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Game, The R.E.D. Album

Artists plagued by perpetual album delays historically haven’t fared too well critically or commercially once their projects finally hit stores. In the two years since the initial release date of Game’s The R.E.D. Album, the Compton MC dropped four mixtapes and half a dozen poorly received promotional singles, suffering numerous leaks along the way. Now, with some momentum on his side—partially due to the controversial Lil Wayne–assisted single “Red Nation,” and the radio-friendly “Pot of Gold,” featuring Chris Brown—Game is on a focused mission to avoid becoming a label purgatory statistic.

He sets the tone on R.E.D.’s introductory cut, “The City,” a Cool & Dre production featuring a verselike hook by fellow Comptonite Kendrick Lamar. With his critics locked in his scope, Chuck Taylor fires off a barrage of rhymes like he’s still paying dues, offering bars like, “Smoke chronic to meditate/I’ma give ’em Hurricane until another levee break,” and closing with a bold statement: “I’m the best the West ever seen, no disrespect to Calvin.” Game also plays facilitator on several instances during R.E.D., pairing up unlikely combos like Lil Wayne and Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator on “Martians vs. Goblins” and E-40 and Big Boi on “Speakers on Blast.” The former begs for a Wayne verse (he does only the hook) but features strong couplets from Tyler, as he takes yet another stab at Bruno Mars and pokes fun at Game’s name-dropping penchant in a way reminiscent of Eminem’s lighthearted old-school Dr. Dre disses.

Some of Game’s pairings and concepts grow a bit more understated as the LP progresses. “Good Girls Go Bad,” which is similar to the title of Rihanna’s 2007 album, coincidentally features Drake. “Ricky,” a song titled after Morris Chestnut’s Boyz N the Hood character, finds Game chronicling the perils of street life through a West Coast lens and using the seminal film as his foundation. “Ricky” is oxymoronic in that it’s one of the album’s standouts but also prevents the project from truly standing out. Game’s flows and lyrical skills are still sharp, but his narrative hasn’t changed much through the course of four albums. Having Pharrell Williams—who, peculiarly, produced only one song—executive produce R.E.D. could have marked Game’s return to sonic superiority, but the album pales in comparison to his previous efforts.

Still, aside from a few skippers (“Paramedics,” “Heavy Artillery,” “Good, Bad, Ugly”), The R.E.D. Album is potent enough to make Game a rare rap purgatory survivor. Mission accomplished. —Carl Chery

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Best of XXL


    this is the most redicoulas rating ive ever seen XXL give..yall dont know hiphop anymore..you’re turning into the source…this album almost near classic status, no album fillers, constant replay..anyway…# dont lie, and hiphop lives on thanks to the red album..THINK RED..red album = XLa the very least

    • William Leonard Roberts II

      Nah Man, the worst review XXL ever gave was not giving Teflon Don XXL. That nigga Ross spat fire on every one of those songs and the production was bawse. I swear if God Forgives… don’t get XXL I’ll roll up in my Maybach and shoot the sucka’s at this magazine. Er, I mean Rick Ross will.

      • William Leonard Roberts II

        And he don’t have a weight problem. MAMAMAMAYBACH MUSIC

      • o.skino

        Wow… u guys really need to STOP!! This numbers don’t lie mentality is whats killing hip-hop… especially because the majority of people who buy albums are White Suburban people. Numbers don’t like puts Souljia Boy, & FloRida up there wit Biggie & Pac… so yall really need to stop that shit. Like KRS-1 said, “Now quote this, MC’s are just hopeless
        Thinkin record sales make them the dopest”

      • killro$$

        fake @S boss booo ricky

    • jimmy

      FUCK OFF!! Near classic status my ass, expalin to me one thing near classic. was it his below average lyrics, his too many features all of which murdered him, his uneven track listing were it went from hot rap tracks for the first half to slow cheesy pandering love tracks for the second half, his incesant name dropping, the unneeded filler and completely bloated run time or all of the above. dickriding mother fuckers.

