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Los, The Crown Ain’t Safe

Rap royalty has been a frequent point of discussion in 2011. Jay-Z and Kanye West made the case that the throne is theirs. Drake feels like the throne is for the taking. On his latest mixtape, Baltimore bred MC Los is out to show fans and fellow rhymers that, since he’s around, The Crown Ain’t Safe.

Los has made a habit of dropping mixtapes in recent years, including delivering Worth The Wait in July, consisting of cuts that wouldn’t make this release. Beginning to come into his own with that project, the 27-year-old has found his footing here. Those who have heard previous work from Los understand that his knack for wordplay, coupled with a frenzied flow, have been in his pocket for a while. On this DJ Drama and DJ ill Will hosted project, though, not only does he forcefully prove that he’s an elite lyricist, but he’s also able to craft concepts and employ ideas that give the tape a fuller body. Songs like “Never Say Never,” “Biggest Fan,” and “Make You Proud” (including a verse from DMX) demonstrate Los beginning to find his footing, not just as a lyrically inclined rhymer, but as a rapper who can make songs, too.

He’s not all the way there, and some of the concepts themselves may be predictable (just look at those titles), but the former Bad Boy signee makes them sustainable with his slick lines; at the end of the day, the lyrics remain his forte. With that, there are still plenty of songs where the focus is to make the rewind button jam, as he locks in on cuts like “King Los,” “Shine,” and “Finally Here.”

It’s a bit premature for any hardware to be resting on Los’s head, but on The Crown Ain’t Safe, he’s building the army of skills that he’ll need to one day mount an overthrow. —Adam Fleischer

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  • Shane

    How you NOT gonna give the lyrics XXL? Smh.. XXL fuckin up again.

    • http://www.facebook.com/l.q.ent L.Q.

      Easy. Lupe is the best lyricist they have reviewed thus far, plus there were a couple songs where he eased up on lyrics like in the track with XV. XV killed and it seemed as Los just cruised on though and just let him have it.

      • $yk

        “Easy. Lupe is the best lyricist they have reviewed thus far,”

        ^ and that’s when I stopped reading that comment…not because of Lupe…because you tried to apply your biased opinion as actual fact.

      • Shane

        Is that dude retarded? lmao

        Lupe got an XXL on the lyrics
        Los is a MUCH better lyricist than Lupe is. #Fact

      • TDHeet

        the lyrics in that song must have gone over your head. the way he compares how he used to play basketball and ride his bike to what hes doing now is ridiculous and really poetic. lupes a ridiculous lyricist by
        masterpiece lyrically >> any lupe song lyrically if you disagree please post examples

    • _uncleben

      I agree completely…he deserves a XL rating

  • TDHeet

    People reviewing Los need to hit a blunt and THEN listen to his shit… otherwise obviously it goes way over their head. Beats -L lyrics – XXL originality XL

  • Lock Hard

    Its obvious XXLMAG and many other artists and music groups see him as a threat. If anything, his lyrics are XXXXL. The beats were fine, and overall the album, *cough cough* I mean mixtape should have been an XXL. The Crown Aint Safe, and anybody with an IQ above 40 should be able to see that the reason its not safe is because of Los. I don’t even see how they did a review so fast. It takes at least 3 days to decipher and decode one song on there…I mean did you LISTEN and UNDERSTAND the album.. *Cough Cough* I mean mixtape?

    • $yk

      irst off, son should get an S for originality because his name and look is a rip-off of Fabolous (Loso)…

      second, this comment reads like a repeat of the press release for the project…how many rappers say they’re “next” for the throne? WAAAYYYY too many.

      And lastly, you’re disputing the rating, but are you disputing the MUSIC? WHICH SONGS SHOULD ONE WHO HAS NEVER HEARD OF THIS GUY LISTEN TO? NONE of you used MUSIC! DO YOU AGREE WITH THE REVIEW OF THE SONGS OR NOT?

      I caught NOTHING here on this thread to make me want to listen or even sign this guy. Learn this lesson, and good luck to son with his future endeavors…

      • YooooTho

        his name is los cus his birth name is carlos … nothing to do with fabolous

      • OnlyRealMusic

        @$yk listen to the guy, and you will understand the dispute, this is mixtape of the year

  • new school

    ya’ll are fucking crazy. Los is the best lyricist out…period…ranking up with wale and j cole, he just don’t get the support he needs. Los is that dude, XXL.

    • http://www.facebook.com/l.q.ent L.Q.

