Since the beginning of the year, Soulja Boy has remained steady, dropping a total of six mixtapes and EPs (Smooky, 1Up, Juice, Bernaurd Arnault EP, 21 EP, and The Last Crown). With no end in sight, S. Beezy keeps up the consistency with his latest contribution, Supreme.

Sticking to his usual mantra of crafting party jams with braggadocios cash-filled flows, Supreme is, ultimately, SB in his comfort zone. From the bass-driven opener “Beezy When U Droppin,” where he boasts “Beezy got the power/It started as a dream/Walk inside the store and I’m feeling like a king,” to the promiscuous “Different Girl,” and the strip club denizen’s favorite “Left Cheek, Right Cheek,” there isn’t much else going on.

Spanning 24-tracks, Supreme grows zestless pretty quickly, especially on the quadruple video game referenced tracks (“Video Game Swag,” “Nintendo 64,” “Video Game Music,” “Playstation 3”) where he gets sluggish spitting on "Video Game Swag," “I play the game like a motherfucking video game.”

Despite the many lazy moments, SB holds up on this latest offering due to his ability to stay true to his fans’ expectations while remaining undeterred by the critics and haters (“I Love My Haters”). With that alone, he reigns supreme. —Ralph Bristout