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Statik Selektah, Population Control

After releasing three compilation albums and a slew of collaborative EPs and mixtapes, Statik Selektah has built a solid reputation as a producer that caters specifically to fans of 1990s East Coast hip-hop. Over his nostalgic, sample-heavy beats, the Lawrence, MA native has jam-packed his previous projects with the architects of said sound (DJ Premier, Kool G Rap, Q-Tip), as well as the like-minded purists that have spent their careers carrying on its tradition (M.O.P., Talib Kweli, Saigion, Styles P, etc). So it was a welcoming surprise to find alongside the usual suspects, Population Control also featured a slew of hip-hop’s next generation of MCs.

As expected, many of XXL’s Freshman alum make appearances (Big K.R.I.T., Mac Miller and Pill all deliver stand out verses), but the disc’s most surprising moments come from the more lesser-known acts, who have yet to even make a dent on the hip-hop blogs.

“The High Life” spotlights the shockingly comfortable flow of 15-year-old Ann Arbor, MI rapper, GameBoi. “Half Moon Part” finds underage Sacremento, CA-based rookie Chuuwee, channeling Nas circa 1993 and Grand Rapids, MI born Nitty Scott MC, makes her graceful debut, lyrically “pirouetting” all over “Black Swan.”

Population Control boasts other unexpected turns as well. A handful of the tracks feature radio-friendly hooks, sung by an array of R&B singers (Josh Xantus, Colin Munroe, Jaren Evan)—a noticeable departure from the straight up boom bap he is known for. On “Live and Let Live” Statik highlights the Christian rap stylings of Lecrae and on the bonus track, “My Friends,” the man of the hour even gets in the booth himself.

The biggest problem with the album is Statik’s need to include everyone in the party. A lot of the tracks felt too cluttered with MCs that lacked chemistry together (“Sam Jack” and “Down”) and with 20 tracks, the LP dragged towards the middle before picking up steam at the end.

Luckily for listeners, Statik’s ability to flip a beat never disappoints, as he makes sure to keep heads nodding no matter whose turn it is on the mic. Hopefully, next time Statik will be a little more selective on whom he decides to include in the general population. —Jesse Gissen

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  • Fiyah Flaim


  • Pacer

    An L??
    XXLMag are you guys are fucked in the head or what.

    This is one of the hottest joints of the year.

    Its for REAL hiphop fans, that KNOW hiphop, APPRECIATE hiphop & have a genuine LOVE for hiphop.

    A cluttered album? Its beautifully pieced & placed with the tracks. I personally caught the emotion behind it all. It took me on a journy anyway

    The album obviously isnt for some bullshit journo who has no idea what the fuck he is writing about.


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  • Jay-Jay

    Fuck You Pacer you bitch. This album is pure bullshit, you should just fuck off and die

  • swype-matic

    Jay-Jay u fuckin dumbass, u prbly didn’t even listen to the album

  • Pacer

    Hi Jay-Jay,

    Waka Flocka dropped a new mixtape. You should check that out. Seeing as you have no fucking idea.


    • Jay-Jay

      Fuck you and fuck your ugly mother

      • Pacer

        No thanks.
        Love my beautiful ma though.

        Go chill out & listen to some soulful Statik Selektah beats. You might learn somethin.

        • Jay-Jay

          Na fuck him, leave that bullshit for pussys like you

          • Pacer

            Ok. Fag.

            Waka flocka 4 life. You go hard in da paint.


  • http://vladastojanovic.com Vlada

    From other part of the world, far away Serbia. This album is culture.

  • Jay-Jay

    You know that shit, thanks. But yeah Statik Selektah sucks dick like you, garbage ass music that no-one listens too. (except gay whores like you)

  • Pacer

    Music that no one listens to? the why the fuck are you here?

    Cussing like a 12 year old went outta fashion in the 90s.

    Go away lil boy.

    • Jay-Jay

      Im here because fucks like you come on and act like they know everything. No one gives a fuck what you think

      • Pacer

        And you are just super fucking annoying.
        Running up all keyboard warrior & shit. No point acting all hard on an internet forum. Cause i couldnt give a toss.

        You opinion is irrelevant, stupid & just a waste of internet space really. If you cant handle someone expressing their opinion then go tell your mum. She might actually be able to help console your angry mind.

        • Jay-Jay

          Im not angry, just lettin you know your a bitch and you don’t have a fucking clue. Keyboard warrior? lol .U dumb fuck

          • ChevyBoy

            Jay-Jay you sound like a little bitch. You know fuck all about music

            I think it’s sad really…if your dad hadn’t fucked your face for the first five years of your life you might have some brains left in that dome

  • Soul Saving Music

    to all you guys arguing, check out track 18 “Live & Let Live” and other songs by Lecrae. He comes with a positive vibe and doesnt hate on the ppl making negative music

  • Khalil

    Yeah,this is Khalil from South Africa,this is a classic album,true hiphop at it’s best,I’m fucked tired of this illuminati infested HipPop all day,this is for the true hiphop heads.Play the game takes me wayback the golden era of hiphop 90′s baby,that hook man is ill!,peace

  • SDsFinest

    lmao JayJay, u mad? But this album was at least an XL in my book. Statik Selektah is dope, straight killin’ ‘em right now!