      I agree, the mixtape overall deserves an XL. And the writer’s name is at the bottom of the review.



  • is this rating a joke??

    an L?? who reviews this music??? get somebody above a elementary school level to listen to this tape and then we’ll see what rating he gets

  • john

    Lyrics should be an XXL. I agree with everything else (except overall rating should be XL if you bump lyrics up to XXL)

    • hoj

      Doesn’t even matter. He should’ve got an XL because he has 2 categories with an XL. Compared to lyrics and orginality, beats should not affect his score that much. It’s ridiculous.

  • J

    Smdh at you XXL..how you gon give this guy an L, wake up…

  • hoj

    How can 2Chainz, with an L in Lyrics and Origininality get an XL yet Los get an L? The beats were fine, but his lyrics were filthy. Los deserves at least an XL.

  • Mike White

    oh cum on yu got to be shitting me just a lager yall fuck him over with worth the wait given dat a lager and srry for the wait an XL yall on sun ol bull shit kid G shit

  • WOW

    How does he get 2 XLs + 1 L …and the average is an L ?? makes no sense


    beats L
    lyricx XL
    originality XL +
    a reasonable average would be XL

  • Loukesan

    This got two XL’s and one L and its overall is an L. 50 cents new mixtape got two L’s and one XL and its overall was an XL?? Seriously, XXL needs to fix its rating scale cuz this makes no sense.

  • Joey

    Yea this is straight bullshit. I can honestly say i like EVERY song on the mixtape. Yes i have been a Los fan for a while, but even if i wasn’t and just heard of him for the first time i would be amazed. Los made me critique so many rappers for not being up to par with lyrics because his are just so far above the average rappers. Los is the reason i like very few rappers today because he is just that good. Deserves an XL atleast.

  • Joey

    There are still some punchlines and wordplay i just realize after listening to the song 20 times already. Wow.

  • Pacer

    2 x XL
    1 x XL

    And you give it a L? What the fuck man. Makes no sense.

  • xx1c3man

    best mixtape of 2011, Los is simply too hard XXL all the way!

  • http://www.twitter.com/betta_mo Mo Betta

    The young nigga isnt settling for 2nd best. Los cleary has bars this mixtape tho he shows he is making a real effort at making better and complete songs. My favorite song is GET IT because it has some of the best wordplay on the entire mixtape. S/o B-more … DMV we claiming him! – Mo Betta

  • youngc

    XXL, you have officially lost my respect.

  • DrewP

    Beats: XL
    Lyrics: XXL
    Originality: XXL

    This guy is WAY too UNDERRATED!!

    As for the writer, what were you thinking!?!?

  • mrgoldrapper

    I really think that hes the next guy from the DMV to blow.

  • Los or bust

    How it works

    Click the orange lyrics for explanations of Los (Ft. XV) – Get It lyrics
    Highlight white lyrics and explain them to get Rap IQ™ (help)

    I used to willie the bike, dribble the ball
    Now I’m Balling when I travel no dribble at all
    I used to run suicides impressing my coach
    No I fly like I quit the team, I ain’t messing with coach
    I watched Micheal Jordan take flight, Hammer do the type writer
    My 1st freestyles came as a bike rider
    Cause I used to spin the handle bars around
    And that’s quit a spin cause I handle bars now
    I used to play hide and go seek on the roof
    Now the roof play hide and go seek in my coop
    Uh, I used to clean off the sneaks with my tooth brush
    Now my shoe game floss a little to much
    But I’m exactly what my hood need
    I been macing since Ewing had good knees
    Say hello to the problem
    Cause now I’m watching Melo at the garden

    how is that taking it easy no other rapper can put words and lines anywhere close to los be honest with yourself if you only gave this one listen you missed it los is so deep and quick you can listen 20 times and still miss the point

  • Mazii

    The beatz could’ve been better but his Lyrics (XXL) and I aint even a fan. I’m just keeping it real

  • Odeus

    XXL done screwed up on this one. AGAIN. Los = Ron Paul, XXL= Fox New. Please get it straight. LOS is the BEST, need I remind you. B to the A L TI need I say MORE? some retared ass people reviewing his stuff. I usually don’t catch his lines fully until 5-6 listens. Los is still waaaay ahead of anyone in this circus, and as long as people recognize that, that’s all that matters. fuck a mag that’s run off of advertisements and hype. Los is the real deal, go back and look at ANY mixtape he’s dropped in the last 7 years. Every SINGLE person I show Los says within 5 minutes that he is indisputably the best. XXXXXXXXXXL