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Gucci Mane & V-Nasty, Baytl

Merging Gucci Mane’s Atlanta-grown, Southern twang with V-Nasty’s hyphy sound of the Bay Area, two seemingly unlikely forces come together for the collaborative album, Baytl. While the beats don’t stray far from the rowdy synth, drum and keyboard sound that usually compliment Guch, the lyrical collaboration with V-Nasty is a below par, even for the ATL trap star.

As the MCs produce a collective work joining two styles and sides of the country, the end result is often cringe-worthy. With lyrics such as V’s “Every time you see me, you know I’m rockin’ new shit/I got a new whip off of a new bitch,” followed soon after by, “Hold up, I’m way better than the average/In my city, I ain’t nothin’ but a savage” (“Hate Me Some”), representing a general theme of rhymes with no clear definition, it’s tough to get behind what’s going on here, even if the novelty of the collab is somewhat enticing. The Ice Cream Man’s bars are often fantastically poor in a disctinctly Gucci Mane way, but his cohort’s off-kilter flow and curious sentence structure ultimately detract greatly.

Atlanta’s East Side bad boy and the Bay’s thugged-out White girl were inspired to compose an album highlighting their favorite things of the world and general goonery. Dedicating a song to a liquid courage that’s not alcohol, the two put together hooks like, “My favorite color purple/Sippin’ on that purple/Smokin’ on that purple/You ain’t got that purple/Get the fuck up out my circle” (“Out My Circle”).

This joint LP produces sub-par lyrics, multiple cartoon beats and a whole lot of, “What the hell did they just say?” Even with some serviceable production that could be the soundtrack to ignorant boisterousness, Baytl doesn’t prove to be a winning combination. —Amber McKynzie

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  • T

    If this can’t even get an S, I wonder what can.

    • $yk

      I’ma shout out momma Deb again…quite the bank account coup for this one…when them Soundscan #s come out it will only affect the chick…Gucci was in jail, this was a C&P album…

      that I’m pretty sure that chicks’ people PAID for…

  • ackoolness

    I dont want to live on this planet anymore.

  • Dammn

    This just in… the Gucci Mane/ V-Nasty collab album just killed hip hop.

  • gutter

    Vagina Nasty AKA H.I.V Nasty SHOULD DIE

  • gutter


  • J.R.

    about time xxl got serious about review’s, coz this shit was rap with a capital C

  • Jon Dog

    V-Nasty and Gucci Mane. Fuck that, I’ll spare the blood comin’ from my ears. 2 whack ass rappers. Can’t believe this shit got a M. Well, I guess I can seeing as how it’s XXL, and most of those dumb shits are Gucci fans. This is what’s wrong with hip hop, garbage like this…

    • Shake Junt Piss Drunks

      Die slow bitch. Dissin Gucci? your A stupid fuck..
      Gucci = Cold
      White Female = She’s just a female and thats all shell ever be

      See you in Hell Bitch

      • Shake Junt Piss Drunks again

        “With a careful stare.”

  • black jesus

    gucci killed it, but that white girl was wack. they need to drop a version with vanessa edited out like slaughterhouse did with joey buttons.

  • 2883Joker

    PREACH!!!!! Gucci Mane was up to par. But V-Nasty was annoying as FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried listening to it drunk. Cause sometimes a weak song or in this case album sounds better when you’re fucked up. NOPE!!!!!!!!!! Gucci please drop something classic now that you’re free. No V-Nasty. No Waka or BSM. Give us some of that So Icey Entertainment flow. When you were the only artist on your own label. PLEASE!!!!!

    • Sammy2Doorz

      Preach, Church, TABERNACLE!!!!

  • SolachiVoz

    Giving this an M is like giving the Bush Administration an A+. XXL, GTFO with this rating

  • Whaaat!

    I have to disagree, I thought this album deserves a XL because both of them went in.

  • realness

    You gave this trash the same rating as the Wiz and Snoop album???? WTF is wrong with you XXL. This is straight garbo while Wiz and Snoop went in! They shoulda got a XL.

