Don’t look now, but there’s Trouble around the corner. Trouble, a 23-year-old MC from the Edgewood section of Atlanta, bullies beats with stone cold bars and a menacing drawl over 18 tracks on his Green Light mixtape, which is hosted by Don Cannon and a follow up to his December 17th offering.

The Duct Tape Entertainment representer sets the tone with opening title track, “Green Light,” when he offers the caveat: “Trouble for anybody against me, I take it that you with me/But for anybody against it, we are what they won’t mention/No negativity/If it is, I can’t tell you what I’ll do specifically/End up in a penitentiary.”

On his track “Trouble” later on the set, the ATLien compares himself to a laundry list of rappers, name-dropping everyone from Kanye West to Lil’ Boosie to Mobb Deep, Warren G, 50 Cent and DMX, even offering the bars: “They say I remind you of 50 when he first came in ’cause I ain’t lookin’ for friends, just ends/They say I remind you of DMX in ’98, the feeling I’m giving, you gotta relate.” The mixtape also includes “Fuck The Police” featuring Lil’ Boosie aptly, considering the Louisiana rapper’s current situation in prison.

With the streets behind him and another tape to keep his momentum building, Trouble shows promise by keeping consistent with his intent lyrics and respectable flow. For any listeners who like trouble, they have the Green Light on this one. —Mark Lelinwalla