Shots 3 channels vintage Saigon throughout. The saga continues. —Ralph Bristout