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Gucci Mane & Future, Free Bricks

Unity in rap can lead to great, or, in the very least, exciting and fresh offerings. Jay-Z and Kanye West’s decision to team up for Watch The Throne is a full-length collaborative project burdened by expectations of greatness. Free Bricks, the joint offering from 1017 Brick Squad’s Gucci Mane and Freebandz’s Future, may not be quite great, but it remains exciting and manages to hit its mark.

Throughout the mixtape, Future’s oft-muffled, Auto-Tune-tinged flow and Gucci’s crisp drawl bounce off of the large, persistent production from Zaytoven, Drumma Boy and Mike Will to create ride-round, steam-emitting-from-concrete type music. Zaytoven merges out-there sounding keys and hi-hats to set the tone for “Free Brickz,” an early, catchy highlight. Later, “Lamborghini” proves to be the Free Bricks standout, a party-ready track full of hunger.

Even on the would-be underwhelming bars on the tape, each rapper manages to toe the line between bad and simply entertaining and amusing. “Got mo’ hands than an octopus/Got eight different kinds, this octo-kush,” Gucci boasts on the project opener, “Gucci Terintino.” “I don’t walk ’cause I just float/Rolling like I’m on a boat/And I can play the pi-an-o!” Future spits on “Stevie Wonder,” employing his unique delivery to make the line work.

Gucci Mane and Future don’t waver much from thematic brags and trap tales, and the lyrics won’t have you rewinding, but the sonic setting on the mixtape, and how Gucci and Future are able to bolster it with their vocals, is superb. Listeners should surely apprecaite the pure, uncut, raw Free Bricks that they’ve been given. —Adam Fleischer

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  • Polo up

    Guci and FUture this was classic

  • Killa bee


  • Trapstar

    Gucci mane isnt hip hop killa bee, hes got his own genre self proclaimed trap music, fuckin retard get your shit straight

    • john

      for reals!!! thats what im saying man. theres differnt genres of hip hop music. People always saying they killing hip hop. Theres all differnt genres. they need to shut the fuck up

  • SalemPoor

    Garbage. The trap music ain’t gonna stop. Cats been rapping about selling dope for 20+ years. I don’t care what you rap about as long as its done well. These cats can’t even make words rhyme. lmao + smh.

  • jimmyjam

    how the fuck is this review biased, what exactly do xxl have to gain from giving gucci xlexcpet hate comments froma bunch oflittle bitchy morons. fucking idiots.hip hop is dying but its not the music thts killing it.

  • GoGoGomy

    They have allot to gain from it just think about how and slowly swallow your words.

    I don’t trust XXL for reviews anymore. If this is what’s defined as an XL, this magazine isn’t worth my time for reviews. I’ll be sure to check out the Eye Candy section though.

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  • MJ

    Quit crying about Gucci not being Hip-Hop and go listen to something else.

    • D

      MJ – yup,. Music evolves and changes, deal with it. If you want to cling to something made 20 years ago, well okay. See you when you wake up!

      • severed limb

        Sure, hip hop has evolved, but shit like this just isn’t good. It lacks originality and it would be a stretch even to call it poetry. New school artists like Immortal Technique or Pharoahe Monch are a part of this evolution but also are very good lyricists. It’s a shame that stuff like this gets labelled as good at all when the people who are actually talented hardly get any recognition.

        • music god

          Ur dumb huh, Pharo monch & immortal techniq?? New school artists??? Ur stupid as fuk!!, they’re both old as hell.. stupid ass, u don’t even know they’re oldschool artists.. now I see most of yall that comment & hate, don’t know anything about rap, keep ur mouth shut pussy

  • D

    Totally disagree with the review. This tape is brilliant. It’s funny (Stevie Wonder!), it’s weird and paranoid (I see dead people), the beats and fire. It’s like their taking the trap music template ant twisting it into something much more freaky. No rewinds!!? I rewound the first track about five times before I played the rest of the tape.

  • D

    WOW….i also go by “D” and i want people to know that i am NOT the one sayin “this tape is brilliant”!!! HOW the fuck is anything Gucci Mane does brilliant????? Like i said, WuTang gets an L because they held to a ‘higher standard’. WTFE. Like what u want but don’t just throw “brilliant” out there. Dudes wack

  • t

    MAne yall whining like some bitches yall dont understand that trap shit FREEBRICKS=CLASSIC