      • nkf

        ^cosign, album isnt nothin special

  • jimmy

    FUCK OFF!! Near classic status my ass, expalin to me one thing near classic. was it his below average lyrics, his too many features all of which murdered him, his uneven track listing were it went from hot rap tracks for the first half to slow cheesy pandering love tracks for the second half, his incesant name dropping, the unneeded filler and completely bloated run time or all of the above. dickriding mother fuckers.

  • jimmy

    oh and ofcourse the fact tht he decided to bite every ones style on the album, did he use his own style once on tht, cos from wat i gather, he bit jeezy, tyler and big bois style on the track he featured and i cant even tell who style he biting on tracks like the city but its not his style hes using. lax was beter than thisalbum.


      @ jimmy..i seen ur comments on here b4..why always angry when trying to get ur point accross? sensitive thug? mama didnt give u a hug..you dont need to disect his album that hard, you barely press the next track button, and constantly press the replay button,which makes it a near calssic, TAKE IT EASY KID…

      • jimmy

        im angry cos people are retards, always bitching, if u dont like the site get tha fuck off. this album was and l not classic and if im a hater yall dickriders, ive completely lost faith in game, 3 years for this shit is bullshit, theres maybe 4 or 5 actually good tracks on this and game isnt the one who makes them, the beats and the features make them. the game gets dick rode as the realest rapper, hes as mainstream as everyone else except he cant rap as good, plus hes now jacking peoples styles which is fucked up and weak.

        • JimmyBonesJones

          go to thisis50.com w/ ur bs little jimmy

        • Kivley

          Jimmy either needs a hug or a bick dick in his mouth. Fuck outta here with your pms rants.

          • easy

            while jimmy is ranting, its true that in no way si this album a classic. sorry folks, this album was 22 songs long and i didnt like half of them if not more. calling this thing a classic means putting it in the same league as illmatic or reasonable doubt. not a chance

  • Jason

    So let me get this straight. The editors on this website believe that Meek Mill’s “Dreamchasers” mixtape, which was a load of dog shit, is better than this absolutely firecracker of an album. Game’s ability to rhyme with passion on topics that literally anybody in America could vibe with makes him easily one of the best to ever do it. Red Nation is a whack song, the beat goes crazy and his lyrics are raw as hell. This album’s a classic. Game’s one of the best of all time.

    • William Leonard Roberts II

      Yo man, don’t hate. Meek’s on the best label in the game. That cat that runs that label, what’s his name, Rick or something, realest rapper in the game, all the stories about him selling drugs, getting Louis Vitton to make shirts in XXXXXL size and shit are real no doubt and er, Maybach Music Group – Self Made Vol. 1 is available on iTunes.

      • ryan

        yo, are you the real rick ross?

        • D90

          are u retarded?

        • William Leonard Roberts II

          Nah man the real Rick Ross is a notorious drug dealer who’s currently in prison. I just took the name to big up my image because nobody wanted to buy my first mixtape. But that don’t mean that every rhyme I spit is a lie. That’s just coincidence.
          But seriously guys, buy God Forgives when it comes out, I can’t afford the hire on this Maybach much longer.

          • G the Kid


          • $yk

            Nah man the real Rick Ross is a notorious drug dealer who’s currently in prison. I just took the name to big up my image because nobody wanted to buy my first mixtape.

            ^ FAIL…FAIL…FAIL

            AND you’re not even comedic…

            Anyway, like I said on the news release…WHICH SONGS? “Oh I only like a couple of tracks on the album”. WHICH ONES? I THOUGHT YOU HEARD IT, NOW YOU CAN’T NAME THEM? IT ONLY TAKES 2-5 SONGS ON AN ALBUM TO MAKE IT SUCCESSFUL.

            Yo Game…

            I know you be reading fam…good luck with the project

          • William Leonard Roberts II

            Fucking hell $yk, I bet you sit watching live at the Apollo with a fucking notepad analyzing each joke. You need to get laid badly.
            Excuse me for trying to bring some laughter to the comments page of shit album which is L AT BEST. Nobody fucks with the Game musically anymore except Chris Brown, what the fuck does that tell you?

  • JugularKill

    I hate when niggaz make ppl wait for an album and it’s recycled trash!
    Only like 2 or 3 good tracks on there, nothing you can really call a banger. Nothing ppl will be like “Oh shit that’s my joint”.

