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Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa, Mac and Devin Go to High School (Music From and Inspired by the Movie)

The Wiz -Snoop comparisons have been making their way around canibus circles for a few years now. Since the Taylor Gang chief broke into the mainstream in 2010, fans have seen a connection: their long, gangly frames, happy go lucky demeanors, and, of course, a shared love for the sticky icky. It’s one thing to be classified as a “weed rapper,” but it’s another to become the marijuana icon that Snoop has. It’s daunting to envision anyone other than Uncle Snoopy as the quintessential weed ambassador, but eventually the time will come for the D-O Double G to pass the blunt, and when the smoke clears (please take note of continued weed puns), no young upstart seems more primed for the position than Wiz Khalifa. With a joint effort soundtrack, Mac and Devin Go to High School (Music From and Inspired by the Movie), the two MCs look to build momentum for their upcoming stoner comedy.

In terms of subject matter, there’s no surprises here, with the first three tracks consecutively titled “Smokin On,” “I Get Lifted” and “You Can Put It In A Zag, Imma Put It In A Blunt,” the first of which feature a memorable verse from Juicy J and marching band horns from Memphis producer Drumma Boy. On “You Can Put It in A Zag, Imma Put It In A Blunt,” the two rappers engage in a playful back and forth, each sharing their preferred method of enjoying their green leafy vice. Deducing from the good-natured lyrics and song title, it appears they’ve agreed to disagree on the matter for now.

The album’s single, “Young, Wild and Free,” will get it’s Top 40 spins while also shining a light on the direction of Wiz’s sound: Sing-songy records like this, “Talent Show,” and the funky, psychedelic “630” emphasize a focus on his skills as a hookmaster rather than a rapper. Khalifa’s never been known for pushing the envelope lyrically, but here, he seems even more disinterested. If his lyricism could be understood through imperfect statistical methods, the relationship between his commercial success and lyrical range would be classified as a negative correlation; as the former goes up, the latter has gone down.

Pairing up the elder statesman and the apparent heir to his throne for a project was a great idea. Unfortunately, it doesn’t live up to its potential, and the result is lackluster, with bland efforts both lyrically and production-wise. Perhaps the soundtrack will accompany the film in a more complimentary manner, but standing alone, it falls short of the capabilities of its protagonists. And if, even understood alongside the movie, it still can’t hold up, Snoop and Wiz will have to go back to the drawing board next time Mac and Devin go back to school. —NMB

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  • http://twdrapreviews.blogspot.com thatwhitedude

    damn first medium ive from xxl ive seen in a long time

  • Jim C

    If you expect this to be an incredibly lyrical album then your an idiot, its an album for chillin out to and it does the job so id give it an L all round, easy album to listen to. Also the originality rating needs to go for all reviews because great music is being under rated because it aint original, who cares if its not original (what is these days) as long as the musics banging

  • dismathis

    medium? come on… this is exactly how this album is supposed to sound.
    it is a solid L, not much higher, but medium is definitely putting it too low.

  • lilrizq

    ever since the internet blogger age began, album reviews from magazines like XXL or The Source have become more and more irrelevant. now the real people of the internet determine what’s hot and what’s not. all the magazines cater to the record labels, this is why Lil Wayne has an XL when his album was lackluster at best.

  • juice

    Daaaaaaaamm gave them niggas a M. Thats fucked up lmao

  • jamie

    first rating i’ve agreed with in a long time.

  • bugz

    yall didnt even talk about how my man spitta killed his verse on OG

  • http://xxlmag.com TaylorTwoTimes

    look at u taylor gang groupies getting mad lol. im a big wiz fan but face it this cd was ass rolling papers was better then this shit.

  • Piffsburgh412

    Damn you guys seriously underrated this CD. I don’t know what your smoking but the beats on this soundtrack are fire (It Could Be Easy, Smokin’ On, OG, Talent Show). They got that vintage feel, fit Wiz and Snoop nicely and damn Wiz’s flow is seriously on point. He outshines Snoop throughout the album. Although the subject matter is kind of overused, its what Wiz knows best and he does it the best in my opinion. These songs are complete, well done and the soundtrack has only a few choice guests which is perfect. Also there really isn’t any filler tracks which kills other projects people put out. This CD is made to chill, smoke, party and overall feel good. This album made my week so much better and it reminds me of why I listened to Wiz in the first place. Plus its probably one of the best movie soundtracks I’ve ever heard. You can tell they worked hard on this. This deserves an XL or at least an L in my opinion.

  • fuckyall

    wiz anit shit and snoop anit been shit for a while lol

    • taylorgangdizz

      i hate niggas that hate on my man wiz fam forreal yall is jus sum jealous ass haters that think yall tuff bring that tuff shit to da burgh n ask bout me my name ring bells u can find me n ill show u tuff shit pussys n ill show u da tg stomp HOE lmfao lame ass niggas

      • BlackenChineseMan

        are you white?

  • Meth and Red

    How High ?

  • Alex “the french”

    XXL gets crazy, how can they give an XL to stupid ass Yelawolf or B.O.B and a Medium for this album..;i really can’t understand…of course it is not a classic but much better than Drake, Yelawolf, BOB ‘s albums…

    • rick c

      THIS IS AND SOUNDTRACK! NOT AN ALBUM! but the review was off even for a soundtrack

  • Brizzy

    well the whole point of the album is to be jammin while ya smoke.So no shit they gonna be rappin bout weed! Also Wiz goes in in most the soundtrack so idk which one yu listined to, this deserved an L. M is kinda harsh

  • Mike White

    so itz oh kay to rapp about killing and selling and get an l or xl bt dis gets an m like really cum on son

  • http://xxl BIGED

    check out freshairs.net.. the sickest og jordans on the net period..1000% authentic or double your money back..LIKE US ON FACEBOOK

  • Big Pinch

    Really? This gets the same grade as Gucci & V-Nasty? Y’all must be smoking with Mac & Devin

  • N. Hale

    How you gonna give these two a M? The album isn’t the best of the year, but it’s not that horrible. I feel as if you are being a bit harsh. It’s clearly a lot better than BAYTL!

  • Steve

    How can you give this the same rating as gucci mane and v nasty’s baytl. Baytl should have gotten an s and this should get l

  • rick c

    we all knew this was comin’. xxl can’t review shit responsibly. i dont care how many weed puns there were the review didnt do justice. this album was made for chillin’ and was made with consistancy. at leat an l with xxl in orignality. howw juch more original can u get with snoop and wiz ! xxl are friggen music nazi’s

  • 1love

    to much politics in xxlmag reviews. but this review is dead on

  • http://XXLreviews queenmadi157

    I like the CD, and I do not smoke at all but the music was challenging for both artist and i thought that was a plus.

  • Will

    Bout time somebody called Snoop on his bullshit, dude has tried to rap well in a while. He’s just trying to stay relevant by dumbing his shit down. I’m sorry, but when I need my weed music, I refer to Currensy and Devin the Dude. Fuck this bullshit. 40 years old playing a high school student, cmon Snoop you better than that…

  • Jake

    holy fuck u spelled Canibus like the rapper and not cannabis the drug. XXL u need a nigga like me writing for you, your online editors sucks assholes. and btw how snoop gunna make a song young, wild, and free? that dude older than my parents lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!