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Soulja Boy, The Last Crown

Soulja Boy’s last album, November 2010′s The DeAndre Way, was a disappointment in stores (moving under 14,000 units in its first week), but that hasn’t stopped the SODMG general from dropping plenty of new music and making plenty of new money in the time since. Beyond continuing to cultivate his online fan base through Twitter and visuals, Soulja has released a steady stream of mixtapes and EPs, and now comes through with The Last Crown, his eighth full-length project since this time last year.

In standard SB fashion, TLC is a danceable mix of boasts and brags about getting money, fucking hoes, swagging, and getting more money. To achieve this, the Interscope signee mixes auto-tuning (“The Last Crown Intro”), attempted singing (“Back It Up”) and congestedly flowed raps (“What Up Dawg”), using 19 songs to deliver a message that could have gotten across in a quarter of that.

Though the content quickly gets stale and there’s not much as catchy as some of the 21-year-old’s stronger offerings on The Last Crown, Soulja is again having fun here, unconcerened with haters and critics—and there’s something to be said for that. On “Swag Dat,” he spits, “Niggas mad, bitch, what? I’ma swag gladly/Never gave a fuck, I made my family happy.” In the very least, he deserves a crown for that. —Adam Fleischer

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  • pasthor goebbels

    For fuckz sakes does every rap album now have to have these esoteric masonic artwork on it?

    As if rap fans know what the fuck is up. This is stupid. Bring back real and fun Hip-Hop please. This new trend sucks balls.

    • thinker

      what? how old r u? 12? fuck u wanted? some crayola drawings? bitch fuck the artwork, we here for the music.

      btw co-sign @Chris, yall are TOO generous with the ratings.

  • jaydee

    The artwork is tight! The album probably sucks but I don’t listen to this fool so i wouldn’t know. But the artwork is definitely cooler than his dumb ass face.

  • Chris

    To high of a rating…

  • Game

    this nigga is worse than lil b now.

  • http://www.myspace.com/slotchmusic ms_spittuh


  • http://xxlmag.com yunggee19

    dis nigga should have got a xxs

  • /\


    • B.H.O44

      Nigger as Nigga

  • RealSOULJA

    This nigga is a puppet he don’t know what he rappin about.

  • northbest

    why do u guys review shit that you already know is gonna suck dick?