Gangrene, the producer/rapper duo consisting of boom-bap sample wizard The Alchemist and underground favorite Oh No isn’t going anywhere. What started off looking like a one-off project (their 2010 debut, Gutter Water), has turned into a full on group. Last year, the two added underground rhyme slinger Roc Marciano to the team and formed Greneberg, releasing an excellent self-titled EP. Yet this time around, Double G seems to have overstayed their welcome.

Sure, the beats still bang—leaning towards a psychedelic, guitar heavy sound here—but the rhymes are lacking to the point of being almost unnecessary. Guest turns from Marciano on “Drink Up,” Kool G. Rap on “Gladiator Shit,” and Prodigy on “Dump Trunk” are more then welcome, but the majority of the raps are unfortunately provided by ALC and Dr. No: two artists more known for getting busy behind the boards than on the mic.

At the same time, there is a lot to appreciate on Vokda & Ayahuasca—a loose concept album about getting super stoned off this trippy concoction (ayahuasca is a hallucinogenic drink created from a vine of the same name). Everything from the distorted cover art (an ode to the black light posters of the 1960s), to the amazing video treatments by director Jason Goldwatch, to the bugged out vocal samples relating to ayahuasca makes the total package more exciting.

Now if they could just release an instrumental version of the album. —Jesse Gissen (@JesseXXL)