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Rick Ross, Rich Forever

Rick Ross is definitely in his zone. In the past three years, the Bawse has dropped a steady string of strong full-length solo releases (Deeper Than Rap, Teflon Don), crew LPs (Triple C’s's Custom Cars & Cycles, Maybach Music Group’s Self Made, Vol. 1) and mixtapes (The Albert Anastasia EP, Ashes to Ashes). His latest mixtape, Rich Forever— hosted by DJ Scream and XXL‘s own Shaheem Reid— is a teaser to hold Rozay fans down in anticipation for his next LP, God Forgives, I Don’t and Self Made, Vol. 2, and aims to propel the rotund rapper’s buzz to an all time high.

Ross sets the tone on the Diddy-assisted opener, “Holy Ghost.” “Being dead broke is the root of all evil/Get money my nigga, do good with your people,” he rhymes over haunting keys, as Puff provides ad-libs. The Bawse teams up with 2 Chainz and Wale on the stuntastic “Fuck Em,” which features yet another one of Rozay’s addictive rap-along hooks. On “Triple Beam Dreams,” Nas delivers a conflicted verse reminiscent of his mid-‘90s form, while Ross delivers threatening bars. “Snatching niggas out of they shoes than wear they jackets to school,” he raps.

The tape closes with “Stay Schemin” featuring Drake and French Montana. Drizzy takes center stage on the track—responding to Common with a few subliminal jabs, but it’s his take on Kobe Bryant’s ongoing divorce that is most memorable. “Kobe about lose 150 Ms/Kobe my nigga I hate it had to be him/Bitch you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym,” he offers.

Despite strong guest appearances—Rozay only raps alone for five tracks on the mixtape—it’s undeniably the Rick Ross Show. The MMG boss continues to excel as a lyricist—consistently dropping hashtag-ready lines from track to track. He’s inspirational on the John Legend-assisted title track, comes through on the chick-friendly, “Mine Games” featuring Kelly Rowland and delivers a club-ready song with Future on “Ring Ring.” And he makes it all sound so effortless.

With Rich Forever, Ross continues to cement his position as one of hip-hop’s best artists. The tape surely sets the table for God Forgives, I Don’t to be the career-album rap fans and critics are expecting from Rozay. And if Ross is simply giving away music of this caliber, Lord knows he’ll be taking it up a few notches with his next commercial release. Hunngh!—Carl Chery (@cchery)

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  • http://www.twitter.com/jericnova Jeric Nova

    Tape was crazy dope, definitely bumping this on repeat until God Forgives, I dont. XL is a good rating considering the album bouta warrant an XXL

  • Alexander Place

    Rick Ross’ Rich Forever Mixtape review: EXTRA REGULAR.
    This has great beats. That’s all. I cannot support rap that has no good meaning. How can poor people dream of being rich forever in a system that strangles them. J cole speaks of dremaing and the struggles. This mixtape is a fake show of wealth, when happiness in life doesn’t come from buying bigger houses, and more expensive cars; happiness comes from love and following one’s passions. This tape will lead to more excessive consumption, crime to pay for the consumption, and people buying dumb shit they dont need.

    • jonnybizness

      U sound broke and bitter Peep the interview at the end with Shaheem reid.I ain’t got Rick ross money but I aim to be comfortable in Life without commiting a crime jus hard work and having a plan.U would have to be dumb to follow trends and have the latest Jordans but no 0′s in the bank.

      • Alexander Place

        @Johny, I got seven figures and I dont buy any new clothes; I give my money to people who are starving, or need help paying for a good education! excessive consumption, with no “O’s in the bank”, is what has people doing crime.

        This mixtape does nothing to help America get away from buying shit we dont need, and being materialistic. Look inside people to see their character not at the shiny clothes n shit.

    • PoloFLY

      It’s good to dream,but you cant dream forever,you gonna have to have to make a decision to go out there and get it,shit i wanna be where ross is at,but i know it’s gonna take hard work and dedication,i like hearing fly shit,i dont wanna hear broke shit all the time,seeing rozay and other rappers/entrepreneurs that’s out there getting it,and knowing i wanna be where they at one day,keeps me even more motivated.