    Sometimes ego kills the craft.

  • lilrizq

    how can a standout tracks hold a album back????!!! this album was hard just like all his album. the weakest game album to me is “The Doctor’s Advocate”… and that album was hard too. this album must have been reviewed by Benzino himself not to get an XL…smh.

    • swype-matic

      So are you saying LAX was better than Doctor’s Advocate? You couldn’t possibly be serious man.


    how can this be a L when Lil Wayne’s Sorry For The Wait was an XL….. I know that was a mixtape but that just shows how wack xxl’s ratings are… dont listen to this bullshit rating go cop the album and listen yourself because undoubtedly Tha Carter IV will be given an XL if not a XXL. Maybe i am getting defensive because i am a fan but you will see my point if you listen to the album yourself

  • b.o

    so let me get ths straight, xxl thinks that the REDalbum has the same value to hip hop as chris browns boy in detention tape(since he is rappn on the tape)???? unfortunatly ths just tells me that the esteemd editors @ xxl hav reviewed so much crap that they cant tell it apart from the other good stuff e.g dj khaled we the best forever xl rating, really xxl??? m startn to suspect that thy didn evn listen to the album eg the good the bad the ugly -skippable track??? GTFOH. m not sayn that its the best album ever but i expectd a fair and balancd review that most sites are giving….RED the best lp so far hands down

    • sorry

      sorry, but kendrick lamar’s Section 80 is by far the best rap lp this year

      • UptownVillaz

        i agree nicca. the hardest song on RED was the kendrick assisted “the City”.

    • http://xxlmag.com nico

      yooo man out of all the comments on this page man i co-sign urs da most G!! that good ,the bad and ugly track is a monster..this is a good album better dan nay lp released dis yr…lyrically and the beats used come on xxl u guys r fallin off wit ur ratings 4real!!

  • Hannya

    This wack ass review is to be expected from this bullshit publication. I copped this today and i’m bumping the shit outta this. Should be a XL rating EASILY. I’m done with this site.

  • wack

    mixtape mercenary has better reviews than this

  • Tru Talk

    xxl reviews suck BUT this is one i actually agree with… it only deserves a L… it really isn’t that great but it isn’t bad either…. its just a Good album… XL is great and XXL is classic and it is neither of those

    and for people talking about the Wayne Sorry for the Wait Mixtape I would have rated tht tape a S… it sucked and xxl sucks even more for given that wack ass tape a XL

  • Thomas

    People’s standards for rap music and what is accepted as ‘original’ has become very laughable. I use to be a HUGE Game fan. Not anymore. His lack of creativity post Documentary has been staggering and the releases uninspiring. Game and rappers like him wonder why their albums keep getting pushed back while very few bring anything new to the table (or even attempt to do so) and thus not being revolutionary in any sense (and in the majority of the cases not even interesting), but would rather be commercial and then claim their release is a classic despite having all the same features and producers that has been featured throughout the year on every other main stream rap artist album.

    I will not be checking this out as I gave Purp and Parton a chance as I did with his newest mixtape. Unimaginative. I don’t know how this album got a large. A small would have bee more accurate, no one is challenging in rap aside from a few and too many are concerned with making a “classic” (because its a great buzz word) rather then crafting their magnum opus and actually take creative risks.

    • BIG E IZ BAK

      HAHAHHAHHAHAHHA!!! u dont like him anymore….dont listen to his music anymore…yet YOU LISTEN TO HIS 2 MOST RECENT MIXTAPES???? GTFOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NorthBest

    This isn’t Game’s best album. but it definitley isn’t an L. If half of these songs weren’t leaked and you heard them all for the first time today, you would call this an amazing album. If Royce’s Success is Certain got an XL than this needs a XXL. because that album put me to sleep.

    One Love


    XXL…… why do you hate on the WEST??? i cant believe this BULLSHIT of a rating!!!! L… REALLY???? the album is FIRE!!!

