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Freddie Gibbs, Cold Day in Hell

From the destitute blocks of Gary, Indiana, to a failed record deal at Interscope, to finding a home at CTE under Young Jeezy, Freddie Gibbs has been building a reputation as one of the most ferocious rappers around. On Halloween, Gibbs released his latest mixtape, Cold Day in Hell. Parents, take note and keep the kids indoors—Gangsta Gibbs is back on these streets.

The Big K.R.I.T-produced “Rob Me a Nigga” takes us inside the mind of a plotting Gibbs, as he preps the stick up of a former friend and associate from the driver’s seat of his Chevy Caprice. The gritty tale suggests more than your usual rap macho posturing; instead, it’s a peak into the thought processes of someone driven to the edge, rapping, “When your stomach’s empty it’s easy to understand it. Got me out here taking these penitentiary chances.”

Gangsta Gibbs’s knack for telling a story is displayed again on the Sade sampling “My Homeboy’s Girlfriend,” an ominous narrative detailing an affair with the girlfriend of an incarcerated pal. Again, instead of the typical “I’m fucking your girlfriend,” rap boastfulness, Gibbs’s mindset is one of fear and plagued by guilt as the affair spirals out of control before him, eventually resulting in a murder suicide. But whether it’s criminal violence or questions of morality amongst friends, the former Freshman’s song-actions are never mindless but rather the deeds of someone aware of the risks and the social ramifications of his own behavior. Hence, when he says something, you believe him.

Another forte of this project is the strong showings of the featured artists. While his guests may not switch in and out of double flow as seamlessly as the Midwest native, everyone involved puts forth their best effort. Gibbs puts himself in good company with Young Jeezy (“Twos and Fews”) and 2 Chainz (“Neighborhood Hoez”) on their respective collaborations.

During the past few years, Gibbs has managed to generate a substantial following, working with some of the best in the industry, all the while not having his crucial landmark release. Bottom line, this is it. With a gangster’s psyche, the rapid-fire delivery of an automatic weapon, and a chip on his shoulder, Freddie Gibbs is reviving the spirit of the gangster rapper with a conscience. Some thought it’d be a Cold Day in Hell before we’d see that again. Bundle up. —Neil Martinez-Belkin

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  • crud

    This shit go HARD. GIBBS GOT NOW.

  • Tru Talk

    This street album is crazy… Freddie Gibbs!

  • Azhar

    This joint go hard as fcuk… Gibbs bodied this mixtape. nothin on the streets harder right now…

  • Mr. 306

    you guys scared to give a XXL or what? come on, everybody knows.

    • fastflipper

      for sure !

  • blu cheezalino

    gibbs is bringing that real street rap back! do that damn thang boy!

  • Haute

    Does anybody know if this will be released as a CD? I wanna buy a hardcopy

  • fosho

    definitely this tape is a XXL…. why so scared ??

    Freddie gangsta gibbs always goes hard as fuc

  • Matt Lee

    freddie gibbs is the shit and taking care of business no hater can’t fuck with him lol :)

  • Darren Smith

    After playing this tape/album for the past week. I believe this is a XXL. Pretty much flawless, every aspect of an MC is shown. His choice for beats and his lyrics are both so on point. I think this is one of the best releases of the year.

  • S.W.A.Ts

    How you talk about ROB ME A NIGGA! an dont say shit about ALLEY BOY when K.R.I.T made the beat for both of them on the track or did u just get the freddie g, Alley Boy verse was dope too. Do you not agree? Mr. Belkin

  • Wiener

    Im noticing all these comments about how he brought back old rap. And i go to listen to cold day in hell and what do I find? Fucking trap music . Trap music isnt old school and the beats are horrid. Gibbs has good flow though. but the beats blow balls

  • eluncprecious

    check at my estore online