With his The Crown Ain’t Safe mixtape— which only features original tracks— experiencing a few set backs, upstart rapper Los decided to follow Lil Wayne’s lead and offer his fans something to hold them over. But, contrary to Weezy F., Los makes no apologies for the delay and looks to prove with his latest mixtape Worth the Wait, that his highly anticipated release will be just that.

The tape is a compilation of original tracks and Los’ covers of some of the summer’s biggest hits— most notably his spin on Kreayshawn's “Gucci Gucci,” on which the Baltimore MC rattles off the names of every piece of eye candy who makes the cut in his “One big room, full of bad bitches.” Los’ clever wordplay shines on the track, with lines like, “She said Los come fuck me and my BFF, boy you put a spell on me/So last night I came between best friends, like jealousy.”

Los also delivers solid bars on his covers of DJ Khaled's “I’m on One,” and Chris Brown's “Look at me Now,” but his versions don’t stand out amongst the countless other remakes that have flooded the web in recent months.

Los is at his best when spitting on original instrumentals. The feel good tracks “Livin The Life,” and “Fresh Pair of J’s” show the Maryland native as more than a gifted wordsmith, but also an artist capable of making his own hit records. These records gives the DMV MC's fans a taste of what they can expect from his next offering. If Los wants to convince his skeptics that The Crown Ain’t Safe, he’s certainly made a compelling case with Worth the Wait.—NMB