  • lemar

    this review rating is just a joke seriously

    if i ever see carl chery in compton he gon get his wig split
    believ dat

  • geahhh

    honestly its better than l.a.x. but not documentary, game can never surpass that..it’s somewhere between doctors advocate and documentary to me..i love the dre narrations y’all

    • ThaTruth


  • mB

    the fuck???????????? how is this an L. prolly the worst rating XXL gave an album ever!

  • The Mechanic

    There were 4 very dope records (The City, Ricky, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and Born In The Trap), but everything else felt extremely average. With Documentary, I felt the guest features were carefully chosen (except for Tony Yayo). With R.E.D., they were as random and uninspired as you could get (why does Game mimic the voices and flows of most of the guest rappers?). The review was on-point; this is Game’s weakest effort.

  • JimmyBonesJones

    y all the hate from XXL. f*** a n**** named Carl CHERY

  • fuckthismag

    this mag is bullshit i just got a copy of this album and i can say this mag is full of shit this album goes so hard putting LA on the map….. i mean how can Meek Millz mixtape … MIXTAPE have a better rating than this album ….this mag has lost all creditablity and i know for sure i wont be using this site no more … all the do is dickride YMCMB and Kanye and Hov… this a’int no real hiphop mag its just another gossip site ….. Fuck you XXL and your motherfucking MOMMA


    KEEP TAKING MY POSTS DOWN XXL…… you guys are WEAK!!! every other site is giving basically a 4.5 on the album… and your sorry ass site is giving basically a 3????? REALLY???? thats why i dont come to this site!!!! BUNCH OF DUMB FUKS WORKING HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • D-Lloyd


  • hater

    white people love the game… see jasons comments.

    game is the biggest dick rider in the game today

  • wtf??

    How the f do you good bad and ugly, heavy artillery and paramedics are skippers. wow bs review right here. not riding dick but come on give it a spin and ur gonna feel the same way

  • http://xxlmag.com yogi22

    I fuck wit game but all this time and i get this shit?? Pushed bak albums always suck..waiting on C4 and banking on jeezy..Ross owns the winter


      Ill have to check it out for myself, I dont trust reviews any way, besides I fuck with Game, so Im sure I will like it, as I do with about in artist connected to the aftermath family.

      Yogi you are about as stupid as they come with that retarded ass comment about Rick Ross, that dude dont own shit but a McDonalds in his back yard and weak ass album sales…. hahaah gtfoh with that bullshit the dude needs to hang up his mic he is a fuckin lame.I dont know why the hip hop community keeps givin his fat ass a pass.


    This album got a fair rating. end of story

  • AJ

    WAT THE FUCK. how could red album have the SAME rating as gucci manes MIXTAPE! whoever did this review is a jackass

  • keebs

    To me this album was average, with very few highlights here and there. Though I think the album would have gotten a better response if it wasnt released soon after Watch The Throne. But since he didn’t, some people are draw comparisons between those two heavily anticipated albums. Since Watch the Throne got a better response and 2 of hip hops biggest MC’s collaborating together; it makes R.E.D. appear to be a lesser album in terms of quality, being released shortly after Watch The Throne

  • Zii

    this album gets S

  • Big_Verga

    An L is Fair I bought the Album and no it wasn’t a classic, especially with that weak single he made with Chris Brown. Nothing Classic but yes I did purchase. Supporting Hip Hop

  • juan

    Weather they like it or not this is the best album so far this year i heard!! ITs CLASSIC

  • asdljkhfsd jizz on the keyboard

    This album was deadly and will be on repeat for a while, game could have done waay better on his lyrics though . Def expected more of him after the wait

  • b.o

    any reviewer that puts theRED ALBUM in the standard as ferrari boys and gucci manes mxtape and gets a lower score than sorry for the wait, IZ FULL OF SHITTTT!!!! xxl we know u stay on kanye and jay z dick plus them ymcmb fags, but pliz dont insult our intelligence with such fuckd up reviews..in case u didn knw, shit like ths is why niggaz who buy ur mag are decreasing

  • Vert

    I quit

  • Bad Review

    This is fucking stupid. This album is great

  • D-Lloyd


  • Frunk

    hahahahahahah The Album is Ohk No Fucken Classic how can you call this a classic cause he got fucked in all the tracks he featured other artist like… Tyler, The creator, Rick Ross My Dude Kendrick Lamar -_- Lame


    Garbage review. XL, The Good The Bad The Ugly was one of the better tracks.

