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Ace Hood, Blood, Sweat & Tears

For Ace Hood, being backed by DJ Khaled has its share of perks, namely a one-man promo army. But it also poses its share of problems for the Miami rhyme spitter; namely, it places him in the shadows of his multi-hyphenate boss. With his third album, Blood, Sweat & Tears, however, the underdog lyricist finally finds the spotlight.

The brooding “Hustle Hard,” powered by Lex Luger’s production, showcases Ace Hood’s muscling flow over the industrial-strength backdrop, where he spits with aplomb.

“Nigga ain’t no doubt about it/riding ‘round with that rocket,” he raps forcefully on “Hustle Hard.” “Load it up and I cock it/send ‘bout a couple off in your noggin’.”

But, throughout the LP, Ace equally impresses on material where he reveals a vulnerability.

The biting “Letter To My Ex’s” finds him sneering about a lost one over Cardiak’s flirty keyboard-infused track. “Lord Knows,” with its sparse production and “Spoke To My Momma” stand out for Ace’s restrained delivery. Too often he revisits the stop-and-go pattern of “Hustle Hard,” his breakout hit, but when he abandons it as the case on “Spoke To My Momma,” the urgency in his voice more than broadcasts his emotions. It’s during those moments when the former XXL freshman proves there’s more underneath this Hood than hot air. —Jayson Rodriguez

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  • dre smackA

    this cd is garbage grab dat royce if you want some real ish

    • Eagle

      If “Success is Certain” gets anything less than XL, there is a problem with the game

      • jimmyjam

        royce album wack, soft as shit almost as soft as eminems shit. i take it ur a post shady aftermath royce fan or ud be a pissed as most other people at the quality of tht shit.

        • http://www.xxlmag.com RAp Lover

          Yo Jimmy, chill out with that shit hatin on Royce, I aint a post Shady fan and I thought his album was dope, stop hatin on tha dude just cuz he gonna get big, and Im sayin this as a pre-Shady fan

          • jimmyjam

            i aint gon calm dopwn if people gon be dickridin this dude even if his output is below mediocre and soft i doubt hes gon blow either, he would have sold as many record regardless thanks to his affiliation with shady., this shit was no where near as good as street hop and tht album had maybe the worst beats ever. eminem a panderring, soft pop star now, royce was raw as shit only a year and a half ago but ems turning him into a clone of him. i dnt partake in this real hip hop vs fake hip hop shit because it bull but this album was below standards, ecspecially for someone like royce. i saw this coming,

          • mafi

            dat royce soft enuff said, was expectin more

        • D-Lloyd

          Success is Certain was good to me but it was too short. Royce lyrically is better now then he was back in the day..

        • D-Lloyd

          Also Success is Certain is not soft at all, hes sounds angry and hungry on every track.

        • dlaukalis

          if royce is soft then so is nas and jay hell maybe even pac royce is a G so fuck u and yea eminems new shit is soft but not royce!

  • J-Beezy

    dresmacka shut up before I smack ya Ace Hood da shit idk why they only made this a l wtf but everybody els giving four stars and8 out of tens

  • jfl11

    Ace just not a very polished MC. He as one dimensional as it gets but I don’t hate on dude. Smh @ buddy up top tho… I really dig Royce but Success is Certain doesn’t do it for me really. Maybe it’ll grow on me, maybe not. Nowhere near the level of Street Hop, which wasn’t anything spectacular… but alot harder than SIC.

  • Steven M

    Ace Hood is bringing that heat. This album came from inside of him. This dude had 3 or 4 mixtapes come out between this new album and his last. Jeezy and Gucci are the only doing that. I see you Ace, I dont agree what DEF JAM did by dropping Mr.West & Jay-Z on your ablum date. But everyone needed to grab a copy of that BLOOD,SWEAT and TEARS!!!!

    • Grim

      check out Game
      he got 4
      still not drop his new album

  • FrankDuke

    Yo streethop was hot but way to long and got corny toward the end sucess is certain short but good all the way through stop comparing the 2

  • simpleTOM

    @ Steven M,

    aint nobody gonna choose between and ace hood cd and hova &kayne. if anything, they should have gave like 2 dollars off the purchase of WTT if you buy ace hood. otherwise, this cd is destined to sell like 34000 copies.

    @dre smackA,

    i love royce too. but i could never listen to his stuff throughout the whole cd….any of them. it eventually gets corny despite elite lyricism.

  • Vert

    i’m pretty sure CM6 got the same score across the board and got an XL or maybe im just tripping

  • Kiddough

    I really can’t see how this only got an l like damn they must not have really listened to his songs smh not looking on this website for a review anymore

  • acedafuture

    This is the Album of the Year man, finally someone back to some story telling music.

    Jayson, never heard of you in the industry, judging people the way they rhymes and sh!t. Spend an Proper Hour to listen before you trash good music.

    If this gets an “L” – who gets a XL or XXL – Drake? or Weezy cause I just want 40mins of my life back from listening to C4

  • http://msn.com black

    Ace Hood is the MC of the Year. Listen to Blood, Sweat & Tears

  • http://google.com jermaiha

    Ace Hood did a album that Reviews by it self it was like know need for review Now thats a hustling. Blood, Sweat, & Tears is saying somthing go N get IT.