  • jcup

    who the fuck would wanna hear this shit in the first place

  • http://xxlmag LouisBoi


  • swype-matic

    Fuck XXL for this bullshit.

  • Dan

    Gucci actually thinks this shit’s a classic LOL LOL

  • Jhollaback

    an M!!!!!!! seriously?? im sorry but that shit gets no love over this way….i dont understand why niggas do this shit…Like Gucci KNOWS this girl cannot spit so why in the fuck do a collaborative album with her?? Thank you Guch and v-nasty *clap clap clap* yall are officially killing hip hop….whats next soulja boy and a kreyshawn mixtape? smh THIS IS NOT REAL HIP HOP.

  • LaGlare

    man this shit hard as helll, what the heck ya talkng bout please stop, hating is bad… Gucci murked it, str8up…..and to top it off he did it right after droppin that gem Ferrari Boys with flocka,, and i cant forget the Free Bricks with Future.. funnything is he did all this while he was locked up, lmao at ur favorite rapper still stuck on One project… yall sum idiots 4hating…. dont worry ull be on the wagon soon,, wait till u see gucci’s next move…and fyi Vnasty did her thing , thats my wifey right there holla at me V..bricksquadddddddddd..
    guccimane got labels wanting to clone him…and artists wanting to be him and have his producer,,he got the game in a frenzie get the fuck outta here…..he truely is the most influental rapper of all time in my eyes…i mean look at all the artists that done switch their styles up to keep up with gucci….they cant even keep his name out there mouths, gucci this gucci that… talking abot im gucci… u dont here anybody saying im jayz or im t.i or im jeezy…u dont got rapper like soulja boy saying they look up to jayz or rick ross ,, they saying gucci…and that includes lil b, riff raff, vnasty, tko capone, roscoe dash, gucci birthed these styles whether u agree or not…man the whole game respects gucci.. they know what he did…. alll rappers are affiliated with gucci, if not borrowed from gucci,, even jayz with the song ham where he took from gucci’s production and slang(Ham)…..we could go as far as arguing he help nikki minaj blow up even though wayne had her own the shelf till she hooked up with gucci mane on a few tracks and got noticed…. damn im good,,, and yeah u she should agree with me….camron, juelz, lloyd bank,50cent,blackeyed peas, mariah carey,jeezy, busta rhymes, fabolous, swizz beats, plies, rickross,fat joe, drake , wayne, birdman and mostly all rapppers love, respect and work with gucci mane… the only ones not fucking wit gucci is jayz , kanye and eminem and thats cuz they feel sometype of way but they know exactly that dont fuck wit gucci cuz he’ll take ur head off….they stil respect and maybe fear gucci cuz they know if he goes at you he’s gonna go hard and he’s not gonna stop till u beg for mercy….look at jeezy….gucci kept killing him that jeezy had to tell dj drama to peace it up….lol wocka flocka even killing shit.and kanye did say he want to work with wocka……man the whole brick squad is ill specially wooh, slim and juice man…….alll becuz of Gucci,,,gucci the only rapper that got his team eating like that besides young money who are not as hard as brick squad, drake ,nikki and wayne they are young money and they are down with brick squad but are not as hard as brick squad no way… why???cuz they kinda soft and fake even though they are good at making music they not the real deal… on the other hand u got brick squad who put out good music consistently, and who are talented and are really in the streets,, they industry…….

  • stonekold

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Damn ya’ll had me LMMFAO at your comment, son. Gucci lucky to have you on his dick all his stans are as ignorant if not more than he is.

    Who fears OR respects Gucci??? NO ONE in this game.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/itsonlymegan Itsonlymegan

    The greaest album! I LOVE YOU VNASTY!!!!<3

  • b

    How the hell did this shit not get a S?

  • d nuz

    I think it’s very good, brand new. V-Nasty really rocks the beat. Gucci keeps on doin’ it. It’s pure dope.

  • http://1nation sen29

    i give them a S > stands for SHIT ! v nasty real white trash and im not giving the new uncle ruckus a pass gucci, poster boy 4 whats wrong in rap today looking like a real sellout!

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