  • juju

    fuck xxl worst review ever…disgusted and shocked I was waiting for a XXL Never buying yo ratty ass mag eva again

  • http://www.po.gov.za Tshilidzi

    Gayme is wishing that the ground can up n swallow him ….

  • justice

    Carl Chery using all those for nothing… just say, the shit is “wack”

  • bullets

    havent heard the LP read the comments and the magazines ratings I agree w/ two things 1. XXL is definitely falling off idk who’s in those offices but its real pop over there all of a sudden and 2. You mother fuckers call any LP from any artist you like a classic stop throwing words around something can be really good without being classic ….

  • http://xxl biged

    xxl can stick this rating up their ass. xl at least. i said it in april and ill say it again COATHANGA STRANGLA CD OF THE YEAR AND THIS HALF ASS PUBLICATION DOESNT REVEIW IT……BROTHA LYNCH KING OF THE WEST

  • Keshawn

    Who the fuck reviewed this? this is an XL cd they said skip Paramedics & Heavy Artillery some of the best songs on the album They need to re review this

  • http://xxlmag.com nico

    yoooo 4real whoever did this review dont know hip hop i dont care!! look at the tracks he said where skipable????

  • DIGG

    The Purple Album Was Better than this sh*t enough said period.

  • Big Drew

    The Red Album album is average. This is not better than his first 2 LPs, but it is better than LAX (Garbage). He does take other peoples styles on the album. He copied Tyler, Jeezy and he did his best Andre 3000 on the song with Big Boi. This is not a classic or near classic album. #onemansopinion

  • DICE

    that is a fu#ked up review and xxl knows it! i guess its the new york state of mind. haters

  • No Name

    This album wasn’t his best, but most definitely better than Doctor’s Advocate, which critics loved the shit out of for some idiotic reason. I’d give it an XL easily.

  • Monk

    Normally I read these comments and laugh or some shit but I want to say this having an opinion isnt dick riding im sick of hearing that shit. This is one of the Game’s best albums he doesnt bite ppl’s styles he spits the same on every damn album. I think its hard to have a un-bias review when critics have a certain type of music they like or listen to. The fans of the Game (like myself) see this as an XL and thats all that matters. Those who oppose will insult him or say we are dic riding because any opinion other than their own is seen as bs but on some real shit XXL change how you review shit this is probably his best body of work.

  • MacMaine

    I’m suprised that it even got an L… i know people are gonna get on my case about this but let be real every song but 5 on the album featured at least 2 artists… he relies on disses for people to listen to him and still thinks hes a gangbanging in cali… no nigga ur not a gang banger anymore your a musican in the music industry making more money then you probably ever imagined in your life.. and what makes it even worse half these features are people he dissed on uncle otis… this mother fucker got all his shit mixed up… the only category that really shouldve gotten a xl the most was beats and thats it…

  • CP

    I just think that people dont have respect for RAW WEST COAST rap anymore. Game is keeping the West Coast gangster rap alive, along with Jay Rock and a few others. I grew up on Tupac, Dre, Snoop, Ice Cube, Nate Dogg, Xzibit, Dogg Pound. Those were West Coast Gangster rappers and they truly made the rap game what it is. Without Game that great era of rap is going to evaporate fast. I LOVE this album, and every album that Game has ever put out. He keeps it real.

  • Chris

    Worst review ever!…

  • fuckthis site

    yo i agree there is some horrible rating system going on at this company then u got people saying get off if u dont like it…let me explain this i listen to hip hop rap whatever all day i buy albums from people that got know fame at all but the way they rate on this site is shakey wack ass mixtapes that i buy got higher ratings then this…. what did did they give em and royce album again and it was the same as jay and west em shit was way more lyrical and everything who the fuck is paying for these reviews

