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Nipsey Hussle, The Marathon Continues

It’s been more than a minute since we’ve heard from Nipsey Hussle. But the Los Angeles representative and former XXL Freshman is back, focused and spitting with intent on his The Marathon Continues mixtape.

From the jump, Nipsey dives right in, reminding listeners why they fucked with him in the first place on opening tracks “Road To Riches” and “Who Detached Us.”

The latter has Hussle introspectively spitting, “I ain’t no Christian, I ain’t no Catholic/But I believe that God gonna shine his light on anyone who never had shit/I need some answers to these questions that I’m asking/We used to be connected, who detached us? We used to be respected, now they laughing/We’ve turned into possessions with no passion/How we go from the best to less than average?/We used to be connected, who detached us?”

The track also brilliantly samples an incredibly moving speech about death by late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Quite a way to fade out a track.

Nipsey keeps the heat coming, slicing through the meat of this mixtape, before finishing up strong on “Tha Mansion” and “Outro.”

The former has the lanky MC, with a resemblance to Snoop Dogg, slickly declaring, “Money first, women second and you hoes is last/Because I don’t want to fuck if I know I can/And yeah you gotta butt, but your soul is wack/Coke bottle, but the soda’s flat/Style like the plastic on a sofa set/And run and tell your homegirls I told you that.”

Overall, the 14-track offering with limited features definitely does its share of reintroducing fans with Nipsey’s nasty skill set and should have listeners still craving his long-awaited debut. The Marathon Continues. —Mark Lelinwalla

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  • yet again

    the beats are good enough to make this an XL???

  • J M


  • blah

    the marathon was way better

  • noneofyourbusiness

    it stared an finished strong but the middle was kinda weak

  • SM4JesusAMQ

    Nip is maturing… I alwayz go for the CONSCIOUS TRACKS w/ Raw Lyrical Spitt like: Road to Riches (His State of Mind, what he’s been thru & Of Course fav line ” I REBUKE U SATAN, LETz PRAY)… Outro (his story & HE LEFT SOME CLUES FOR U; ARE U GONNA TAKE HEED)… Who Detached Us (dROPPIN kNOWLEDGE…But Understand this CHRISTIANS Pray, Rebuke Satan, Scream GOD GOT ME, Drop to my knees & told em this I Repent etc Im Just Sayin.. All Lyrics from NipseyHu$$le on TM & TMC …BIGGER THAN LIFE is still my Fav… Much Love & Prayers 4 EA/NH! Soulmate4Jesus/AMQ/TopNunn

  • http://twitter.com/_ray07 Ray L.

    If I had to pick TM or TMC, I would have to pick TM but this mixtape is far from “weak”.

    Road to Riches/Outro are the standout tracks so far.

  • money

    if lil b gets L for lyrics
    nip shoulda got XL

  • SWAG

    Def not close to ”TM” but a couple of tracks was ok.

  • mondega

    what!? man you guys are crazy!! this is a top notch mixtape album. for a mixtape, i think it’s better than a lot of albums that came out this year. lyrically and originality wise, nipsey go hard! especially in the era we’re in right now, and i think that he offers a lot more than these drake-like rappers. i think that nipsey is ultimately more believable and realistic than the rest of these guys. even when it comes to so called “conscious” lyricism..

    ‎”see i was in front of their house with rocks inside of my mouth, when jealous n#ggas that hate me had their feet up on the couch. and then we made it out, and now we’re standing here. i hope n#ggas don’t think that this type of shit gon’ magically appear. if so, i got some news for you. they say life’s a bitch, i’ll sing the blues for ya. pay attention, i hustle, i got the rules for ya. made my way through the maze, and i left some clues for ya, now it’s up to you.. are you gon’ take heat and get paid? and scream all money in until your dying day? say fuck the middle man, get on your grind and save? or are you more the type to have your mind enslaved?”

    when i first heard the mixtape, i did go into it comparing it to the marathon, and at first i had a distaste for it because of my expectations, but after i really really sat down and listen to it, man i don’t know.. tmc is equal, if not better than the marathon.