    • igotacos

      i understand the point, but i think that the point of this type of music is to put indiviuals who ARENT rich forever in a mindstate where they have money and cars and silly material things. it is a very fun listen when you want, but the music can be misinterpreted

  • scott

    rick ross killed it with this, best mixtap so far this year

  • scott

    rick ross killed it with this, best mixtape so far this year

  • http://xxlmag.com Really doe

    the mixtape was not really all that great beats was cool lyrics were average

  • NC




    • http://mywoods.tumblr.com Dat mpeezy

      The mixtape is good. I agree on mixtapes expecting to be album quality now a days, but it’s not thanks to Rozay. There is tons of artists that have released mixtapes the last year, that has the quality of a good album.

  • Pacer

    I found myself quite enjoying this mixtape & i very rarely bring myself to listen to Rick Ross.
    Its on point for a free mixtape.

  • http://www.mandugudigital.blogspot.com Akula Akwabi

    Rick Riss Rich Forever is the ish! Period!! And am in fuckin Tanzania bangin on this. Ask me how it relates, the world’ my oyster. NO DOUBT! Can’t sleep on that.

  • MLD Gotti

    YEAHHHHH this shit be havin them C.O.’s strait open back on the pod. Ready to pepper spray a nigga an everything. This come on and its LOCK DOWN BITCHS OFF THE PHONES

  • King Kgomotso

    Rick Ross has put in the consistant hard work and now it is paying off.

  • Jack

    tape was OK

  • jojo

    bullshit. raekwon gets an l but this fat fuck gets a an xl. fuck outta here

  • dave

    xxl got caught up in the hype the beats sound the same and there is nothing origanal about his lyrics.off the boat is the worse song this year.

  • Stretch

    Its an Albert Anastasia EP re-release but with a Nas verse. No lyrical growth at all. Again good beats, NOTHING MORE.

    P.S. Nas’ verse MADE the mixtape, FOH with Drake, 2Chainz and French Montana

  • Officer Ricky

    William Leonard Roberts II born January 28 1976 better known by his stage name Rick Ross is a manufactured gangsta rapper
    He graduated high school went to college and spent a year at the historically black college Albany State University in Albany Georgia studying criminal justice
    Then trained and passed as a CO William worked as a CO for 18 months
    Had a clean record untill January 2008
    Ross agreed to perform a wide range of correctional officer duties including shoot an inmate attempting to escape
    These online hackers putting a picture of my face when I was a teenager in high school on other peoples body I’m in the entertainment business
    I grew up in Carol City I went to the same Miami Carol City Senior High School as Rick Ross and Flo-Rida
    The perception which Ross has put forth is that Carol City is the hood full of projects liquor stores gangs Carol City has one little section of low income housing the Matchbox Projects But I say Carol City is not the hood



  • Chong

    Best mixtape of the year? Sort ur head out; 17th Jan!

    Also, y the fuck do Rick Ross, Weezy, Drake n any other bullshit artist get 4-5 paragraphs 4 their reviews, n most other artists get 2-3?

    Please dnt call it a coincidence; step yo’ muthafkin game up XXL!

    Then agen, guess it justifies the xtra ratin u give them all 2?

    B honest, all the above mentioned artists r wack n this is not wot hip-hop’s s’posed 2 b.

    Just like shudn’ b bout Amber Rose v Kim Kardashian.
    Who gives a fk; this is rap nigga!!

  • LeX

    Mixtape is FIRE Heavy rotation in the whip…… Guy makes Consistent good music ROZAY

  • Joey G

    I really don’t understand how it got XL lyrics and XL originality. That means people like Lupe and other lyricists should be getting XXXXL. Smh

  • Tony

    How can you front on this tape? Ricky Rozzay went in on this tape. Yeah its the ballin kind of rap, but he does it hella tight.

  • http://www.acemediatb.com AceMedia

    im eating crab legs wit tha heavy butta… its only one ROZAY!!

  • Meaux

    what is the staff smokin’ on!? mixtape of the year my behind. that title already went 2 f*ck the city up. On another note, this mixtape is not original nor lyrical by any means of the imagination. I’ve heard better rhymes from better artists than from rick ross. i give him credit 4 pushing his music & havin’ music 2 bang in the system. Other than that, xxl needs 2 quit biggin’ him up like he’s the 2nd coming of b.i.g. epic fail in this review.

  • callum

    how does raekwons tape get an l and this gets xl? xxl you guys need to pick better reviewers because you either have crackheads, or 12 year olds reviewing albums and tapes

  • Patrick

    Originality should be M at the most.