  • AbelCain

    the albu’s alright,not a classic. the best tune on there was the premo track

  • Jack

    How is it possible for DJ Khaled, Gucci Mane, and Tech N9ne to get an XL rating? And The R.E.D. album get an L? DJ Khaled has no lyrical talent. He makes beats, that’s it. He can’t rap, and his album that got an XL “We The Best Forever” that sounds like something a kid with down syndrome would say.
    Then Gucci Mane got an XL, that’s funny. Saying “buur” “huuh” “cheaa” makes you talented I guess. Lyrically Gucci Mane is retarded, I guess that’s why him and Flocka get along so well.
    Now Tech N9ne. If you listen to Tech N9ne you could be one of these two things or maybe both, white trash or deaf. I didn’t even know people still listen to Tech N9ne. There lyrics just suck. Tech N9ne just really really sucks.
    XXL you’ve let me down. The R.E.D. album deserves an XL rating. The beats are good and the lyrics are good. The Game deserves a better rating. Who ever does these reviews must be on some drugs, and not the good ones.

  • Jack

    Oh yeah I forgot one thing…

  • Louis

    I liked the album. I wouldn’t of cared if it received the lowest rating possible, I’d still listen to it cause I like it. One of the better album releases lately, I believe it should of had a higher rating.

  • Aunty Semite

    This album deserves an XL rating


    Take out tracks 11,12,13 and 14 and this a classic.

  • richard wetaya

    Wack ass review. Just read a good review of Game’s album on Hip hop dx.
    this is more like a subjective angle on the album.Just gotta take it as a Carl Chery take on the album.
    If this personal take on the album was subjected to an editorial team, the upshot would be a better and balanced review.
    Damn somebody puts in work and all you do is hate.shame

  • Phuc.Yew

    The pile of shit that I just flushed down the toilet has 100x more skills than this butterfly tattoo having fag!

  • Daniel From maywood,ca

    The R.E.D album is a classic!! it has nothing to do with his past work ! His name dropping is his thing ! name another rapper who does that and isnt afraid! Game dont give a fuck!

    Every song on this album is whats happening !! its factual !!

  • Daniel From maywood,ca

    by the way fuck xxl its R.E.D Album XXXL!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/L.Q.ENT L.Q.

    This album was rated correctly, if not generously. There was nearly no originality in the album, his features embarrassed him lyrically, and the beats were decent. The Game’s entire direction with R.E.D. was targeted towards one crowd in particular, and those ppl bought this. This was not good enough to draw in new fans… #L.Q.ENT

  • dame

    this is complete bull shit i own all four of game’s albums and the red album is up there wit doc’s advocate and documentary. xxl need to get they shit together this album is fire maybe 2 cuts werent all that but doesnt come up nuthin less of a classic album. on top of that having a very respectable discography PULL YALL FUCKIN HEADS OUTTA UR ASS U MIGHT SEE THE LIGHT A LIL BIT AND WASH THE SHIT OFF UR FACE CUZ I THINK THE SMELL IS ALTERING UR JUDGEMENT.

  • keaton

    wow there’s something wrong with whoever rated the R.E.D. Album. this shit is fire and game put out a bomb ass lp. somebody must be really hating on game to give him an L. in my opinion this album gets an XL not a classic but definitely not something to sleep on

  • CozzyF

    deserved a XXL #fuckinfools

  • Will Summa

    Yeah XXL, you guys fucking up giving this and the Curren$y mixtape only a L. How the fuck you going to give the Carter 4 a higher rating then this.

  • 4real

    If you call ‘the good,the bad, the ugly’ a skippable track, you never liked hiphop. It’s the best B.I.G. hommage ever. Game just respected the game and sacrafised 2 n a half minutes to remember a true legeng.
    Then there’s The City, Martians vs. Goblins and Ricky wich are just classics.
    O.K. his lyrics are not litarate as immortal technique or pac, and yes he is always name-dropping. But he did the same on The Documentary and you all liked it.
    I listen to his shit for the flow, his raspy voice and funny/thoughtful disses. And how you can call this mainstream if he pisses on rihanna, twilight, bruno mars and Lebron on the same track.
    CLASSIC Period

  • Comin4Ya

    Ok this album is not a “Classic” but it’s definitely far better than Tha Carter IV

  • Tacoma

    Well I guess albums get there grade off of hype more then anything tha Game kills this album an “L” what a slap in the face to put him with the same rank as lil b. Weak review.