    • rustymalik

      I have 2 agree with u, TMC is a hard mixtape da lyrics and originality should definitely get a xl if not dat better, deres not a lot of niggas talkin about real shit like nipsey is right now, he comes out with dat real motivational music

  • chiefgreen

    marathon was a track meet. the marathon continues is forest gump running. he decides when hes gonna stop.

  • Soulmate4JESUS AMQ

    For the RECORD “Originality” should have been XXL cause in the RAP Game 2DAY not too many have grasped a CONCEPT that is CONSCIOUSLY UNIVERSAL as MARATHON LIFE! TRUTH be told “YAHWEH/GOD/JESUSCHRIST” is the ORIGINATOR who gave/ birthed this MARATHON CONCEPT (TM/TMC) Thru EA/ Nipsey Hu$$le… But GOD will Only REWARD those who Dilligently Seek Him & if a Person does NOT Claim to be a CHRISTIAN how can they EXPECT Yahweh to SHINE HIS LIGHT ON THEM (hmmm;) Matthew 10:33) Nips Lyrics & Tattoos Scream Christian/Believer but for him to say “I aint no Christian…” HAS TO BE SARCASM;) cause from the heart the mouth speaks & only GOD can judge him on that there…PEEP, Understand this CHRISTIANS Pray, Rebuke Satan, Scream GOD GOT ME, Drop to my knees & told em this I Repent, LETz PRAY etc… Im Just Sayin.. All Lyrics from NipseyHu$$le on TM & TMC …BUT BIGGER THAN LIFE is still my Fav; Nip let us look into his Heart & Soul & June Summers added a unique element to it also( minus profanity)…

    On the other hand Nip is maturing(TMC)… I alwayz go for the CONSCIOUS TRACKS w/ Raw Lyrical Spitt like: Road to Riches (His State of Mind, what he’s been thru & Of Course fav line ” I REBUKE U SATAN, LETz PRAY)… Outro (his story & HE LEFT SOME CLUES FOR U; ARE U GONNA TAKE HEED)… Hearing these tracks reminded me of the Nip I liked when he came out w/ tracks like PAYBACK (Nip Spitt some REAL ish minus profanity) ARTISTICALLY on the Photography, Covers for TM/TMC by Nip & Peniche was XXL (Superb I mite add) The TMC Prelude Track “AMAZING” was bomb.com…WHERE IS IT? Nip changed it up a lil w/ EVERTHANG auto tunes & swag was kinda Fly (minus profanity) & 10 Toes (itz so Beautiful itz Disgusting…misery loves company..) He speaks on as hez 10 toes haterz, fake friends, judas’ will be who they are and he is not judging them itz just a FACT & hez doing him No matter what…born Alone, die Alone… Real ish this track) Nip laces his listeners/ with game, options, map, clues etc… WILL they continue to Bang or legitly make a Brand ,legit career, hustle etc.. leave a legacy for their children, fam, sow seeds that produce a tree of fruit etc.. this young prince is full of wisdom beyond his yrs and God is n the Process of Grooming him for Greatness(where God/JesusChrist will be the SUPER STAR) Nip knows who gave him this game not matter what is said #BELIEVE THAT! I Pray Nip Continuous Maturity & Increase, Spiritually, Mentally, Lyrically etc… I give Raw-Real Encouragement no matter what…I want him to be the best & always apply his best effort n everythang he does as a Son, Father, Man.

    Nip/EA U know I Still have Much Love & Prayers 4! Soulmate4Jesus/AMQ/TopNunn/ChristinaRealMcCoy

  • jew

    sick mixtape but beats should be L and lyrics XL imo

  • http://mixtaperadio.net/mixtapes mixtape

    Its like you learn my thoughts! You appear to grasp a lot approximately this, like you wrote the guide in it or something. I think that you simply can do with a few p.c. to power the message home a bit, but other than that, that is magnificent blog. A fantastic read. I will definitely be back.

  • TheMechanic

    idk bout yall but this is my favorite Mixtape of his

  • matt

    he go all inn..bangin dwn the blockz