  • Breezy E tha Ghee

    Never really listened to Game enough to buy his music until “the R.E.D. Album” dropped. Saw that it had sold out in FYE store so i HAD to have it after that. Listened to it all the way through and I can honestly say that I would have given it an “L” only because some of the ryhmes weren’t as tight as I expected (almost sounded like he was having a hard time reading off of a damn paper in the booth and trying to convince us why he is a good rapper – [wtf?] ) and he reiterated some of the same sh*t all throughout the album (Bloods,shooting n*ggas,getting in trouble with the law,etc.) But I have to admit a majority of the songs on here were raw (Good Girls Go Bad,The City,Hello,All The Way Gone,Pot Of Gold,California Dream,Heavy Artillery) All around, good album and I respect the Game and them West Coast n*ggas. I kinda like this cd better than Tha Carter IV. No diss.

  • Last real nigga alive

    XXLMAG are Eminem and 50 cent whores.

  • Greg

    i can’t believe “Heavy Artilary” / “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” are classified as “SKIPPERS”. This review is bullshit. I saw this same review in the mag before R.E.D. came out, and the article said that “Red Nation” didnt make the final album…which it obviously did. They prolly didn’t even listen. XXL looses my respect

  • kalamity86


  • L

    Cmon son! The Game brought back west coast AGAIN!! and hes no. 1 as we speak and you gave him a L rating but you gave the new shitty album and mixtapes of Lil Waynes XL? tisk tisk

  • Mr. West

    1.) why you HATE the GAME?


    From Game(west cost shit) to Jeezy(D-boy shit) to T.I.(how he da kaang) back 2 Jay -Z(how he the best ever or a huslter) nothing wrong with that.
    Thats like hating on someone for becoming a Dr. or novalist.

    They all have more or less the same narrative/subject matter, thats why you like them in the first place……basic azz muthafuckers.

  • sevendagod

    this album should be considered a classic lyrics are brazy and there isnt a song that shouldnt be skipped unlike wayne album

  • G09

    RED Album was album of the year, wtf this bullshit should be XL rating

  • Mr. 306

    I say XL, baaad review XXLMag. The 3 tracks you called skippers are all in the top 5 on the album. Both this and Carter IV are XL. Carter IV is only slightly better. Watch them give Vado a XXL cause they’re on his dick for some reason. Worst review i’ve seen on this site to date.

  • King

    FUCK XXL for this review RED is the best album of 2011

  • Adi

    So, Tha Carter 4 with How to Love got a XL and The R.E.D. Album got a L!? How is that even possible seriously? “The City” single-handedly bests all of Tha Carter 4 (with the exception of It’s Good).

  • Mike B

    This is a terrible rating I’m not say this is Classic but there is no way in hell u give this a 3 out if 5 and give Wale’s Ambition 4 out of 5…………But its just some random negro ‘s opinion over at xxl………. this album is 4/5 point blank period
    Now LAX was 3/5 that was barely standard im glad he didnt leave the game with LAX that ish was lame


    XXL:The Documentary
    XL: Red Album, Doctors Advocate

  • Mduduzi

    whos judging the albums nowadays. this Album was one of the best albums to drop last year. Game gave his heart and sweat to this project. Game left all the talk and critisism lying dead in the booth with this album. Game killed alot of Albums lyrically on this Album. Games beat selection was bananaz on this album. Game did Game on this album originality is at its highest on this project. whoever did this review needs to be taken back to hip hop boot camp

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  • j.p.

    yo this is fuckin bullshit! L?? this was one of the best albums of 2011! the fucker at the end, Carl Chery, is a dumb shit! how the fuck are any of those songs skippers!!?!? especially Paramedics!

  • http://twitter.com/Leon2Cold Leon W.

    Yeah this review is garbage…..You need to learn how to review a cd

  • DaimDash

    xxl yall been doin this shit too long is there somebody in the office on dope reviewing albums tryin not to fall and write at the same time smdh game is the shit def one of my fav rappers fuck what anybody got to say